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Ric Edelman is an American financial advisor with over three decades of experience. He is the founder of Edelman Financial Engines.

 Charles “Chip” Roame, the managing partner at Tiburon Strategic Partners, said about Edelman:

“Ric Edelman is one of the most successful financial advisors as a businessman.”


He was born on May 28, 1958.

In 1980, Ric graduated cum laude in communications from Glassboro State College (a public research university in New Jersey), now Rowan University. In 1999. Edelman received an honorary doctorate from the university.

In December 2012, Edelman graduated from the Executive Program at Singularity University.

Edelman Financial

In 1987, Ric and his wife Jean launched Edelman Financial Services, a financial advisory firm that currently has offices in Dallas, Orange County, New York, and the Washington D.C. metro areas.

According to their website:

”We believe that by putting our clients first, explaining complex financial topics in easy to understand language, and helping those in need, we can achieve that goal.”

Their bio also states:

“Our mission is to make professional financial advice and investment services accessible to everyone.”

As a registered investment advisory firm, EFS acts as a fiduciary. This actually means that its advisors put your financial interest before their own.

In 2018, his company merged with Financial Engines. This resulted in a new company, called – ”Edelman Financial Engines.” Ric took up the position as chairman of financial education and client experience. He also has a position on the Board.

During an interview, Edelman explained the reason for creating the company:

“You’re faced with financial decisions every day – how to earn it, save it, spend it, and share it. But most Americans have not been shown how; as a result, many families are struggling financially.”

Edelman went on to say:

”That’s why my wife Jean and I founded Edelman Financial Services in 1987 – to help people take control of their personal finances, and their financial future.”

Radio Show

On April 22, 2011, he started the radio show called – ”The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman.” 

Later, the show has been acquired for broadcast by Bright Lights Media in Southeast Asia.

In 2012, it was ranked #2 as the most important weekend-only talk-radio show in the United States by TALKERS magazine.

During the show, he covers a wide range of personal finance topics, including:

  • managing your investments;
  • deciding if you need insurance;
  • taxes;
  • participating in your workplace retirement plan;
  • creating wills and trusts;
  • maximizing your Social Security benefits;
  • handling your mortgage;
  • planning for college and retirement.

It has over 1 million listeners every week. There are 3 seasons of the show that were produced by 3 Roads Communications.

RIA Digital Asset Council

Edelman also started the RIA Digital Asset Council, a company that is dedicated to advancing the RIA community’s understanding, knowledge, and awareness, of digital and blockchain assets.

He said:

”I created the RIA Digital Assets Council, to provide a platform that offers advisors the education they need in this space.”


Ric started his channel on July 16, 2009. It has over 5.480 subscribers.


He has published ten books on personal finance. His books have educated countless people worldwide and have been translated into a few languages.

Here is the list of his books:

  • 2001 – Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth;
  • 2001 – What You Need to Do Now;
  • 2003 – Discover the Wealth Within You;
  • 2007 – The Lies About Money;
  • 2009 – Rescue Your Money;
  • 2010 – The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman;
  • 2014 – The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs;
  • 2017 – The Truth About Your Future;
  • 2018 – The Squirrel Manifesto.

Note – his latest book, The Squirrel Manifesto, is his first children’s book, which teaches kids the value of giving to charity, saving for the future, and spending money.


Ric Edelman is married to Jean Edelman.


”In our firm’s practice, we’re not yet actively recommending that our clients own digital assets.”

“You’re investing in yourself, and that’s the best stock that you can buy right now.”

”The biggest challenge is the lack of a level playing field. As a fiduciary, everything we do is in each client’s best interests.”

”I know it can work and I know it’s a good idea for all Americans to have those private retirement savings.”

”Someone in their 20s who is starting out in their career, single, no children, not a homeowner, has very little money to invest.”

”Advisors have a responsibility to do the job for the clients they do in every other aspect of personal finance: provide advice that’s in the client’s best interest.”


In 2007, Edelman was inducted into the Rowan Public Relations Student Society Hall of Fame.

He taught personal finance at Georgetown University for about 9 years.

In October 2016, Ric Edelman and his wife donated $25 million to fund an XPRIZE competition that is seeking new approaches to curing Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive brain disorder that destroys thinking skills and memory.

After the donation, Ric declared:

“Jean and I are honored to offer this vital funding to encourage innovative approaches to defeat Alzheimer’s.”

In 2004, he was inducted into Research magazine’s Financial Advisor Hall of Fame.

In 2019, Edelman was named among the top 100 radio talk shows hosts by TALKERS magazine.

In 2012, RIABiz.com named Ric one of the 10 most influential figures in the investment advisory field.

In 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2018, Ric was ranked the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in the US.

Ric Edelman – Net Worth

Edelman earned most of his wealth from hosting a weekly personal finance talk radio show called The Ric Edelman Show as well as being the co-founder and the chairman of Edelman Financial Services, LLC.

Currently, his company has over 44 offices and more than 300 financial advisors. In addition, the company has over $25 billion in assets. Also, it serves over 1.2 million Americans.

Moreover, Ric is the author of 10 personal finance books that have over 1.1 million copies collectively in print. In 2016, Ric and his wife donated $25 million. Therefore, Ric Edelman has an estimated net worth of $158 million.



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