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Bonnie Rotten Net Worth 2024 | Real Name

Bonnie Rotten Net Worth – $2 million

What is Bonnie Rotten’s net worth? Also, what are Bonnie Rotten’s age and real name?


Bonnie Rotten (real name – Alaina Hicks) is an American model and adult film actress who is known for her edgy style and many tattoos.

In addition, she founded her own production company Mental Beauty, Inc.


She was born on May 9, 1993, in the USA.

Alaina is of Italian, Polish, German, and Jewish descent.

Hicks grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was raised by her grandparents.

She speaks fondly of the grandparents who raised her, saying:

“They did a great job.”

In 2012, she won the Ms. Dead Indiana Beauty Pageant at the Indianapolis Days of the Dead convention. In the same year, Alaina obtained breast implants.

bonnie rotten real name


In 2013, LA Weekly ranked her 5th on a list of potential actresses who could be “The Next Jenna Jameson.”

In 2013, she was won the Trophy Girl for AVN. During an interview, Hicks said:

”Being named Trophy Girl for AVN shows me that people in the industry are expanding their minds. It means so much to me to be recognized for my full potential.”

She later added:

”I got the most beautiful dress for AVN from Roberto Cavalli, lengthy, black, classy! I can’t wait to show it to everyone.”

Hicks appeared in the 2013 music video for the song ‘Kiss Land’ by The Weeknd.

In 2014, Alaina became the first #### star (tends to involve members of subcultures such as punks, emos, goths, scenes, ravers, or skaters and is frequently produced by independent and small filmmakers or websites) to win the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year.

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In the same year, she was featured in a music video (the video debuted on Vimeo) for the Los Angeles band Piece by Piece along with Terror drummer Nick Jett.

In September 2014, Alaina began a publicity tour that included visits to South Africa, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. She said the tour was to be:

“the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

In 2014, Hicks reprised the role of “Max Candy” in the #### remake of Cape Fear and cited Robert De Niro’s performance in the 1991 version as her inspiration for the role.

alaina hicks age


Alaina quoted:

“I really love Robert De Niro, and I thought this is a really great movie that he did, and he’s such a creep and so crazy in it.”

In 2014, Hicks was placed on CNBC’s list of “The Dirty Dozen: ####’s Most Popular Stars.”

In 2015, The Lee Network announced an exclusive agreement with Hicks to:

“bring her amazing feature dance talents to upscale gentlemen’s clubs across the country.”

In 2015, Draftster, the daily fantasy sports company, announced that it had signed Alaina to an “exclusive sponsorship and promotional deal.”

alaina hicks bio


Hicks said the deal was:

“a dream come true.”

In April 2015, she generated publicity in Manhattan by going topless on the subway and in Times Square, Washington Square Park.

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In 2014, Bonnie Rotten married Dennis DeSantis. They broke up in 2016.

Bonnie Rotten married Dennis DeSantis

Bonnie Rotten & Dennis DeSantis – @Getty

In June 2022, Bonnie Rotten married Jesse James — the founder of West Coast Choppers. Bonnie filed for divorce in December 2022. However, she called off the divorce after one day.


In May 2015, Hicks announced she was pregnant, giving birth to a baby girl later that year. In 2023, Bonnie Rotten welcomed a baby boy with husband Jesse James.

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”Balance is key in life.”

”Your subconscious shows you you’re deepest desires.”

”Feed your body, feed your mind, feed your soul.”


When asked whether she considers herself a feminist, Alaina responded:

”I think feminist is a very strong word. I’m very pro-woman and very pro-man, equality.”

She continued:

”I feel like feminists are more favoring women than men and I think that everybody should be equal.”

Hicks began stri##### on her 18th birthday using the stage name “Dixie.”

Before her a#### film career, Alaina worked as a model in car shows as well as an exotic dancer.

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Alaina has done at least 14 videos featured on

In October 2014, Digital Sports Innovation, a German-based company, announced the availability of Hicks figurines, ranging from 5 to 14 inches tall.

About the figurines, she said:

“I always dreamed I would have one, and now I have four.”

Hicks told one interviewer:

“I was very promiscuous up until the time I left Ohio. I was ####### everybody and having ### with all of my girlfriends, all that fun kind of stuff.”

In 2014, she filed a lawsuit against #####grapher Max Hardcore, alleging that Max had unlawfully made available to the public a scene the two had shot for the unreleased film ”#### Puppets 2.”

In 2013, she appeared with #####graphic actresses London Keyes and Asphyxia Noir in the music video for the song “Kiss Land” by The Weeknd.

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She has over 30 tattoos. In June 2013, Alaina said that her favorite tattoo was of Frank Sinatra on her leg.

In 2017, Hicks  opened a tattoo shop with Gentle Jay from ink masters called ”Bonnie Rotten’s Best Kept Secret.”

The shop was closed in early 2018.

bonnie rotten net worth


Bonnie Rotten – Net Worth – Alaina Hicks 2024

So, how mcuh is Bonnie Rotten worth? Rotten earned most of her wealth by appearing in over 225 movies. In addition to appearing in those movies, she launched her own production company in January 2014. Therefore, Bonnie Rotten has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Hicks directed almost 20 films, making her directorial debut with the film ”To the Core.” Furthermore, she owned a tattoo shop for one year.

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Friday 31st of March 2023

It's been a bucket list to meet and at least do something my days are numbered


Thursday 29th of December 2022

Being such a major influence she can use that platform for good


Thursday 17th of November 2022

Bonnie is a super intelligent woman. She's got her head screwed on right.

Marvin Melton

Friday 21st of October 2022

Someone using Bonnie's pictures is typing messages to me as I am typing this.

Jamie bias

Sunday 25th of December 2022

@Marvin Melton, same here someone is texting me saying it's Bonnie but using the name Karen Linda

Clayton Rice

Sunday 25th of September 2022

Alaina is one of the sweetest most beautiful ladies I've ever seen. She is my love forever