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Mike Amiri Net Worth $10 Million

What Is Mike Amiri’s Net Worth?

Mike Amiri is an American-Iranian fashion designer, founder, and creative director of the luxury brand, AMIRI who has net worth of $10 million.

He is recognized for his fashionable hand-made distressed denim jeans, leather jackets, grungy flannel shirting, and graphic tee’s.

His career in the fashion industry kickstarted when he began handcrafting stage pieces for rockers such as Steven Tyle of Aerosmith and Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses.

Mike is also recognized for his ability to create a luxury designer brand in a few years, in his home, with little support and no formal training.

The Origin Story

He was born September 6, 1976, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, to parents of Iranian heritage. 

Mike has one brother but manages to keep his family life private and away from the spotlight.

As a kid, Amiri was a big fan of DJ Premier.

who is amiri's wife

Shirin Amiri and Mike Amiri attend the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards – @Getty

Amiri attended Beverly Hills High School, and upon graduating, he enrolled at Santa Monica Community College, eventually transferring to the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA).

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree, he enrolled at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, graduating with a Law Degree. He stated that the only reason he attended law school was to make his parents proud.


Mike Amiri married his long-term girlfriend Shirin Amiri, and together they have three children. Not much is known about his wife.

Mike Amiri and wife Shirin

Mike Amiri, Shirin Amiri, and Kyle Kuzma – @Getty

Drunken Tiger

Prior to Mike’s debut entrance into the fashion industry, he was a musician.

Alongside his long-time friend, Mike produced music, co-wrote songs, and performed as part of the Korean hip-hop group Drunken Tiger between 2000 and 2002.

The band’s genre was new to the Korean music scene, and due to its surging popularity, Mike and the band members are considered the co-founders of the musical subgenre Korean hip hop, also known as K-hip hip.

Drunken Tiger was one of the first bands on the hip-hop scene and instantly became a commercial success. 

While this was a short-lived chapter from his past, Mike currently clothes members of the mega-successful Korean K-pop band, BTS.

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Fashion Career

what is the net worth of Mike Amiri


2013 was the year Mike changed the trajectory of his life.

In his spare time, he began designing and constructing high-quality distressed denim jackets with a rock n’ roll aesthetic look.

Mike revealed the finished product to a few of his stylist friends, and they instantly fell in love.

This may have been the best decision he made in his fashion career because, at the time, the stylists worked for Steven Tyler, Usher, and Guns N’ Roses, so they were the first celebrities to wear and ultimately showcase AMIRI.

As a result of the surprising celebrity response and demand, Mike decided to take fashion design more seriously. 

The Road to Stardom

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Mike Amiri, Shirin Amiri, and Lil Durk – @Getty

In 2013, he and a few of his friends rented a basement design studio under a Thai restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Mike spent all his time crafting his first Capsule collection, which would ultimately be the inception of AMIRI.

In 2014, Mike was ready to showcase his first collection.

He contacted the buyers for Maxfield, one of the most prestigious boutiques in America and a celebrity favorite.

The buyers were so impressed with his first collection that they agreed to stock it and showcase it in their Los Angeles store.

They took on the role of marketing the launch of AMIRI, an eponymous luxury brand.

Unbeknownst to Mike, his menswear collection would be a tremendous success.

Maxfield would go on to regularly stock future AMIRI collections, and items would frequently sell out.

To meet the sudden increase in demand, he expanded the collection to include womenswear, footwear, and accessories.

In 2015, AMIRI was proliferating in popularity and ultimately became a widespread mainstream fashion brand.

Mike could no longer satisfy the demands of his small team; therefore, he moved into a larger space and hired more employees.  

To maintain the brand’s authenticity, Mike decided to keep the production in LA, where he could oversee design and manufacturing, instead of outsourcing overseas as many large brands do.

Mike Amiri Net Worth


This decision, although difficult, catapulted his brand to earn the reputation of high quality and exclusivity.

Everything is hand-stitched, and one item can take up to three months from start to finish.

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In 2017, Maxfield hosted a pop-up exhibition for AMIRI and sold over $275,000 worth of products in only three hours.

In 2018, the brand brought in over $40 million in revenue, which is projected to continue growing as the brand gains global recognition. 

That same year, Mike became a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) shortly after being nominated for the prestigious Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent at the CFDA Fashion Awards. 

He was also honored with the Emerging Talent Award at the Footwear News Achievement Awards.

In 2019, Mike was nominated for the  Menswear Designer of the Year at the CFDA Fashion Awards. 

He has since been recognized and labeled as one of the most promising designers in the entire fashion industry.

The peak of a fashion brand’s success can be measured by which department stores sell their items.

For AMIRI, the brand has indeed reached the pinnacle of success, considering it is shelved and sold in some of the most luxurious retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London, and Joyce in Hong Kong.

In a short period, Mike evolved from making jean jackets for fun in his home to running a team of employees in his 25,000 square foot studio in Los Angeles.

mike amiri clothing owner net worth

Mike Amiri and Dixie D’Amelio – @Getty

Net Worth

So, how much is Mike Amiri worth? Mike earned most of his wealth through the success of the AMIRI brand. The brand earned a whopping $40 million in 2018. Atlanta saw the opening of Amiri’s first store in October 2022. In December 2022, Amiri opened a store in The Dubai Mall. Therefore, Mike Amiri has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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