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How tall is Jelly Roll?

How tall is Jelly Roll?


Most of Jelly Roll’s fans and followers want to know three things:

When is he touring in my area?

What do Jelly Roll’s tattoos mean?

And, how tall is Jelly Roll?

You can find details on Jelly Roll’s upcoming tour dates through his official website right here.

For all your other questions, though, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re unpacking all Jelly Roll’s vital stats to answer all your vital questions: how tall is Jelly Roll? How much does Jelly Roll weigh? How old is Jelly Roll?

jelly roll weight gain

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll attend the 2023 CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena – @Getty

The country rap star has built up a major fanbase over the past 10 years, thanks to his real take on life growing up in a lower middle-class area of Nashville, his struggles with addiction and mental health, and his choices that landed him in prison for over a decade.

He even won new artist of the year at the 2023 CMA Awards.

He’s also got a sleek style, a rapid fire tempo, and an eloquence that charms listeners, fans, and anyone who tunes in to listen to him in interviews.

Thanks to his swift rise up the ranks—and the charts—Jelly Roll is doing a lot of interviews these days.

Here’s what we found out about the brutally honest, hilariously candid, and downright entertaining country rap star’s statistics.

Jelly Roll: age

how tall is jelly roll the rapper


Jelly Roll was born on December 4, 1984, in Antioch, Tennessee.

His real name is Jason DeFord, and he is the youngest of four kids.

Jason and his siblings weren’t raised in the wealthy part of Nashville.

Their neighborhood was decidedly Southside, and DeFord describes it as a diverse but economically dire environment.

“I joke that Antioch is the cultural melting pot the government uses to test how different ethnicities live together.”

Jelly Roll often sings the praises of his dad, and credits him as being a hardworking man trying his best to provide for his large family.

According to DeFord, it was also his dad who gave him the push of motivation he needed to leave his life of crime behind him and do something good for his own growing family.

Jason has also made it clear that his mom had struggles of her own.

A lifelong battle with substance abuse and mental health issues made her life hard, but the bright spot in her life—aside from her kids—was always her love of Country music.

To this day, Jelly Roll maintains that his love of Country music comes from his mom sitting in her kitchen listening to classic Country on the radio.

Jelly Roll: height

How tall is Jelly Roll


Jason DeFord has a big presence—both energetically and physically.

The rap star can entertain a crowd with his rapid-fire lyrics, honest delivery, and hilarious take on the world around him—and he can overwhelm a crowd with his sheer size.

Clocking in at 6 foot 1 inch in height, he’s a big man with a big message.

But Jelly Roll isn’t without his health struggles these days.

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Jelly Roll: weight

jelly roll weight and height


DeFord didn’t come by his Jelly Roll stage name by accident—in fact, it was given to him by his mom.

DeFord was a big baby, and his mom named him after the delicious treat because of all his rolls.

The family name stuck with him, and then followed him to high school when one of his friends—an unironically nicknamed One Armed Clay—renewed the nickname amongst his classmates.

Jason was a popular kid with a lot of friends, and he owned the nickname from then on. He joked in a podcast that he’s spent his whole life working to grow into the name Jelly Roll, and that he thinks he’s finally done it.

At his highest weight, Jason weighed 450 pounds—and estimated that he had eaten hundreds of All-Star Breakfasts at his local Waffle House.

Haven’t you tried an All-Star Breakfast at the Waffle House? Here’s what you’re missing:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Fried onions
  • Ham
  • Sausage
  • Chocolate chip waffle
  • A generous topping of cheese

Packing away close to 1,500 calories in one sitting would definitely take its toll on the body, but Jelly Roll still joked that he thought he was probably born in a Waffle House.

By 2017, the inspired entertainer had dropped an impressive 180 pounds.

In 2020, DeFord’s wife, Bunnie XO, pulled the entertainer aside to discuss his health.

How Much Does Jelly Roll Make

Bunnie Xo & Jelly Roll attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards – @Getty

He shared on social media that she had taken over meal prep to help him get his weight problem under control, after he regained all the weight he had lost previously.

More than just his size, it turned out that DeFord was also dealing with Atrial Fibrillation.

After his Addiction Kills tour, some tensions with family and friends, and under immense pressure as a performer, Jelly Roll admitted on social media that he thought he was having a heart attack.

Following lengthy medical testing, it turned out that the rapper had “something wrong with the electrical side” of his heart.

In a 2020 social media update, DeFord shared that he had lost 60 pounds.

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