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Jimmy Fortune Net Worth $4 Million

What Is Jimmy Fortune’s Net Worth?

Jimmy Fortune is an American country singer who has a net worth of $4 million. He released eight albums as a solo musician. He also sang tenor for The Statler Brothers for 21 years.

Fortune was born on March 11, 1955, in Staunton, Virginia, USA.

He grew up in Staunton, Virginia in a musical family. From a very young age, Jimmy played gospel music.

Fortune attended Nelson County High School in Lovingston, Virginia. He said for Cleveland:

“I was supposed to graduate in ’74, but I quit school in ’73.” 

Fortune went on to say:

“I went back and got my GED, but I didn’t graduate with the class.”

He began his musical career during high school as a member of the Nelson County High School choir.

The Statler Brothers

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Jimmy Fortune, Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley – @Getty

He started to sing in The Statler Brothers band in 1982 as a temporary replacement for singer Lew DeWitt.

At the time, Lew was suffering from Crohn’s disease (a type of inflammatory bowel disease), and the ground required a temporary replacement.

In 1983, Jimmy permanently joined the band when Lew was not able to return to the stage.

During an interview, he was asked about his career highlight with the Statler Brothers. The country music singer said:

”Probably meeting President Reagan and working with Nancy Reagan in DARE. President Reagan was so nice to us.”

Jimmy added:

”He never made us feel like we were less than he was.”

In 2002, The Statler Brothers founders Phil Balsley, Harold Reid, and Don Reid decided it was time to retire.

Since forming, the band has released over 40 albums.

In 2007, The Statler Brothers and Fortune were inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame.

On June 29, 2008, they were inducted into the Country Music Association Hall of Fame. 

Jimmy sang tenor for the group for 21 years.

Later, he transitioned into a solo career.

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Solo Career

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Jimmy Fortune and Don Reid – @Getty

He released his first solo album, When One Door Closes, in 2003. On December 27, 2005, he released another album, named – ”I Believe.”

On November 29, 2007, Fortune released his third album, titled – ”Feels Like Christmas.” On December 8, 2009, his fourth album, ”Windows,” was released. On August 28, 2012, Jimmy released his fifth album, entitled – ”Lessons.”

In 2015, Fortune released ”Hits & Hymns.” The album was produced by Ben Isaacs, and it features Vince Gill, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Oak Ridge Boys, Sonya Isaacs, and Ricky Skaggs.

is jimmy fortune jr still alive


”Hits & Hymns” reached Top Ten on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.

On April 21, 2017, Jimmy released another album, titled – ”Sings the Classics.”

On May 24, 2019, the album ”God & Country” was released via Gaither Music Group. It includes a new rendition of The Statler Brothers’ hit “More Than a Name on a Wall.” The recording is also available in Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations.

Heart Surgery

In February 2023, Fortune underwent quintuple bypass surgery. According to his Facebook page, “Jimmy is improving every hour.”

In March 2023, the doctors released Fortune of all restrictions. 

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Jimmy Fortune and wife Nina Fortune


Jimmy Fortune – Wife

Jimmy Fortune is currently married to Nina Fortune. Their marriage is an inspiring story of mutual support, love, and shared passions.


So, how many children does Jimmy Fortune have? Jimmy Fortune has four children with his second wife and at least one with Nina.

During an interview, Jimmy said about his children:

”I try to take time for family as much as I can, because I missed a lot when my kids were growing up.”

Fortune later added:

”I try to get as much of that in that I can with my grandchildren.”

In 2012, the musician wrote on his Facebook page that his child was born with spina bifida, a condition in which there is an abnormal development of the backbones, spinal cord, surrounding nerves, and the fluid-filled sac that surrounds the spinal cord.

Spina bifida typically develops in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Many children with spina bifida only have mild symptoms or don’t have any symptoms. Some of the symptoms may include the following:

  • scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine);
  • a dimple or birthmark on the spine;
  • a small clump of hair;
  • toe walking;
  • limping;
  • back or leg pain;
  • chronic urinary tract infections;
  • bowel incontinence;
  • chronic constipation.

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jimmy fortune wife


”I knew a higher power than me was driving this.”

“God Bless America” is one of my favorites because God has blessed America over and over and over again.”

”I credit God with putting me in a position where I was able to do that.”

