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Is Fran Lebowitz related to Annie Leibovitz?

Is Fran Lebowitz related to Annie Leibovitz?

Who is Fran Lebowitz?

Fran Lebowitz is known for her successful works as an author and actress. She wrote two books.

Her acting was seen in The Wolf of Wall Street, Law & Order, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She’s also featured in several documentaries on HBO and Netflix.


On October 27, 1950, Fran Lebowitz was born to her parents, Harold and Ruth.

She had one younger sister, Ellen Lebowitz, and they lived in Morristown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of family history available online.

Fran never completed her high school education.

She was expelled from a private school and then suspended from Morristown High School. Instead, Fran worked to get her General Equivalency Degree or GED.

Fran Lebowitz net worth


She chose not to pursue a degree after this.

Fran moved to New York City in 1969. She was able to pay her bills by working several part-time jobs, including writing papers, chauffeuring, and cleaning for others.

It’s widely known that she wants to remain in New York for the rest of her life.


Fran Lebowitz biography

Andy Warhol & Fran Lebowitz – @Getty

When Fran Lebowitz was in her early 20’s, she worked for a small-time magazine known as Changes.

At this time, she met different artists in New York City. About seven years after she began working with the magazine, she published her first book, Metropolitan Life. Shortly after, she published her second book, in 1981, titled Social Studies.

Lebowitz has since been known for her quirkiness. She has always enjoyed candy and cigarettes, for instance, and has even spoken up about smokers’ rights.

Fran’s also well known for her aversion to technology, for she refuses to own a personal computer to this day.

Who is Annie Leibovitz?

Annie Leibovitz


Annie Leibovitz is recognized as one of America’s most outstanding portrait photographers.

Some of her most famous work was featured in Rolling Stone magazine, though this was not the only magazine that gave Leibovitz her fame. Her creative way of capturing photographs earned her millions of dollars and enabled her to meet many celebrities.

Family & History


Anna-Lou Leibovitz was born in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Sam and Marilyn welcomed their daughter into the world in October of 1949. Annie was one of six children born in the Leibovitz family, including Barbara, Susan, Philip, and Paula.

Her father was in the U.S. Air Force, and her mother was a dancer.

Because of her father’s military career, Annie spent some time in the Philippines, on an Air Force base.

While at the base, she would get her first chance to experiment with photography. There was no intention of growing up to become a photographer and no specific targets for her shots at this time.

Annie attended the Northwood High School in Rockville, Maryland, as a teenager.

Then, she went to a private college, the San Francisco Art Institute, to become an art instructor. However, it wasn’t long into her time at college that she realized she actually wanted to become a photographer.

Susan Sontag, Annie’s future wife, was born in New York City in 1933She moved to Arizona and then relocated to California while growing up.

She received her college education from the University of Chicago, Harvard University, and Saint Anne’s College. In 1989, the two women tied the knot.

Annie Leibovitz gave birth to Sarah Cameron Leibovitz in 2001. Susan was fighting a losing battle with leukemia and passed away shortly after Sarah’s birth, in 2004.

Annie used a surrogate to carry her twins, Susan and Samuelle Leibovitz. She named them after her father and late wife, two people who meant the most to her in her life.


Annie Leibovitz and daughter Samuelle Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz and Samuelle Leibovitz – @Getty

Annie’s success started while still in college to become a photographer. She happened to show a random photograph that she’d taken to the creator of Rolling Stone magazine.

At this time, the company was relatively new and didn’t have a clear direction on where they wanted to take their magazine.

It didn’t take long for Annie to become the chief photographer with her talented photos. In this position, she was introduced to many famous names of the time and then paid to take pictures of them.

She remained in her career with Rolling Stone for over ten years.

Leibovitz switched to become the chief photographer for Vanity Fair magazine in 1983. This career change enabled her to meet even more celebrities and allowed her creativity to broaden.

While taking photos for this magazine, she met the love of her life, Susan Sontag, in 1989.

Annie had some success outside of her magazine career as well. She has so far published at least two books. In addition, her photographs have been on display in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. She was also able to work as an official photographer for the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s also well-known that Leibovitz has had some challenges in her success.

At her time working for Rolling Stone, she was using drugs so regularly that it was interfering with her work.

As a result, she ended up overdosing twice. Annie was also reportedly terrible at managing her finances. Despite bringing in millions of dollars a year, she found herself over twenty million dollars in debt and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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Are Fran Lebowitz and Annie Leibovitz related?

So, are Fran Lebowitz and Annie Leibovitz related? Though their names are spelled almost similarly, they do not have the same last name. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that Fran Lebowitz is related to Annie Leibovitz.

They’re incredibly successful women who were born about a year apart.

They both worked for magazines and authored books, and they’ve also similarly chosen to settle down in New York, but they appear to have no relation.

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