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Matt Smith Net Worth | Biography

Matt Smith Net Worth – $10 million

What is Matt Smith’s net worth?


Matt Smith is a British actor who has played various roles on stage and in TV and film.

As well as portraying the eleventh Doctor Who, Smith has enjoyed success in his portrayal of Prince Phillip in The Crown and as Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon.

Given the high profile of many of his roles in the industry, Smith has amassed an impressive net worth as a result.

The Origin Story

Matt Smith was born in Northampton, England, on 28 October 1982.

He was a talented football player as a youngster, playing for Northampton Town, Nottingham Forest, and Leicester City, and his grandfather played for Notts County. 

He was forced to stop playing football due to a serious back injury, which inadvertently led him into acting.

His cousin, Leigh Killick, inspired Smith to join the National Youth Theatre after he stopped playing football, and his career took off from there. 


Smith has been in various high-profile relationships over the years, first dating Brazilian singer Mayana Moura from 2008-2009.

Following his split from Moura, Smith started dating fashion model Daisy Lowe, who he was with until 2014.

His next relationship was with actress Lily James, with who he was until 2019.

Matt Smith and girlfriend Lily James


Outside of acting, Smith loves football and is a supporter of English Championship team Blackburn Rovers; he also loves music, with Radiohead and Oasis among his favorite acts. 

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Matt Smith – Net Worth

So, how much is Matt Smith worth?

As a successful British actor, Matt Smith has accumulated most of his wealth as a result of his performances in various films, TV shows, and theatre productions throughout his career so far.

He is best known for his roles in Doctor Who and The Crown, but his career started on the stage. 

He joined the National Youth Theatre in London and starred in productions, including Murder in the Cathedral and The Master and Margarita.

Matt was in his final year of university when he was approached by a casting agent and landed his first professional job on stage.  

On the screen, Smith first appeared in the BBC adaptations of The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North.

Soon after, he portrayed Danny Foster in Party Animals, a role that led to several high-profile appraisals of his talents as an actor and proved formative in his career. 

In 2009, Smith landed a role in the British TV miniseries Moses Jones, where he portrayed Dan Twentyman in three episodes.


His performance did enough to persuade BBC casting directors that he would be the perfect fit for season eleven of Doctor Who, one of the most popular shows on British TV, where Smith was cast as the titular character. 

Reflecting on the immense popularity of the show and its fans, Smith said:

“At first, they (the fans) hated me because David (Tenant) was so popular, and they were like, Don’t break Doctor Who and everyone hated me. But then, eventually, I hope that they’ve now accepted me. The great thing about that show is that they love or they hate their Doctor, so everyone has their Doctor.”

After Doctor Who, Smith was cast in Netflix’s popular period drama The Crown, playing the role of a young Prince Phillip.

He actually met Prince William before the show aired, and the Prince congratulated him on playing the role of Philip, saying that he was a legend for doing so. 

Smith followed his success in two of the most-loved British TV series of the age with appearances in several movies, including Mapplethorpe, Patient Zero, and Official Secrets.

He also appeared in a 2021 music video entitled Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: We’re on Our Way.

This was a big deal for Smith, as he has referred to Oasis as being “the greatest rock and roll band in the world.”

In 2022, Smith was cast as Prince Daemon Targaryen in the prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon.

Talking about the incredible opportunity, Smith recalled:


“It’s an interesting, dark, and disturbed part to play and putting on a blonde wig, flying some dragons, and getting involved in some sword fights was all part of the allure.” 

Following his appearances in House of the Dragon, Smith performed in Morbius and Starve Acre, further adding to his impressive TV and film credits that have seen him boast a huge range of roles throughout his career. 

Smith bought his first house in 2010 for £775k.

Therefore, actor Matt Smith has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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