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Jack Conte Net Worth | Wife

Jack Conte Net Worth – $10 million

What is Jack Conte’s net worth? Who is Jack Conte’s wife?


Jack Conte is an American musician, filmmaker, YouTuber, entrepreneur, songwriter, disc jockey, and multi-instrumentalist, who is best known as the co-founder of Patreon.

In addition, Conte is one half of the musical duo ”Pomplamoose.”


He was born on July 12, 1984, in San Francisco, California, USA.

Jack grew up in Marin County, California.

In 2006, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music at Stanford University. ”I was six years old when I started playing piano,” Conte wrote in 2018.

On April 21, 2007, Conte started his YouTube channel.


In 2008, Conte and bassist Nataly Dawn formed the musical duo Pomplamoose.

On March 11, 2009, the duo released their self-entitled debut album, Pomplamoose. It sold over 100,000 copies.

In September 2010, Pomplamoose and multi-media artist, Allee Willis, released the song Jungle Animal.

In 2011, Conte and Dawn began a webcast called ”Hey, It’s Pomplamoose: A Show about Pomplamoose and Other Things.”


In 2013, Jack and his college roommate Sam Yam co-founded Patreon, an online membership platform where visual artists, writers, musicians, nonprofits, and other creators can seek crowdfunding from fans.

Famous people on Patreon include – Philip DeFranco, Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York), True Crime Obsessed, Amanda Palmer, Seanan McGuire, KT Tunstall, Sam Harris, Chris Ryniak, and Peter Hollens.

”Ten years from now, we want kids growing up and graduating college and high school to know that being a professional creator is possible,” Conte told The Street.

Jack Conte Net Worth

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”Fans really want to support the stuff that they love,” Jack said for Vox. He added: ”I think there’s this age-old thing about humans, where … they want to support the arts.”

Conte also said: ”We are ongoing payments to creators, and have membership benefits programs and rewards programs, or access to things.”

In March 2015, Patreon acquired Subbable, a crowdfunding system to support various web series.

In April 2017, Conte held a TEDx talk titled – How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age. ”Four years ago, I started a company called Patreon with a friend of mine,” Jack said. ”We’re 80 people now working on this problem.”

In August 2018, Patreon bought professional membership software ”Memberful.”

In December 2018, Patreon banned public speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.

In early 2019, it was reported that there are more than 3 million patrons supporting over 100,000 creators on Patreon.

In March 2019, Patreon announced that it was creating multiple pricing tiers for its membership service, as follows:

  • ”Premium” option offering a 12 percent commission, with discounted rates for existing founders;
  • ”Pro” offering an 8 percent commission;
  • ”Lite” offering a 5 percent commission.

”The reality is Patreon needs to build new businesses and new services and new revenue lines in order to build a sustainable business,” Conte said.

On September 1, 2020, Patreon raised $90 million in financing. ”Creators from all over the world will be earning at least $1 billion a year on Patreon,” Jack wrote in a blog post.


In May 2016, Jack Conte married musician Nataly Dawn (also known as Natalie Knutsen).

Nataly Dawn, wife of Jack Conte

© Guliver / Getty Images

The two first met while attending Stanford University at the campus coffee shop.

In 2011, Nataly was featured in Barry Manilow’s song Letter From a Fan.

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”Hang times are emotional for me because as a creator, I’ve been there.”

”We’re democratizing the ability to be a patron of the arts.”

”There is an emotional, psychological component of being a patron or member.”

”Emotions are amazing. So cool that we get to have them.”


Conte has spent 18 hours per day for about 50 days building a replica of the Millennium Falcon (original designation YT 492727ZED) set from Star Wars.

He plays percussion, piano, accordion, drums, guitar, and bass guitar.

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Jack Conte Net Worth


Jack Conte – Net Worth

So, how much is Jack Conte worth?

Conte earned most of his wealth from being the co-founder of Patreon, a social payment platform that directly helps fans fund their favorite artists. The company is now valued at $4 billion.

”The thing about subscription businesses, and especially creator subscription businesses, is they’re built on trust,” Conte said in 2021.

In September 2020, Conte announced that creators had earned more than $2 billion on Patreon to date from over 6 million patrons.

In addition, Jack is one half of the musical duo Pomplamoose. They released several albums, including – Invisible People, Lucid Dreaming Soundtrack, Winter Wishes, and Tribute to Famous People. Pomplamoose has a YouTube channel with over 438 million views — about $1.2 million in revenue before taxes. Conte’s personal channel has over 43 million views.

In March 2022, Conte and his wife bought a 2,892 square feet house in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, for $3.2 million.

In October 2022, Patreon’s valuation dropped to $1.5 billion.

In 2022, Patreon processed $1.5 billion in patron membership payments.

Therefore, Jack Conte has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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