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Did Barbara Billingsley And Hugh Beaumont Like Each Other?

Did Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont like each other or not?


The world of television is, as one can imagine, a dramatic affair.

Being on television means dealing with people from all walks of life.

It means bringing together cast members who, on-screen, are best of friends.

It also means the reality of putting up with people who you love on-screen but feels less amicable towards when the cameras are not rolling.

Every workplace has ‘professional’ relationships, but in the world of TV and media, we often assume these relationships are genuine.

This is often the case when we look at iconic TV shows such as the 1950s and 1960s American sitcom, Leave it to Beaver.

Starring major names like Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont, Leave it to Beaver was a massive hit during its time.

It ran from October 1958 until June 1963, and that time helped to cement the sitcom as an iconic part of American TV life.

Watching the stars, though, you would assume they loved each other.

Is that the case?

A common question asked is this: Did Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont like each other?

There are many rumors and suggestions that their on-screen friendship did not extend to the real world.

Is that the case?

Let’s find out.

What is Leave it to Beaver?

Across a six-season stretch, Leave it to Beaver was a highly popular show based around a family.

There is Theodore Cleaver, known as Beaver, played by Jerry Mathers.

As the protagonist of the show, Beaver often winds up in hijinks and madness due to his mannerisms and personality.

There is also his brother, Wallace, played by Tony Dow.

The stars for many, though, were mother June (played by Billingsley) and father Ward (played by Beaumont).

Living in the town of Mayfield, the family enjoys numerous plot lines and stories that would have had viewers crying with either laughter or love for this amazing cast.

However, a common question that came from the era was to do with friendships when the cameras were not rolling.

Did Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont like each other?

It is hard to say for sure.

Given both stars are sadly no longer with us, many of the suggestions of dislike or personality clashes are the result of gossip, third-hand rumors, and press tattle.

Who was Barbara Billingsley?

is barbara billingsley still alive


Born December 22nd, 1915, Barbara Billingsley was an incredible actress of her time, Billingsley was beloved for her roles, such as in Leave it to Beaver, as well as the 1980s sequel The New Leave it to Beaver.

She also was in the 1980 comedy Airplane! playing the role of the Jive Lady.

She even has uncredited roles in movies such as Invaders from Mars and had a featured role in The Careless Years, a 1957 film classic. Sadly, she passed away on October 16th, 2010, at the age of 94.

Who was Hugh Beaumont?

hugh beaumont cause of death


Born in 1909 (potentially 1910) with no stated birth date, Hugh Beaumont was a well-loved member of the acting community.

Alongside his role in Leave it to Beaver, Beaumont also had various roles, such as his work as Michael Shayne.

These crime films were a part of the mid-1940s crime film craze, and though they were never standouts, they are well-remembered.

He also regularly took part in shows ranging from the likes of Lassie to Marcus Welby M.D. which helped to furnish a successful career.

Sadly, Beaumont died in 1982 at the age of 72 when he suffered a heart attack when visiting his son Hunter in Munich, Germany.

In 1983, the telemovie Still the Beaver was dedicated to Beaumont.

hugh beaumont net worth

Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver and Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver – @Getty

Did Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont like each other?

Given the show is written through the eyes of the young Beaver, both parents appear idyllic in their approach to life.

Both are friendly, charming, and get on with each other in a way only those in plutonic love could.

Therefore, to most observers, it would be pretty clear that the perfect husband and wife must have had a perfect relationship off-screen.

One thing to note, though, is this: the duo was in a different era for showbiz.

Today, if cast members do not get along, we hear about it before they even finish production.

In the era that Billingsley and Beaumont worked together, rumors and chatter about off-screen friendships were far less prevalent.

Given that both did not really work together after the show and Beaumont suffered an earlier death than Billingsley, it is hard to find any genuine evidence that there was a dislike among the duo.

What is known, though, is that Beaumont had a tempestuous relationship with the show.


Because he blamed the show for the loss of a family member.

The tight scheduling of the show often meant Beaumont was leaving his off-screen family in Minnesota as he made his way to Los Angeles for filming.

Having to leave quickly to attend shooting, Beaumont flew out to LA while he left his son, Hunter, to drive his wife and his mother-in-law to the City of Angels.

Tragically, Hunter lost control of the car during the journey, and Beaumont’s mother-in-law died in the ensuing crash.

We are led to believe that he blamed the show’s tight filming schedule for the incident that caused so much heartache in his off-screen family.

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In Conclusion

But, in terms of wondering, did Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont like each other? There is nothing to say otherwise.

Sure, they might not have shared the same perfect relationship as they did on-screen, but there is precious little knowledge of a bust-up or a dislike behind the scenes.

Sadly, both stars are no longer with us. But, as far as the records show, they enjoyed a perfectly cordial relationship.

If there was ever to be a remake of Leave it to Beaver, though, modern media ensures it would not take long before we found out if there was a schism!

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