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SnewJ Net Worth 2024

SnewJ Net Worth – $4 million

What is SnewJ’s net worth? How tall is SnewJ?


SnewJ (real name – Sam Newaz Jr.) is an American social media celebrity who has gained popularity for his motor, fitness, and lifestyle YouTube channel called, ”SnewJ.”


SnewJ was born on March 29, 1991, in the United States. The “J” stands for Jr.

He graduated from California State University, San Bernardino, one of the 23 general campuses of the California State University system.

Soon after graduation, he started selling cars as an auto broker.

In his words:

”I’ve always been a salesman naturally. Always sold stuff on craigslist at a young age & did well.”

He went on to say:


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”Met someone that knew the car broker game & went under his wing. I learned all the ropes and became my own Auto Broker.”


He spent a short time working in this space until he realized he wanted to take his entrepreneurial self and start a YouTube page to see where it would lead.

As such, SnewJ went live with his YouTube channel on January 22, 2010. Although his channel was live, he didn’t start to gain fame and popularity until six years later, in 2016.

His content was originally centered around motorcycles and fitness. Over time, it morphed into pranks, lifestyle, and family vlogs.

Sam also promotes his lavish luxury car addiction on the channel, where he creates videos with every new vehicle he buys.

During an interview, he was asked about what inspired him to start a YouTube channel. SnewJ responded:

”I still remember that day. I bought my first super-sport motorcycle, a Suzuki GSXR-750.”

He later added:


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”I bought a GoPro and attached it to my helmet with a mic and started making funny moto videos, commentating.”

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SnewJ wouldn’t be a social media star without an Instagram account.

He jumped on board the Instagram train when the platform started to gain momentum in 2012.

Just like his YouTube channel, his Instagram account was created to promote his brand. His content is just like any other social media star, full of lifestyle, relationships, travel, and car photos.


SnewJ is dating Instagram celebrity Dree.

Her Instagram account has earned her more than 372,000 followers. She exploded on Instagram due to her plentiful bikini selfies. 

His long-term girlfriend is regularly featured on his YouTube channel, but she has been subject to online bullying for years from his followers. The couple shrugs off the hate and never engages with commenting viewers.


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Sam and his girlfriend also create challenge videos that always acquire thousands of views on TikTok. TikTok is his second most successful account next to YouTube.


SnewJ is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

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”Everyone is meant to shine, is meant to be successful. But only a very few are willing to put in the blood, sweat, & tears into whatever they get into.”

”If you want success, there’s no such thing as a holiday. Today, you should be on your grind.”

”To be a leader, to give, and to make the world a better place & that starts with myself.”

”The ones that are perfectly content with where they are in life, stay there. Don’t be afraid, be limitless.”

”Basketball was one of my favs & I’ve learned a lot with the sport.”

”It’s all about self-developing as human beings. As we continue to learn, grow, get better as people. We will become more successful.”

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When asked about how did he choose alias – “SnewJ,” he said:

”The “S” stands for Sam, my first name. The “new” stands for Newaz, my last name. The “J” stands for Junior.”

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SnewJ – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is SnewJ worth? SnewJ earned most of his money from having advertisements on his popular YouTube channel, donations via Patreon, and online programs. At the time of writing, SnewJ (two channels ) has over 267 million views — meaning around $800K in revenue from ads. Therefore, American YouTuber SnewJ has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

In addition to all this, SnewJ also sells fitness programs. He’s found success in this space primarily because he’s been an avid weight trainer for the majority of his adult life.

SnewJ Fitness is a pay-per-package fitness for anyone interested in weight training that focuses on specific muscle groups. According to his website, he sells three different programs at the moment.

SnewJ Workout Plan sells for $39.99 and is a full-body 30-day challenge. Extreme Arm Gains sells for $20.00, and the name says it all. The program focuses on building arm strength and muscle.

And the third package is Extreme Leg Gain (6 Weeks.) And like the previous one, this plan includes isolated movements that target the legs to help build strength and strength.

Sam sells these plans relatively easily. Just by looking at his physique, it’s apparent that he is an athlete who takes weightlifting seriously. But not only that. He also promotes the fact that his physique is not a result of taking steroids, and as such, he has the knowledge on how to properly work out to secure results.

In addition, he sells merch (hoods, shirts, socks, t-shirts, and hats) on another website – He is also endorsed by Turo, a popular exotic automobile rental company. He even used several of their exotic cars in his YouTube videos.

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