Kendall Lamar Taylor – Net Worth, Wife (Fantasia Barrino), Biography

Kendall Lamar Taylor is the COO of the courier service Metro Transportation. He climbed to fame in 2015 after he married Fantasia Barrino, a popular R&B singer and former American Idol.


He was born on August 10, 1980, in Germany. Currently, he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When he was just a teen, Taylor began experimenting with drugs, sex, and alcohol. At the age of 15, he also became a father.

In the past, Kendall has been convicted of assault. In January 2012, he was arrested for failure to pay child support.

In the present day, he is the COO of Metro Transportation, LLC., a courier service.

Kendall has been a partner for over seven years.

Fantasia Barrino (Wife)

Kendall Lamar Taylor is married to Fantasia Barrino. Kendal first met Fantasia in a Charlotte nightclub in 2015.

Kendall Lamar Taylor with his wife Fantasia Barrino
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Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor is an American songwriter, R&B singer, and actress.

She won the 2004 season of the TV talent competition, American Idol. In the same year, she released her debut single, “I Believe,” which entered at the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100. Also, Fantasia sang in the choir at High Point’s Welborn Middle School and made the all-county chorus.

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After dating for just a short while, Barrino knew that Kendall was ”The One” for her.

She told Billboard:

“I just knew. I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, ‘Can I pray for you? I just want to cover for you down the road.’”

Fantasia went on to say:

”In the time I’d been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me — someone that could cover me and my kids and be the man of the house. That’s when I knew.”

On July 18, 2015, the couple married aboard a yacht. To ensure that the ceremony reflected her unique personality, Fantasia wore a black, red, and white-colored theme dress.

Fantasia Barrino with her husband Kendall Lamar Taylor
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She wrote:

“Those who really know me know that I LOVE Water… Can you see it? How Happy I am.. This Man… God made him just for Me and me Just For Him… This Man… Covers and prays for me and my children EVERY morning… This Man… Loves My Father in Heaven and his name is God… This Man allows me to just be a woman.”

After the happy couple celebrated their one-year anniversary, the former American Idol winner stated that they will marry all over again on Christmas day.

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Fantasia posted the day after Christmas:

“I Love You so much that I’d do it over and over and over again! When I met You, I just never knew!! It’s almost like I may have known you in another life.”

Fantasia continued:

”Like this love has happened before and that’s how it works so well between us because we’ve been here before.”

In September 2019, during an episode of the radio show The Breakfast Club, Fantasia said:

“Most women are trying to be the leader. That’s why you can’t find a man.”

Fantasia later added:

“You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way.”


Kendall Lamar Taylor Net Worth
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Taylor was honored as 2014’s Pride MBE of Distinction Winner at the Lowe’s Pride Awards.

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“Ain’t nobody richer than me, I promise you that.”

”It takes six months to build a Rolls Royce, and 13 Hrs to build a Toyota.”

”God is up to something big for myself, an all my guys!”

”It’s raining on NYE, God is definitely telling me something!”

”They asked me how much money I made, I told them I was still counting.”

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Kendall Lamar Taylor – Net Worth & Salary

His salary is unknown, but the average pay for a Chief Operating Officer is about $140,000 a year.

Therefore, businessman Kendall Lamar Taylor has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Featured image source – © Guliver / Getty Images.

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