”The whole project to me was just a God thing.”

”Some things just happen in life, but life can be a pretty tough thing.” (source)

”We sign autographs after every show and get out there with the people and meet and greet.”

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He wrote several songs recorded by the Statler Brothers, including:

  • My Only Love;
  • Too Much on My Heart;
  • Elizabeth.
jimmy fortune net worth


Net Worth

So, how much is Jimmy Fortune worth? Fortune earned most of his wealth from his music. For 21 years, he was part of the Statler Brothers. Later, Jimmy released 8 solo albums, including — God & Country and Sings the Classics. Therefore, American country singer Jimmy Fortune has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

He has performed all over Canada and the United States.


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Ivo Vas

Monday 31st of January 2022

I met Jimmy Fortune on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship onboard Serenade of the seas, and had a chance to talk to him while I served him and also took a pic with him. He also signed an autograph for me.( which I still treasured with me)That was in the year 2015. I remember Jimmy wished me well for my music courier. He was very down to earth person. He was a former band member of The Statler Brothers, an American country band for 21 years. Jimmy was featured in a song video called "A Bible and a belt" where ges joining his hands and sobbing to the sentiments of the song. I recognized Jimmy Fortune in the video that i met this man almost 7 years ago.

Bruce E. Cook

Tuesday 4th of January 2022

I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran. When I first heard Jimmie's song "More than a Name on the Wall" I cried like a baby. To this day I can't hear that song without remembering the "Heros" that are on that WALL. Especially one name as he & I were "True Brothers from another Mother". I was a gun jeep driver with the 716th MP Bn. in Saigon Vietnam & Jimmy Bedgood was my "Gunner". On May 6th 1968 we went to help out another "Brother" that was in trouble & under heavy fire from N.V.A. Troops. There was us & three other Gun-Jeeps involved. We succeeded in getting the "Brother" out but in the action I was wounded in the leg & when I was walked away from the jeep to have a battle dressing put on my wound the N.V.A. hit my jeep with an R.P.G. killing Jimmy. It has been my mission in life to make sure that Jimmy is remembered & "More than a Name on a Wall". I have written to Mr. Fortune & told him how I felt about the song & what it means to me. Mr. Fortune wrote me a letter back thanking me for my letter & that someday he would like to shake my hand. I would love to go to one of his concerts but I get very "nervous" in big crowds. I have had to give up a lot of things I used to love to do because of this.

Lillian Bartholomew

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I am 85 and have loved the Statlers for such a long time . Every now and then I bring up the Statlers Farewell concert on you tube and love it as much as the first time I saw them . What a blessed group .. I don't know where to get The Statlers' Farewell concert .. I miss you guys so much ,,,

Brenda Southall

Saturday 11th of December 2021

Hey Jimmy, The Aberdeen Barn "Afton Mtn" group will never forget you during that time. We had a blast with you...I will always remember you doing side jobs for Mr. G. while practicing with Bucky and his group. We were all so proud of you when you joined the Statlers. Clarissa, Becky, Marilyn "Ann", Nina, Jeannie, Kim, Jeff, myself and many more. We all wish you well.

Janice Gilliam

Saturday 11th of September 2021

I bought tickets to Jimmy Fortune, in concert, over a year ago. Then his performance was canceled. Finally, we got to see his show last night. I knew it would be amazing, but Jimmy's voice, personality, being a Christian, all, were far above anything I expected. His connection with the audience, through relating bits about his parents, childhood, his children, his belief in God and love, devotion to God and this great country, and all who have served, the veterans, families, just seemed to make a strong connection to him, as a down to earth, neighborly, type person, all could connect with, outside of his great talent as a singer, songwriter. He just seemed to be a man you would like to live next door to, go to church with, be part of family neighborhood barbeques, laughing, talking about children, grandchildren. I put him far above most entertainers, just because he is a nice guy, plain and simple. That is not a put down or saying anything but amazing about his talent, or honors/ awards/ achievements, by any means. Just a fact, he comes across as a good man. In the entertainment business, to most of us, that speaks volumes. Anyone who gets an opportunity to see Jimmy Fortune's shows, will certainly enjoy it, come away feeling good, blessed. A huge thanks to all his band members too. We look forward to attending more of his shows.