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Why Did Jim Carrey Get Kicked Out Of Golden Globes?

Why was Jim Carrey escorted out of the Golden Globes?


Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty memorable moments at awards shows, sometimes memorable for the right reasons, and sometimes, well, not so much.

The 94th Academy Awards Oscars ceremony in 2022, for example, is not remembered for the movies and actors that picked up awards, but rather, for the moment that Will Smith jumped on stage and slapped Chris Rock in the face after Rock had made a joke about Will’s partner Jada.

It isn’t just the Oscars that have produced memorable moments, however, as the Golden Globes have also produced their fair share.

2020 saw Ricky Gervais relentlessly tear into the audience in a hilarious yet controversial fashion.

1999 saw Angelina Jolie cause a splash when she jumped into a swimming pool after her victory, while Jack Nicholson got people talking when he admitted to taking Valium to settle his nerves before the ceremony in 2003.

2019 however, produced one of the most hilarious moments when rubber-faced funnyman Jim Carrey was “kicked out” of the Golden Globes.Why was Jim Carrey escorted out of the Golden Globes

But why did Jim Carrey get kicked out of the Golden Globes?

What are the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globe Awards are typically held every January and are an annual ceremony that plays a key role in the film industry’s awards season, culminating in the Academy Awards ceremony.

Short Bio

jim carrey gets escorted from the golden globes


Jim Carrey is an actor that needs no introduction, yet for transparency purposes, we’re going to give him one anyway.

Jim Eugene Carrey is a Canadian-American comedian and actor known for his over-the-top, slapstick performances and comedy timing.

Jim Carrey is an actor who has enjoyed decades of success since he first rose to fame in the 1990s.

While Carrey has appeared in countless classics, he first rose to fame in 1994 in the comedy hit Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, along with The Mask, which was released later that year.

Following these two hits, it was clear that he had the makings of one of the most hilarious actors in all of Hollywood, and subsequently, he was paid $7 million by New Line Cinema to appear in the Farrelly Brothers’ Dumb and Dumber.

Dumb and Dumber, which was a bit more adult-orientated, proved to be a global smash hit, grossing over $250 million, as well as critical acclaim. To this day, it is still widely considered one of the most hilarious Hollywood movies ever created.

Jim Carrey 'steals show' at Golden Globes


In 1995, he appeared as The Riddler, in Batman Forever, as well as reprising his role as Ace Venture in the sequel to the original Ace Venture: When Nature Calls. Both these movies received mixed reviews, though they still performed very well financially.

In 1996, Jim became the first actor in history to be paid $20 million, when he appeared in ‘The Cable Guy. This movie was more of a satirical black comedy and had Carrey in a more subdued, and darker role. This did not go down well with critics or with audiences.

1997’s Liar Liar brought Carrey back into the limelight and was again a critical and financial success.

In 1998 however, Carrey took on a more serious role as Truman Burbank in the critically acclaimed The Truman Show. Critics praised his performance, and it even earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

He would appear in other hits such as Me, Myself, and Irene, as well as Man on the Moon, which earned him his second consecutive Golden Globe award.

As the years ticked by, he began to distance himself from comedy and take on more serious roles.

His career would slow down in the mid-2000s and 2010s until 2018, when he was cast as Doctor Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

why was jim carrey escorted from the grammys


The movie was released in 2020 and earned critical acclaim, with many claiming it may have been his best role yet.

He reprised his role for the sequel in 2022, which gave him his best opening weekend to date.

In 2022, Carrey announced that he was considering retiring from acting, though whether or not that is the case, still remains to be seen. “I have enough,” Jim Carrer says at the time. He added: “I’ve done enough. I am enough.”

Whatever he decides to do, he is still a living legend and one of the most hilarious actors in all of Hollywood.

Jim Carrey escorted out by security at the Golden Globes 2019


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Why was Jim Carrey kicked out of the Golden Globes?

So, with a resume as impressive as Jim’s, you might be wondering why he was “kicked out” of the Golden Globes. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it was just a skit for entertainment purposes.

Back in 2019 at the Golden Globes, Carrey sat in the ‘movie’ section during the opening of the awards show.

While there to promote his TV series ‘kidding,’ he technically should have sat in the ‘TV section’ of the crowd, rather than the movie section.

Hosts Andy Samberg of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and Sandra Oh of ‘Killing Eve’ spotted the actor in the crowd and awkwardly asked him to vacate the movie section and make his way to the TV section.

Needless to say, Jim’s response was hilarious.

‘You’re kidding, right?’ asked Jim incredulously, before pleading with the hosts to let him stay in the movie section as it had better seats.

He even brought up the fact that he would be in a new movie in 2020, for Sonic the Hedgehog.

jim carrey escorted golden globes


The hosts were having none of it, though, and asked him to vacate the area before security asked him to leave.

‘I’m going,’ said Jim ‘should I take my dinner too? I wouldn’t want to leave my DNA in the film section!’

The hosts were apologetic, though Carrey retorted that he couldn’t hear them.

‘I can’t hear you. I can see your lips moving, but there’s a delay. It takes a long time for the sound to get this far.’

He then finished the skit by putting two glasses up against his eyes to mimic binoculars.

The joke implies that the view from the TV section was so poor that he couldn’t see the stage properly.

Needless to say, fans loved this moment, and it showed, yet again, why Jim is such a beloved Hollywood icon.

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