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Where Is Mason Jenkins Today?

Where is Mason Jenkins now?

Short answerMason Jenkins is currently serving his prison sentence, as per the information available. He was convicted of murder in 2001 and sentenced with no chance of parole for nearly three decades. Despite this, in 2019, he was granted temporary absences under escort for specific reasons, such as attending the interment of his father’s ashes.


In North America, it is common for people who end up on TV to become mini-stars in their own way.

Whether it is someone who has done charitable work or has committed a heinous act, people across America and Canada tend to be curious about what happens to these stars once their five minutes of ‘fame’ – or infamy – has been used up.

With that in mind, do you remember the 2010 Canadian documentary Life with Murder?

The documentary film, which John Kastner directed, followed the story of a family that was living with murder in their lives.

The family was based in Chatham, Ontario, and was the Jenkins family.

Father Brian and mother Leslie had two children, Mason and Jennifer.

The family, though, was living with a horrible truth: that their son, Mason, had murdered their daughter, Jennifer.

The documentary gained much interest and traction, which is unsurprising given the unique subject matter.

How would a family cope knowing their children were involved in such an event?

How could there possibly be any reconciliation or connection after the fact?

The award-winning documentary got a lot of people talking and interested in the Jenkins family and the situation they found themselves in. However, with the documentary now over a decade old, many people are asking one thing: where is Mason Jenkins today?

Let’s look at the information available about Mason Jenkins and what happened in the aftermath of this wildly popular documentary.

Having become one of the most talked-about families in Canada after the documentary was released, what was the aftermath?

Where is Mason Jenkins now?


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Mason Jenkins is, of course, infamous for the murder of his sister.

His sister was shot three times in the hair and twice in the chest, killing her back in 1998. Mason was eventually convicted of the murder and was placed in the life sentence.

The documentary provided much information about how the family coped with the aftermath of such an incident.

Still, at the end of the documentary, there is often little detail about what happened to Mason Jenkins.

2014 Early Parole Hearing

In 2014, Jenkins decided that he would try to push for early parole.

He turned up to the Chatham-Kent parole hearing to try and work towards getting an early release.

His claim of constitutional invalidity was used to try and secure early parole despite being convicted of the killing of his sister.

The use of a faint hope clause was hoped to be applied to the case by his lawyer, Howard Krongold.

Jenkins, having been given a life sentence for what took place with his sister.

The sentencing took place in 2001, with a conviction of first-degree murder.

Given that he was given no chance of parole for 25 years as part of his life sentence, there was little expectation that early parole would be given.

It was eventually rejected.

2019 Escorted Release


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However, in 2019, he was given the chance to come out of prison very briefly to attend an event in remembrance of his father.

Jenkins was given a 30-hour absence to leave prison and attend the interment of his father’s ashes as well as a celebration of a life event.

Jenkins, 42 at the time, was allowed to participate in celebrating his father’s life.

It was believed that this would help with both reintegration, should he ever be released from prison, and it would also help with his sense of healing and bringing closure to his relationship with his father.

However, most information about this event and what occurred before and after has been redacted. We do know that Jenkins was permitted in 2019 to attend this event.

He had previously been released in 2016 to attend the funeral of his father, with minimal interaction with the public or the world at large.

This was not the only time he was allowed to leave prison; he also came out of prison in 2013 to attend the funeral of his grandmother.

Where is Mason Jenkins today?

As you might imagine, Mason Jenkins is still in prison. As per some rumors, he has not been released, and it is not likely that he will be released at this point. In previous attempts to secure a release, it was noted that while he was a “low to low-moderate” risk of re-offending, the brutal murder of his sister – deemed to be in cold blood and not in the heat of the moment – was enough to ensure he would not be given parole anytime soon.

Despite having some temporary exits from prison, Jenkins is still in prison and does not look likely to be given the chance to receive parole before his 25-year period is up.

That would be in 2026.

Rumors have appeared online, too, that Mason Jenkins has died – that does not appear to be true.

While updates on his current condition are few and far between, all mentions of Jenkins since his 2019 temporary release have been in the affirmative that he is still alive.

However, it is believed that the loss of his father and his actions in prison since his incarceration are likely to be contributing factors to determining whether or not Jenkins should ever be allowed to return to normal society.

At the moment, though, no decision has been made as it is unlikely that Jenkins will be given a parole hearing anytime before his 2026 parole date would be considered.

So, where is Mason Jenkins today?

As far as the public knows, he is still part of the prison system.

With early parole rejected and only temporary exits from prison allowed until now, it is unlikely that Jenkins will be released before his time comes for early parole consideration in 2026.

Some might believe that to be extreme, but this sentence was handed down.

Anyone interested in knowing more should watch the Life With Murder documentary; it breaks down the family’s challenges in forgiving their son for his actions and in moving on from the brutality of what happened, as it had major consequences on the family life they had led until that point.


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