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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth | Is the podcaster married?

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth – $30 million

What is Alexandra Cooper’s net worth? Is Alexandra Cooper married?


Alexandra Cooper is an American podcaster and vlogger who hosts the popular podcast ”Call Her Daddy.” 


She was born on August 21, 1994, in the USA.

Her dad played hockey at the University of Wisconsin.

Cooper has a brother named Grant and a sister named Kathryn.

Alexandra used to play soccer for her local team in Boston. In 2014, she won a Patriot League title.

In 2016, Cooper started to work as an on-air studio anchor at Dirty Water Media.

alex cooper net worth

Paris Hilton and Alexandra Cooper attend Spotify’s intimate evening of music and culture – @Getty

Call Her Daddy

Alexandra and Sofia Franklyn started the podcast ”Call Her Daddy” in 2018. During the podcast, the two mostly discuss dating and relationships.

Alexandra and Franklyn met by sharing an apartment together in New York City.

Their fanbase refers to the girls as The Founding Fathers.

Cooper edits the podcast. ”I take great pride in editing this show. When we first started, I never heard of a podcast, but I was vlogging, and I know that our Millennial generation, Gen Z, etc., we have a very short time span of attention, so we are like in five minutes were all bored,” she said in May 2020.

Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, the host of Call Her Daddy podcast

© Guliver / Getty Images

”So the goal was to essentially edit the Call Her Daddy podcast like a vlog, and so what we’ve never told anyone Sofia and I will record three hours worth of content, and then I will edit it down to about an hour.

I spend more time editing the show than we do writing and recording it. So, essential I have a second job, and to give you guys an idea, on a good day, the editing will take me about seven hours to 20 hours.”

About one month later, Barstool Sports bought the podcast. The girls received a three-year deal.

In 2020, a feud sparked between Alexandra and Sofia while renegotiating their contracts with Dave Portnoy — the founder of Barstool Sports.

Cooper and Franklyn received a $500,000 base salary, the Call Her Daddy intellectual property, and bonuses.

Sofia refused to accept the new deal, while Cooper said yes. ”Sofia did not take the deal — we had to move forward without her,” Alexandra said.

”I am so f#####g excited to get the show back on the air and continue to talk about the b### jobs and s###ty one-night stands,” Cooper said during her first solo episode.

Peter Nelson, Sofia’s boyfriend at the time, allegedly taught the girls to ask for more money from Barstool.

Cooper explained: ”He [Nelson] was telling us all about the industry-standard … you are making way below industry-standard. I still didn’t understand like what’s the number, what is industry-standard .. all we knew we were making significantly less than the industry standard.

So Peter put together a document for us, and he put together the term sheet that we were essentially going to renegotiate with send to Barstool.

I think it’s important to clarify also, like at this time, Peter wasn’t the only one telling us — hey, you’re getting really exploited by Barstool.”

Currently, Cooper runs the Call Her Daddy podcast alone, while Franklyn created her own podcast, called ”Sofia with an F.”

Starting in January 2021, the Call Her Daddy podcast has a new sponsor, Adam & Eve.

Also in January 2021, Cooper moved to Los Angeles.


In 2017, Alexandra Cooper dated a professional baseball pitcher for the New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard.

Alexandra Cooper with her boyfriend Noah Syndergaard

© Guliver / Getty Images

She said in an episode of Call Her Daddy that she’s also dating a Boston hockey player.

In early 2020, Alexandra announced that she is again dating her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t indicate which one.

Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan at the premiere of “XO, Kitty” held at the Netflix Tudum Theater – @Getty


Alexandra Cooper is in a relationship with Matt Kaplan. Cooper and Kaplan first met over Zoom during a business meeting. In 2023, Alex Cooper announced her engagement to Kaplan.

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”The answer is and will always be- block him.”

”No one can make u feel shit. You decide how ur gonna be.”

”Do you want him, or does he just buy you food.”

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Alexandra Cooper, wife of director Matt Kaplan


Alexandra Cooper – Net Worth

So, how much is Alex Cooper worth?  Cooper earned most of her wealth from hosting the podcast Call Her Daddy. Therefore, Alexandra Cooper has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

In 2018, Alexandra signed a three-year contract for $75,000 + bonuses.

”Our original contract was a three-year deal to make $75k each, and we were going to have a three-year contract, and the second year $85k and then the third year, a $100k,” Cooper explained.

”Three months into our first year, we got raises during Christmas. Then after the event at the Barstool Sports Christmas Party, Dave and Erica called me back in and gave me a raise for editing and doing all the social media and doing all the marketing.”

In 2020, Cooper’s base salary was increased to 500k. She also received the intellectual property for Call Her Daddy.

In June 2021, Cooper signed a $60m-plus deal with Spotify.

In June 2022, Alex bought a mansion in Studio City, California, for $10.7 million.

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