Amanda Hackey – Net Worth, Biography, Trivia, Quotes

Amanda Hackey is an American social media personality who is best known for interesting videos and comedic vlogs that she posted on her YouTube channel and Facebook page.

For instance, on YouTube, she has earned 152,000 subscribers and on Facebook, she has accumulated over 1.8 million followers.


She was born on August 4, 1990, in Wisconsin, USA. Amanda worked as a cashier at Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg.

On Nov 25, 2008, she created her YouTube channel, called ”mandersandpoopoo.”

If you scroll through her YouTube channel, you will find various videos from the proper way to eat an oreo, some of her singing, freestyle rap videos, and yes there are even a few of her dancing.

In 2015, Amanda released her single ”I Can’t Dance” on both iTunes and YouTube. The video featured Big Tim Kellams and John Boy and has over 1.8 million views.

Currently, her YouTube channel has over 152,000 subscribers and more than 23 million views.


According to the Chinese Zodiac, Amanda was born in the ”Year of the Pig.” People born in this year are a bit materialistic, however, this is a motivation for them to work hard. They also have great concentration. For example, once they set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it.

In addition, they love entertainment and will sometimes treat themselves. In career, once they meet frustration, the Pig people often care too much about others’ sneers, lose confidence, and thus look down on themselves.

Amanda’s zodiac sign is Leo. People born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders. They are creative, dramatic, self-dominant, confident, and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to.

While they demand loyalty from the people associated with them, the Leo themselves are also trustworthy and loyal individuals. Difficult traits of the Leo sign include being sloppy, greedy, jealous, coldhearted, vain, and aggressive.

Her ruling planet is the Sun. A person born under the sign of Leo has a fiery intensity, a huge self-image, and a consistency of personality and drive. As a planetary ruler, the Sun bestows those under it with passion, intensity, and great drive. In the worst case, people ruled by this sign can be lead to false arrogance and confidence.


”I’m fat but I’m moving better than most of y’all girlfriends.”

”I want to be the one you choose when everyone else wants you.”

”I have no interest in temporary people.”

Amanda Hackey – Net Worth

Amanda earns most of her income from sponsors and advertisements on her YouTube channel. For example, 1 million views on YouTube bring on average $2000. In the present day, her channel ”Outlaw” has over 22 million views, which means about $44.000. Keeping this in mind, Amanda Hackey has an estimated net worth of $0.1 million.


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