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Elliot Grainge Net Worth | Wife

What is Elliot Grainge’s net worth? Who is Elliot Grainge’s wife?


Elliot Grainge is a British music executive and entrepreneur currently based in Los Angeles.

He is known for being the founder and head of 10k Projects, an indie record label that was established in 2017.

Grainge has gained recognition specifically for being the first to sign on popular artists such as Trippie Redd — an American rapper and singer-songwriter — and 6ix9ine — a rapper who has become well known for his distinct public persona and aggressive flow.

Grainge and his label have been responsible for producing a number of talented acts.

They have also worked alongside well-known artists such as Internet Money, Iann Dior, Surfaces, and Poor Stacy.

Since its start, the label has put out numerous platinum and multi-platinum singles.

Grainge has also aided in accumulating billions of streams for his artist’s music on a worldwide scale.

Aside from his work within the music industry, Grainge has also made his way into the public eye due to his connections with other celebrities and notable individuals within Hollywood.

For example, he has been romantically involved with American social media personality, model, and businesswoman Sofia Richie.

Also, he is the son of Lucian Grainge, another well-known music executive who serves as the chairman and CEO of the Universal Music Group.

The Origin Story

Grainge was originally born and raised in the United Kingdom. ”I was a weird kid who used to read the music trades,” Grainge told Variety.

He grew up surrounded by music and was familiar with the inner workings of the music industry as a whole even from a young age.

This can be attributed to the job of his father, Lucian Grainge, who worked alongside many artists and oversaw the business side of many musician’s careers.

Elliot Grainge Net Worth

Elliot Grainge and Sir Lucian Grainge – @Getty

Unlike other children of his age, the perks of having a parent like his gave him an array of exciting firsthand experiences.

He had the opportunity to sit in on his father’s business meetings, watch popular artists such as the Irish group Boyzone work in the studio, and listen to a diverse span of music genres.

Additionally, he was able to learn and pick up on many of the strategies that allowed his dad to be successful in his work.

This included always keeping an attitude revolving around teamwork at the core of negotiations while also being transparent with the people you are working with.

These events would become the foundation of his own career interests and propel him to follow in his father’s footsteps later on in life.

Starting His Label

what is the net worth of Elliot Grainge

Elliot Grainge and CEO of Republic Records, Monte Lipman – @Getty

Following his father getting a job as the head of the Universal Music Group, Grainge also moved to the United States where he decided to attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Even during this period, his entrepreneurial spirit was apparent.

He created and ran his own bottle service club promotion business that was targeted towards Hip Hop and dance venues that were located in the Boston area.

During his time in college, he made friends with a woman named Molly Mclachlan.

Mclachlan had made her way up the corporate ladder after graduating, becoming successful specifically in the marketing industry.

However, following an invite from Grainge, she left her job and joined him as one of the first employees of his new label 10k Projects.

Over several years, the team worked to grow the company, signing several new artists that have since blown up and brought more attention to the label itself.

Inspired to keep the record indie and go against the grain of what may be happening on a mainstream level, Grainge has committed himself and his label to sign unique artists that bring something new to the table.

One helpful tool that Grainge has relied on to locate these artists who may be underground is Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a music streaming platform that has been commonly associated with underground hip hop and a younger demographic (specifically around the age of 19).

Grainge has been able to discover many of his artists, such as Internet Money, through the use of this platform, allowing the process to take place in a more organic manner.

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Outside Of Music

While music and the development of his label are Grainge’s primary focus, he has also been able to contribute his time to other sectors.

For example, he has been known for his interest in technology, an industry in which he has recently invested.

He has specifically supported the company Homemade Records, a business that is involved with influencer management, branding, and digital marketing.

Beyond his business ventures, Grainge also has a passion for charity, especially through the funnel of his label.

In 2020, he launched 10k Together — a sub-sector of the 10k brand.

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While Elliot Grainge’s past relationships are somewhat unknown, his current relationship with model and internet personality Sofia Richie has been widely followed.

Elliot Grainge and girlfriend Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge – @Getty

The two were first confirmed as being romantically linked in April of 2021 following the discovery of them spending time together in public.

Fans of Richie’s began to speculate attempting to identify who the new mystery man — who would turn out to be Grainge — really was.

Update – Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge engaged in April 2022 and married in April 2023 in Antibes, France.

Elliot Grainge – Net Worth

how much is Elliot Grainge worth

Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie at Midnight in Los Angeles held at Delilah on January 11, 2023 – @Getty

So, how much is Elliot Grainge worth?

Grainge’s income can be attributed to the success of his label and the artists that he has signed over the past few years.

He has overseen an accumulation of billions of worldwide streams and a number of top-performing singles and albums, which has allowed his net worth to continuously grow.    

In August 2021, Elliot Grainge and Richie bought a mansion in the mountains above Beverly Hills for $17 million. In June 2022, they sold the property for nearly $22 million.

In July 2022, Elliot and Sofia bought a 6 bedrooms 9 bathrooms house in Brentwood, LA, for $26.9 million.

Therefore, music producer Elliot Grainge has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

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