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How tall is Tom MacDonald?

How tall is Tom MacDonald in feet?


Tom MacDonald has had a bit of a rocky road to fame as a musician.

From dealing with drug addiction and a stint in rehab, to mental health struggles, to finding fame as a hip-hop artist and name dropping one of the most iconic names in the industry—life has been full of ups and downs.

But now that Tom MacDonald has made a name for himself with singles like Dear Rappers, and landed a few spots on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021 with Snowflakes and Brainwashed, things are looking way up.

So to celebrate, we’ve made a list of MacDonald’s fans’ questions—and we’ve got all the answers you need.

Here are 10 facts every Tom MacDonald fan wants to know.

How tall is Tom MacDonald in feet


#1. Tom MacDonald is 6’1…or is he?

How tall is Tom Macdonald?

According to MacDonald himself, he’s 6’1—or 185 cm.

But according to some stats we unearthed from the rap artist’s days as a pro wrestler—he’s actually 5’9.

Either way, the rapper and songwriter is taller than average—which would have come in handy back when MacDonald was a professional wrestler named Allstar.

He uploaded a couple of side-by-side shots of his wrestling days to Facebook in February of 2021, mostly to make fun of himself and reminisce:

“Many years ago, I was a pro wrestler. These days I’m icing my knee with frozen peas because I stepped off a ladder wrong while building a music video set. Take two things from this post…getting old sucks…and…I’m working on a new music video.”

The rapper formerly known as Allstar had a six-year career in the ring that stretched from 2003 to 2009.

His signature move—aptly named Seeing Stars—was a big hit for him back in the early 2000s, and has been a source of entertainment for fans of his music.


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#2. Tom MacDonald wasn’t always into rap.

Given that Tom MacDonald has grown up to be a prolific rapper who writes his own lyrics, you’d think he might have spent his whole life listening to the hip hop scene.

But surprisingly, Tom’s early musical influences are from a different era altogether.

The Alberta native—who was born on September 21, 1988, and lived in Alberta before heading to BC in the 2000s—has varied musical tastes.

He counts himself as a huge Led Zeppelin fan.

He also loves The Beatles, Joe Cocker, and classic Janis Joplin. MacDonald’s musical taste isn’t totally stuck back in the 50s and 60s, though.

Aerosmith and The Offspring also make Tom MacDonald’s musical icons list. Later additions included Tupac, Royce da 5’9, and Eminem.


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#3. Tom MacDonald is no gang banger.

MacDonald was 18 years old when he discovered his love of rap and hip-hop.

Much like every other aspiring rap artist at the time, he started writing down his own lyrics and laying them over instrumentals with his friends.

Tom couldn’t relate to a lot of what he heard—the drugs, the girls, the turf wars—and he thought it sounded cheesy to pretend he did.

So instead, MacDonald’s lyrics took on a more cerebral vibe.

He rapped about society, and the issues he struggled with in that society.

He talked openly about mental health, about girl problems, and his struggles.


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#4. Tom MacDonald is a recovering alcoholic.

When the aspiring young rapper was in his early 20s, he was drinking heavily.

Putting it down to “just what kids do,” Tom didn’t realize he had a problem early on.

For almost a decade, he continued drinking and partying, even developing an addiction to pills for a time.

By 2017, things were so bad that the musician and YouTuber suffered a breakdown.

It came hot on the heels of an alcoholic binge, and saw MacDonald wind up in rehab that year.

MacDonald calls the fight to get clean and stay away from alcohol “the darkest period” of his life.

Fortunately, it would also give him the clarity he needed to focus on his career.

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#5. Tom MacDonald suffers from mental health issues.

Like many of us in today’s chaotic world, Tom MacDonald has his own struggles with mental health.

Following his hit track Withdrawals, Tom talked about how hard he has to work to stay positive and mentally healthy.

His lyrics, “I’m gonna beat it, or I won’t,” reference how the rapper feels he has no choice but to get better because he can’t give up on life.

Even the official music video for the track portrays his literal descent into darkness—and his battle back to the light.

In 2019, the rapper sent a tweet out asking people to “stop throwing words” like “anxiety” and “depression” around.

The tweet said that there is a difference between sadness and depression—and between worry and anxiety.

The master of words was right when he explained:

“You’re making it difficult for the rest of us to be taken seriously and get legitimate help.”

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#6. Tom MacDonald is in love.

At one of the darkest points in the rapper’s life, one of the brightest lights walked into it: Nova Rockefeller.

Nova Rockefeller


Nova Leigh Paholek is her real name, and the pair met just after Tom had left rehab.

The pair started writing music together, and Nova used her experience in the music industry to help Tom pursue his career.

The Edmonton indie singer and videographer is a creative whizz kid, and has directed all of MacDonald’s music videos since 2017.

She also built his website.

He posted a shoutout to his girlfriend after her work on his official music video for Names, saying:

“I’ve watched her grow from just a nerdy little weirdo with a camera into…well, a nerdy little weirdo with a camera who’s an absolutely world-class cinematographer. Love you babe. Incredible work.”


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