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Miguel Mawad Net Worth & Wife

Miguel Mawad Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Miguel Mawad’s net worth? Is Miguel Mawad married?


Hailing from Venezuela, Miguel Mawad is a well-known entrepreneur and business mind from South America.

Mawad has made his name online for various reasons, but he is well-known because his personal life has become a commonly discussed topic.

Born sometime in 1982 (the date is not exact), Mawad is an entrepreneur who has made money in various ways.

He has a long and successful business career and has done well to build a future for himself and his family.

Born to their father, Romeo, and his mother, Jespa, Miguel grew up in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

From there, he has made a name for himself by making smart investments and taking opportunities when they appear.

Mawad studied at the Universidad Metropolitana for Administration, enrolling there in 1999 and studying until he passed his course in 2003. This set him up for his future business career.

As his name might imply, Mawad is a Muslim, as many of his family hail from Arabian backgrounds.

He has retained his Islamic faith and is believed to be very strongly linked to the faith.

How Did He Grow Up?

Miguel Mawad Net Worth

Miguel and Mariana Mawad attend VAULT Art Basel Party 2013 at Vault on December 2, 2013 in Miami Beach – @Getty

As mentioned above, he grew up under his parents, Romeo and Jespa.

His father inspired Miguel, as Romeo was a successful businessman in his own right.

This meant that he also developed a pretty solid fortune, giving him the chance to give his family a lavish and enjoyable lifestyle.

Clearly, this impacted Miguel as he grew up with the same ambition to do more!

It is known that Miguel saw his father do well in the business world and learned from his skill set.

Today, Miguel has enjoyed a lot of success in the world of business simply by being persistent, creative, and confident.

While it would likely be that he got some help from his father in the early days, it would appear that much of Miguel’s success is from his hard work and desire to succeed in life.

Having seen his father succeed so much, it is no surprise that Miguel has had that same burning desire to achieve great success, no matter the challenges or controversies it might create.

What Does Mawad Do?

Many assume that Mawad has made his money through some form of investment. However, he has worked within the banking world, working with Banco Federal and joining BOD in 2008.

He worked for BOD for two years before transferring over to MG, working as an analyst for MG since 2011.

This has helped Mawad further his world success and ensured that he has a strong, successful career behind him.

Mawad gets much of his business nous and knowledge from his father, a successful businessman.

The main reason people know who Miguel is, though, is that he’s such a lavish individual.

He has no problem showing the world his lavish and out-there lifestyle and is not shy about showing off his extravagance.

This also extends to his dating life, where Mawad has no problem telling the world about his girlfriends and love life.

One of the main reasons Miguel is so well-known is his ability to solve problems.

Those who have worked with him in the past say he comes in and resolves issues that others have argued about for a long time.

He is forthright, honest, and willing to put himself out there to solve problems, no matter how complicated or weird they might be.


One of the most prominent aspects of Mawad’s life is his dating history.

He has been involved with two high-profile names: Aleska Castellanos and Gaby Espino.

Aleska Castellanos

Aleska Castellanos attends The 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 16, 2017 in Las Vegas – @Getty

Castellanos is a successful and well-known model, and Espino is an actress.

Both relationships were fairly high profile, so he has become pretty well-known in high-profile celebrity dating.

For many, the most notable aspect of Mawad’s is his high-profile dating life.

At one point, too, he was married: Mawad was married to Mariana Bakhos, with whom he shares two children. However, they divorced, and he eventually started to date the abovementioned duo.

Miguel and Espino finally broke up, with Mawad causing some controversy due to his stances on the political situation in Venezuela at the time.

Eventually, though, Mawad got back together with a previous old flame – Castellanos.

He got back together with her and finally proposed to her, and the couple is now living successfully in Miami, Florida.

They both tend to turn up at red-carpet events together, such as the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

However, like many aspects of Miguel’s life, the status of his current relationship is uncertain. Some rumors online have stated that he is no longer with anyone. Many aspects of his life are uncertain, making him quite an enigma.

Miguel Mawad – Net Worth

So, how much is Miguel Mawad worth? Miguel Mawad is believed to have a net worth of around $1.5m, though this is often an estimate because nobody knows. Mawad keeps himself to himself and does not habitually tell the world his secrets.

As such, precious little is known about his actual financial situation. We know that Mawad has successfully been involved in the business world for many years.

Other estimates place his net worth at something in the region of $300,000, but there is no real way of knowing how much Miguel Mawad is worth. It would be fair to say that Mawad has built quite a happy lifestyle, enjoying a jet-setting experience.

At the same time, he sets up deals as an entrepreneur and enjoys spending time with his cadre of interesting, beautiful partners.

Other sources claim that his net worth far exceeds the above, though, with an estimated earning potential per annum of around $250k – nobody knows for sure, but it is pretty clear that Miguel Mawad is successful.

However, most of his ‘fame’ comes from his high-profile relationships, and his ‘fortune’ definitely comes from making smart moves as a business analyst and entrepreneur.

Most people know him from his high-profile relationships, jet-set lifestyle, and ability to be in the right place at the right time.

For the most part, though, Miguel Mawad is a pretty well-hidden individual.

He would want us to see what he shows us in his social media posts and through the media.

And what the world sees is a deeply personable and interesting person who seems to have a penchant for being visible in public whilst being effective in the business world.


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