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What Happened To RaccoonEggs? Face Reveal

What happened to RaccoonEggs? And, what is RaccoonEggs’ net worth?


RaccoonEggs (real name – Ezra) is an American YouTuber and comedic gaming commentator.

He is best known for commentating on the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among many others.

Most of his content and commentary are recorded while he wears a raccoon mask, hiding his identity keeping his viewers in suspense while adding an element of uniqueness.

The Origin Story

Ezra was born on January 10, 2000, in the USA.

As a child, he always envisioned working as a digital creator and needed to find a way into the online industry.

His chances were relatively high, considering YouTube’s early stages and lack of saturation.

He took his aspirations seriously while attending high school, learning everything he needed before going live with his social media accounts.


After pondering his niche in the digital space, he settled on creating online gaming commentary with a hint of comedy via YouTube and Twitch.

On August 7, 2015, his channel, “RaccoonEggs,” went live.

His first video, MLG RACCOONS, was uploaded on January 27, 2016, a brief 36-second clip of an unknown man feeding raccoons.

While the introduction video is unusual at best, it still managed to garner attention and has acquired over 200,000 views. He often explains that the name of his channel is due to a longrunning joke between him and his friends but has not gone into detail.

His channel was not initially centered around gaming commentary; in fact, he would regularly upload entertaining and funny content, which seemed to turn around a growing audience.

He quickly noticed his subscriber number growing, indicating he had what it takes to build a career as a content creator.

At the time of writing, his channel has over 70 videos, with a few videos doing exceptionally better than others.

Second Channel

On February 2, 2018, he came up with his second YouTube channel named ‘RaccoonEggstra.’

The channel was only active for two years and had four active videos.

As of October 6, 2019, it has been inactive. It appears that he was using it for the same type of content.

RaccoonEggs – Face Reveal

RaccoonEggs was known for hiding his face under a raccoon mask while filming for the first few years of commentary.

While this practice makes it difficult to build a relationship with followers, it didn’t seem to impede the growth of his online brand.

On July 8, 2018, he uploaded the 7-second video, ‘500K (face reveal)‘, where he briefly removed his mask, exposing his real identity.

To date, the video has over 7.78 million views and over 32K comments.

What happened to RaccoonEggs?

Despite this channel’s constant growth and success, it’s currently inactive.

“MAKING FRIENDS IN RUST,” uploaded on August 9, 2019, was the last video he uploaded. It now has over 3 million views.

There is no available information regarding his plans to reactivate his account or his future plans.

One of the most suitable mediums to become a digital gaming commentary is Twitch, so his next move was to create an account on the platform.

He named his Twitch account “RaccLive,” and it went live not too long after his YouTube channel.

He initially used it to stream his gaming sessions and occasionally add his commentary. 

Most of his streams on Twitch revolve around the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Through this commentary, he built a substantial following, primarily due to the hype of the game’s popularity.

To date, RaccoonEggs has over 113K followers and counting.

He briefly disappeared and stopped uploading videos in 2019, to which his viewers grew concerned.

So much so that he felt compelled to discuss his absence on the account’s “About” page.

​​I had a long battle with lack of motivation and health issues that forced me to relocate houses several times in the span of a few years.” He went on to explain, “My health isn’t ideal, but it’s getting better; I have to go through a long ‘detoxing’ process to fully get rid of symptoms, but once that’s done, I’m hoping to pick up the YouTube channel where I left off. Until then, I’m gonna try to take it easy and stick to streaming.”

Aside from his presence on YouTube and Twitch, he was never fond of utilizing Instagram to promote his brand, but he decided to do so despite his thoughts about the platform.

He wanted to ensure online trolls wouldn’t create an account to impersonate him and wanted complete control over his brand. His account “Crackoon” was created in 2018 but is inactive. It has over 64K followers but no posts.

Furthermore, he is an active member on Discord under the account “Raccoon Den” with over 71K connections.

He is also an active Twitter user, where he posts updates of his gaming commentary in addition to funny or borderline controversial tweets. He goes by the Twitter account name “Racc@RaccoonEggs” with a following of over 400K.

Currently, RaccoonEggs is most active on preferred platforms, leaving many other accounts inactive and in the dark.


He used to co-host with King, CallMeCarson, and The Narrator, a podcast, named ”Solitairey Confinement.”

RaccoonEggs sporadically hosts another podcast, named – ”The Homie Talk Podcast.”

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”The best way to make friends is to express yourself in a way that will attract people with common interests, like faking a heart attack in a senior care home.”

”Nobody is being their honest selves on the internet, take everything you read with an entire salt shaker.”

”A peppermint is like the founding of America because the red eventually washes out until it’s just white.”

”The best way to make friends is to express yourself in a way that will attract people with common interests.”

”Really happy paraplegics are good conductors of electricity because they’re positive in the head and negative in the legs.”

”I woke up to the sound of my neighbors mowing their lawn and immediately thought there were bees in the walls.”

”What’s the point of sunglasses if you can just rub sunscreen on your eyeballs.”


He said about the reason he picked the name RaccoonEggs:

”I had a long-running inside joke with a group of friends that raccoons laid eggs, which I decided to name my channel after.”

Net Worth

So, how much is RaccoonEggs worth? Ezra earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channels (over $550,000 before taxes). Therefore, RaccoonEggs has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

In addition, he made some money from streaming on Twitch.

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