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Justin Warner Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Justin Warner’s Net Worth?

Justin Warner is a successful self-taught chef, Food Network star, restaurant owner, and cookbook writer who has a net worth of $3 million. Born February 11, 1984, in Hagerstown, MD, Justin always had an intense passion for the culinary arts. He fancied himself a chef, and without any formal training, Justin was able to invent himself into a professional chef.

After his divorce from his high school sweetheart, Jessica Hinze, Justin went on to become a waiter at a New York restaurant.

There, Justin met his then-girlfriend, who went on to win the show 24 Hour Restaurant Battle with him.

After winning the 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, Justin went on to start his own Michelin-rated New York restaurant, Do or Dine, with his coworker and best friend, George McNeese.

Their premise was a pun-tastic approach to food where every one of their items was labeled and served in an incredibly unique way.

justin warner net worth

Chef Justin Warner attends the Private Screening Of BURNT, Q&A Panel And Reception – @Getty

Unfortunately, in 2015, due to changes in the neighborhood Do or Dine was located, several restaurants had to close their doors, including Do or Dine.

Before the restaurant’s closure, Justin’s ambition didn’t end with owning a restaurant. He went on to win the eighth season of “Food Network Star,” and he was promised his own Food Network show, “Rebel with a Culinary Cause.” Unfortunately, this project was nixed after filming the pilot.

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Chef Justin Warner visits the SiriusXM Studios – @Getty

Luckily for Justin, he became the host of another show, “Rebel Eats,” where he would travel throughout the South, visiting restaurants and trying new and unique foods. “Rebel Eats” did not last long, supposedly due to budget issues, but it didn’t take long for Justin to bounce back and try new things.

Justin went on to immediately star in the episode Capital Cravings, in the hit show Unique Sweets.

Not stopping there, Justin hopped on other shows such as “Guys Grocery Games,” as a long-time competitor and judge, “Kitchen Nightmares,” as a competitor, “Breaking the Rules: Chocolate,” where he was a host, and “Cutthroat Kitchen,” where he played as a competitor.

During this time, Justin married his now-wife, Brooke Sweeten, and wrote his very own cookbook, “The Laws of Cooking and How to Break Them,” in the same year. Justin, forever motivated, didn’t even stop to breathe.

He quickly went on to star in an episode of the show, “Guilty Pleasures,” Where he went down to Austin, Texas, to order some unique enchiladas. Seeing as how Justin’s style is unique and interesting food, this was definitely the episode to star in.

At this point, Justin wanted to try something on his own. He started a Twitch cooking show called “ChefShock.”

The premise behind the show was incredibly unique. A week before the show, he would put out a list of grocery items for his audience to purchase.

Then when the show aired, he would be alive, and the audience would cook with him.

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Chef Alex Becker and Chef Justin Warner pose for photos during 2016 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival – @Getty

This was a unique show, and it allowed his audience to participate directly with him by commenting on his streaming feed.

He would answer questions and give tips and tricks that you wouldn’t usually be able to get when watching your favorite cooking show.

His fresh, unique foods drew in 5.8 thousand followers.

Unfortunately, the success was not lasting, and after 20 episodes, the show ended with a highlight reel.

I don’t know if it was Justin’s plan to end with that, but there was no closure.

Maybe it was the low viewership, but the sudden end left fans wanting more.

Again, ever the resilient, Justin bounced back and went on to judge Cooks Vs. Cons, a show where professional cooks squared off against regular people. Here’s the catch, the judges did not know who was which and had to judge them solely based on their product.

Throughout his career, he has also appeared in several other cooking shows, Fox and Friends, and has guest-starred in Comic-Con TV mini-series, “Marvel: Eat the Universe.”

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Justin Warner and Kelsey Nixon attend the Food Network Magazine NYC Lounge – @Getty

Early in 2021, on March 4, Justin opened yet another unique restaurant, Bokujo Ramen, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Bokujo Ramen meets Japanese cuisine with fresh foods. This brings out great flavors this his customers really enjoy. What makes this place incredibly unique is the name. Bokujo is actually Japanese for Ramen… His restaurant is called Ramen Ramen.

Still an active judge on “Guy’s Grocery Games,” I am sure Justin will be more than happy to hop on another show as a star, judge, competitor, or host. He is never satiated and wants to try as many things as he possibly could.


Justin Warner was married to his high school sweetheart (Jessica Hinze) only two years after graduation. This marriage lasted for three years before they divorced for unknown reasons.

Justin went on to have a few other relationships before starting a long-term relationship with his girlfriend JJ Pyle, who went on with him to win “24 Hour Restaurant Battle.” Unfortunately, it is unknown the reason for their separation.

After starting his restaurant, Do or Dine, Justin Warner hired his now-wife, Brooke Sweeten. They dated for a few years, and they got married the same year his cookbook, “The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them,” came out, and the same year his restaurant, Do or Dine, closed.

That was an extremely busy and rough year for Justin, but with his new bride and resilient nature, Justin was able to overcome swiftly and continue working on his dreams.

Justin is now starring in a few Food Network shows and running his restaurant with Brooke as they continue to build their lives together.

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Justin Warner attends the 2014 FOOD & WINE Best New Chefs Party – @Getty

Justin Warner – Net Worth

So, how much is Justin Warner worth? Warner earned most of his wealth through several income streams and continues to grow. Acting in the Food Network programs is really just the tip of the iceberg for Justin. Therefore, American cookbook author Justin Warner has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Aside from “Bokujo Ramen” (Ramen Ramen), Justin is partnered with a cutlery company where he sells high-end knives on his website. At the price of $249 per knife, these knives are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Justin has also partnered with Ninja to promote its products. He has come out with an entire Ninja Foodi cookbook that features 125 recipes that you can make in your pressure cooker, air fryer combination. In addition to the book, Justin also works with Ninja to create recipes for their YouTube Show, “Ninja Kitchen.”

Justin also works hard with his social media promotions, highlighting different shows on Food Network, as well as promoting his affiliate cutlery products and Ninja Foodi. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, promoting his brand.

In August of 2021, Justin started another project. “Warner’s World of Wonders” is going to be a brand-new podcast that, in typical Justin style, is a unique and punny way of approaching food.

His first episode of the podcast aired on August 10, 2021. Titled “Aged Gouda- How Good Things Come to Those Who Wait,” Justin dives into the world of cheese while also offering his audience cooking tips that they can try at home.

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The Future

brooke sweeten justin warner wife

Gloria Pitagorsky and Justin Warner at Mixology Masters – @Getty

While we don’t know what exactly the future holds, we do know that Bokujo Ramen and “Warner’s World of Wonders” will not be the last we see from Justin Warner.

His constant movement into new things makes that abundantly clear.

Justin is not done with his guest appearances on The Food Network. He will still be starring on “Guy’s Grocery Games,” as well as “Tournament of Champions.”

It is likely we will also see more of him in “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen” and “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”

Justin is supported in all of these things by his loving wife, who participates and encourages him. She is also a highly driven businesswoman with a successful softball career.

Together this power couple will continue to work on their restaurants, shows, and other culinary ventures.

Nothing is stopping Justin from being the biggest name in the culinary world.

It is extremely exciting to see where he will go next. It is about time that the Food Network handed him his own show so that he can give the world a little taste of his weird and unique food on a platform big enough to satiate all his goals.


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