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Why did Bruce Greene leave Funhaus?

Why is streamer Bruce Greene leaving Funhaus?


The gaming industry brings in over 138 billion US dollars every year.

There are new or remastered games coming out faster than people can play them, and gaming fans are some of the most involved and ardent people out there.

Gaming is basically the sport of the introverted person, so the levels of passion are very much on par with the soccer fanatics cheering for the big teams.

If you consider yourself a gamer, or gamer connoisseur, to any degree, then it’s likely you’ve heard of RoosterTeeth and Funhaus.

What you might not know is the internal gossip and drama that goes on behind the scenes.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what Funhaus and RoosterTeeth are, who Bruce Green is, and what caused him to step away from Funhaus after years with the brand.

why did bruce leave funhaus

Bruce Greene and Autumn Farrell attend Blizzard Entertainment’s launch party for the game Diablo IV at Vibiana – @Getty

Who is Bruce Greene?

Bruce Green is a man with a resume longer than you might expect.

He’s a content creator, host, camera-man, gamer, streamer, voice actor, gaming journalist, regular actor, and producer.

Born in August 1981, he grew up in California – more specifically in sunny Santa Barbara.

He had a strange passion for unicycling, and so when he was very young, his dream was to become the greatest unicyclist the world had ever seen.

His dream was cut short; however, when at 4 years old, he was in a cycling accident that left him in a coma after hitting his head.

That was the end of his athletic dream. (Disclaimer: it’s very likely that when Bruce talked about his life as an aspiring unicyclist who fell into a coma, he might have been joking.

However, it’s too cool to ignore, so we’re going with it anyway)

One of his biggest career achievements to date was acting as co-host and producer of Funhaus, a comedy-based gaming channel on YouTube. He was part of the team for 5 years before departing in 2019.

What is Funhaus?

Why did Bruce Greene leave Funhaus

Adam Kovic & Bruce Greene – @Getty

Funhaus is a subdivision channel of entertainment company RoosterTeeth.

Founded in 2003, they were born under Otter Media (a WanerMedia company).

Today, the company focuses on producing various types of content for its growing worldwide fanbase that consumes anything Roosterteeth created.

Included in their offerings are various podcasts, web series, live events, western anime, streaming services, animation studios, and YouTube channels.

Funhaus specifically is their sub-channel focused on the gaming industry, although they do touch on various other pop culture subjects.

Included in the content they produce is a gaming news YouTube channel where they bring on a variety of experts in the various topics they cover.

Among the hosts and guests, they’ve had gaming commentators, comedians, TV show reviewers, gamers, and industry journalists – to name a few.

If fan Q&As, new tech launch reviews, and movie opinions are your thing, then this is the channel for you.

They have thousands and thousands of videos on their channel to date, with their most popular ones showing them playing Mario Kart drunk and playing Nintendo Switch – also drunk.    

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Why did Bruce leave Funhaus?

A tale as old as time and as old as capitalism and 9-5 jobs, Bruce Greene left Funhaus to focus on other personal career goals he wanted to pursue.

He was with RoosterTeeth and Funhaus specifically for 5 years, and that was after a previous 5-year stretch doing similar work under Machinima and Inside Gaming.

Between leaving Inside Gaming and joining RoosterTeeth, Bruce had considered branching out on his own but ultimately decided against it.

After 10 years of working for other people’s companies, however, he made up his mind to try his own luck in the business ownership sphere.

He had dreams of creating his own brand and independent business.

While, initially, some fans first assumed he was only leaving Funhaus but would still be appearing in content under the RoosterTeeth name, he ultimately confirmed in September 2019 that this would not be the case.

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Where is Bruce now?

Since leaving RoosterTeeth and Funhaus, Bruce has had a lot of opportunities to focus on his own thing.

While he’s had a pretty prolific and followed Twitch account during his time at Funhaus, leaving allowed him to hit the ground running full time with his streaming.

He’s also gotten a chance to further flex his producer skills by pitching show ideas to Twitch and other big streaming and content-producing platforms.

Although he’s been quite hush-hush about who those big names are, he did reportedly say we should keep an eye out in the next little while to see if he’s able to close any deals with that.

He’s also been able to partner up with Lawrence Sonntag, another Funhaus alum, and together they started a new gaming news YouTube channel named Inside Games.

While it’s still too early to consider this new venture of theirs as a successful content-creating channel, Bruce does have over 15 years of experience and knowledge.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we check in on him in 5 years only to find he’s created an empire.   

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