Gabrielle Kennedy Net Worth

What is Gabrielle Kennedy’s net worth?


Gabrielle Kennedy is an American social media star. She had her rise to fame when she began posting viral videos on TikTok, garnering millions of views.

The Origin Story

Gabrielle Kennedy was born on July 20, 1996, in Boston, Massachusetts.

During the early days of her social media career, she was romantically linked to Instagram star, Dan Bilzerian.

Kennedy attended Loyola Marymount University, a private university located in Los Angeles, California.

She was enrolled in the pre-law undergraduate program before she decided to pursue a career in social media full-time.

While these are two strikingly different fields of work, it’s not unusual for anyone to pursue a career as a social media star based on the relative ease of getting into it and how lucrative it can be relative to a traditional career. 


Prior to becoming TikTok famous, Kennedy created a YouTube channel and used it to post comedic-style content.

It was apparent she had a knack for entertaining because most of her videos garnered her thousands of views.

She was very creative in how she set herself apart from other YouTubers. Most of her earlier content was filmed in her bathtub, which often included herself and her friends.

Her first successful video, titled “Ricardo Hurtado introduction | Baths with a Blonde,” received nearly 10 thousand views and could be considered the video that gave her her foundation. This could be in part because Ricardo Hurtado is an American actor who began his career on Nickelodeon movies and television shows.

The most successful video she created for YouTube was one titled “Dan Bilzerian Halloween 2019.” It has over 70,000 views which is great for any aspiring YouTuber, but it was the first and the last video that has this amount of success.

After three years of creating content on the platform, Kennedy’s account grew to nearly 4,000 subscribers.

This small count is not nearly enough to pave a path to starting a social media career, therefore, she jumped on board the TikTok train in 2020 during the same time it blew up in the American market.

This decision would be the one that transformed her career.


The first video she created and uploaded was a hit. The video received over 2 million views, a far cry from her YouTube success.

And from here, there was no looking back. She knew her digital career had pivoted in the right direction.

Most of her TikTok content is centered around her spending time with her celebrity friends, some of which are part of “Young Hollywood.”

There are mixed reviews about the content she creates because a lot of it is satire, and people are unsure of which is true and which is made up.

She posts videos talking about how she is Paris Hilton’s sister, or how she grew up as Diplo’s daughter. Diplo is an American DJ who only has two young sons.

Despite some of the mixed reviews she receives on her videos, her approach to standing out from other creators is seemingly working. The video about Paris Hilton received over 2.5 million views.

She also posts satirical videos about her real life, and these are her masterpieces, garnering her over 10 million views. Arguably the content that propelled her to TikTok fame.

She went from posting quick clips to reality show-style commercials which drew her fans in even more. This video, in particular, received well over 10 million views. It featured a few other famous TikTok stars, including American actress, model, and singer Amber Khieralla, and fellow TikTok star, Brett Lange.

Following her success on TikTok, she began to refer to herself as the “Heiress of Bitcoin” and an “International Icon of Mystery.”

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In addition to her TikTok and YouTube fame, she is well known on Instagram.

Her account has over 10,000 subscribers and counting. And similar to her other content, she posts comedic and satirical photos and videos.

There is also a serious and fashionable side to her, which she showcases on Instagram. Some of her most-liked photos are her selfies and modeling photos.

Not too long following her rise to fame, she quickly started to receive hateful onlookers who were not afraid to express their disdain for her.

Kennedy is a confident woman, and as such, she posted this cryptic message for all her haters on Instagram.

Her followers were unsure if the message was directed at one of a few specific people or her haters in general. Despite who it was for, she received hundreds of supportive and encouraging messages.

Gabrielle Kennedy – Net Worth

Gabrielle Kennedy has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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