Lana Rose – Net Worth, Real Name, Paintings, Father, Boyfriend

Lana Rose (real name – Parisa Beiraghdary) is an Emirati YouTuber and Instagram star who is best known for uploading car and makeup videos on her YouTube channel.

She also has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram.


Rose was born on September 21, 1989, in Dubai, UAE.

Her mother is Nadereh Samimi, while her father is Esmail Beiraghdary.

She is the elder sister of renowned popular Youtuber Mo Vlogs (real name – Mohamed Beiraghdari). She is actually 5 years older than him.

NoteMo Vlogs has accumulated more than 8.54 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He found success with his luxury car-related videos on his YouTube channel. Mohamed is dating YouTube celebrity Narins Beauty.


Lana started her YouTube channel on October 11, 2013. Many of her videos involve luxury cars.

In addition, she published several music videos like “Feel So Real,” “Gucci Gucci,” “Boss UP,” and “Don’t Let me Fall.”

At the time of writing, her channel has more than 113 million views and more than 2.43 million subscribers.

The most popular video on the channel is named – ”Gucci Gucci (Official Music video).” It was uploaded on December 7, 2018, and it has over 4.5 million views.

The second most popular video is titled – ”Feel So Real (Official Music Video).” The video has more than 3.4 million views, and it was uploaded on August 8, 2018.

There are many celebrities who have appeared on some of her YouTube videos, such as American YouTuber Logan Paul and French professional footballer Karim Benzema.


Rose has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram.


Currently, Lana Rose is not romantically involved in any relationship.


Rose’s religion is Muslim.


Lana is 5 ft and 5 in (165 cm) tall.


”Surround yourself with people who see your value and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

”Stay focused. Stay humble.”

”The world looks different from above.”

”When I was a kid, I used to watch Aladdin. Never did I think I could live it too in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

”Follow your instincts.”

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Lana owns a Lamborghini Huracan, a sports car built by Lamborghini that replaces the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The engine of the Lamborghini Huracan has both multi-point fuel injection and direct fuel injection. The Huracán’s name is inspired by a Spanish fighting bull. The car has made its worldwide debut at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show.

Another famous YouTuber who owns a Lamborghini Huracan is Alex Choi.

Rose has 2 cats.

Her main areas of interest are gardening, fashion, singing, and painting.

Lana has worked with Huda Kattan, the creator of the cosmetic brand Huda Beauty.

In 2019, a group of YouTubers and Instagram influencers (Alyssa Bossio, Tara Whiteman, and Lana) faced criticism after agreeing to a tourism-inspired ad campaign sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government.

At the end of 2019, Lana posed with Zahid Khan, a British Ferrari-driving conman who is on the run for his part in a £500,000 car number plate scam. Zahid is currently living in a penthouse in the Middle East.

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Lana Rose – Net Worth

Rose earns most of her wealth from sponsored posts on her Instagram account. With an account that has more than 3 million followers, the influencer can easily receive about $25,000 per sponsored post. She also earns money from advertisements on her YouTube channel.

At the moment, her channel has over 113 million views. Earnings on the platform depend on several factors, especially views location, video length, and time of the year. On average, her 113 million views earned Lana about $350k before taxes.

Moreover, Rose makes money by selling her paintings, which are sold at huge prices.

Therefore, YouTuber Lana Rose has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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