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Lisa Holewyne Net Worth

What is Lisa Holewyne’s net worth?


Lisa Holewyne is an American ex-professional female boxer who was known for winning multiple Golden Glove titles and being recognized as one of America’s best female boxers.

She was one of the pillars who brought awareness surrounding female boxing. 

The Origin Story

She was born in Hawaii, U.S.A., on March 10th, 1966, and moved to Houston, Texas, when her parents relocated while she was in the seventh grade.

There is no other information made public about her family life.

She transferred to Spring Branch High School in Houston and graduated in 1984.

Following this, she decided to pursue further education, so she enrolled at the University of Texas and graduated in 1989 with a bachelor of business administration.

While attending university, she was an outstanding varsity athlete in softball and track.

Due to her undeniable athletic proficiency, she competed in the seven-event heptathlon.

She was also known to be a natural in boxing, so she took up the sport and began competing.

While attending university, Lisa won numerous regional Golden Gloves titles.

Due to her incredible success, she decided to take her skill to the professional level.


She loved the sport, so in 1998, she was registered as a professional boxer.

Lisa had two goals in mind: being the best and promoting the national interest in women’s boxing.

Lisa competed in the Orleans in Las Vegas on June 19th, 1998.

She won her professional women’s boxer debut with a unanimous (40-36, 40-35, 40-36) four-round.

Aside from this being her first pro win, making it more compelling to her was that she defeated veteran kickboxer Robyn Covino of Hollywood, California, who had been winning champions for years.

Only one week later, Lisa won a majority decision over Tina Bryan on June 27th, 1998, in Dallas, Texas.

By this point, she was catching the attention of scouts and boxing franchises due to her excellent fighting performance.

The following month, Lisa battled to a draw over four rounds with Vicki Woods.

Holewyne didn’t perform as well on this one, with Woods finishing with a 5-3-1. She didn’t let this deter her but instead had her working harder to reach her goal of being a master in the sport.

From here, she competed at the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Bingo and Casino in Worley.

Holewyne competed against Sarah Schmedding but lost.

Her competition won a close six-round majority decision for her. However, in the third round, Holewyne pushed hard to beat Schmedding, but Schmedding ultimately won the fight, which moved her record to 6-1 following the defeat.

While Holewyne began losing to some of her competitors, she was still doing well for a woman who was net as a pro boxer.

She competed in the Umpqua Grand Ballroom at the Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Resort in Canyonville on October 17th, 1998, to Vicky “Hurricane” Woods of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and once again, she was defeated.

Woods scored a six-round split (59-55, 59-55, 57-57) decision over.

That same year on December 17th, 1998, in Reseda, California, Holewyne won by TKO in her third round against Robyn Covino of Hollywood, California. This fight was a rematch of one they had earlier that year.

Things began to look better for Holewyne by 1999 as she began to hone her skill.

She began winning more matches and conquering new titles.

On January 29th, 1999, she attended a match at the Music Hall in Austin, Texas.

She fought a three-round bottle against Anissa Zamarron and Francesca Lupo of Italy for the vacant WIBF stray-weight title.

She also competed against Snodene Blakeney.

Lisa won her next match, which took place on March 20th, 1999, at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California. She competed in a four-round and won a unanimous 40-36 decision over Julie Birdsell of Woodland Hills, California.

First technical knockout

On May 7th, 1999, Holewyne won a fight against Randi Saenz via TKO, making it a significant accomplishment for her career.

Following this big win, she attended a match at the Paradise Casino in Yuma, Arizona, on November 20th, 1999, and won a four-round unanimous decision over Branda Drexel of Seguin, Texas.

This was only the beginning of her winning steak.

Holewyne attended her next match at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City against Jennifer McCartney of San Diego, California.

She won the second-round TKO bringing her record score higher. This win was followed by another one at the Music Hall in Austin, Texas, on February 25th, 2000, against Benda Bell Drexel.


She continued her winning streak until 2005, with a few losses in between.

Some of her final big wins took place in 2005.

On December 5th of that year, she attended a match at the San Manuel Indian Casino in Highland, California.

In the sixth round, she TKO’d Martha Orozco Deitchman of Thornton, Colorado.

Holewyne attended her next match at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan, on December 17th, 2005, and it was a packed stadium of over fans.

She competed against Mary Jo Sanders of Detroit.

Holewyne won a 10-round unanimous shutout decision over her competition, which took place in the card’s Main Event.

This was a significant win for her because it was the last competition she played in, and it attracted a packed stadium.

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International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame

Holewyne was inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHF) in 2019 and became one of 12 inductees that year.


Christy Martin and wife Lisa Holewyne


In 2017, Lisa Holewyne married Christy Martin, a former professional boxer. 

Lisa Holewyne – Net Worth

Holewyne earned most of her wealth from her career as a professional boxer.

In 2021, Lisa was featured in the documentary – “Untold: Deal with the Devil.”

Therefore, Lisa Holewyne has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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