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Dan Gronkowski Net Worth, Wife, Height, and Weight

Dan Gronkowski Net Worth – $2 million

What is Dan Gronkowski’s net worth? How much does Dan Gronkowski weight? Who is Dan Gronkowski’s wife?


Daniel “Dan” Gronkowski is an American athlete and entrepreneur.

He is best known for his appearances as a tight end for the football teams the Detroit Lions, the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots, and the Cleveland Browns.

The Origin Story

Gronkowski was born to parents Gordon Gronkowski and Diane Waters in Amherst, New York, on January 21st, 1985.

Gronkowski and his four brothers – Gordie, Rob, Chris, and Glenn – have always been athletically inclined, with all five playing sports at college and going on to have professional athletics careers.

Dan Gronkowski weight

Gordie Gronkowski Jr, Dan Gronkowski, and Chris Gronkowski – @Getty

As a student at Williamsville High School, Gronkowski was involved in a great number of sports, including football, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball.

He played football as, variously, a quarterback and wide receiver.

During his time at Williamsville, he set several school records, including the largest number of receiving yards, the highest number of completed passes, and the most touchdowns.

After high school, Gronkowski attended Maryland University, where he studied for a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

He was an accomplished player during his time there; he made a career-best touchdown reception, and also earned the distinction of being the player with the highest GPA on the team.

Gronkowski was looking into pursuing an MBA following the completion of his degree; however, he ultimately decided to pursue a career in football instead.

NFL Career

Dan Gronkowski net worth

Dan Gronkowski #13 of the Maryland Terrapins poses for a photo with mascot Testudo – @Getty

Gronkowski was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL draft.

He signed a $1.21 million contract for three years with the team, and received an immediate signing bonus of $26,000. However, he was waived later that year and was relegated to the Lions’ practice squad.

Gronkowski made the main squad in December 2009 after a tight end on that squad was placed in injured reserves.

Gronkowski was not given long to distinguish himself; he was again waived and later signed a future reserve contract.

In early 2010, Gronkowski was traded to the Denver Broncos, where he enjoyed an uneventful year before signing with the New England Patriots. After playing two games with the NFL Titans, Gronkowski was waived once again.

Gronkowski then signed for the last team he’d play for professionally – the Cleveland Browns – in 2011. He stayed with the team for two years, eventually being released by them in 2013.

Post-NFL Career

Dan Gronkowski height

Dan Gronkowski, Gordon “Papa Gronk” Gronkowski, Glenn Gronkowski, Chris Gronkowski and Gordie Jr Gronkowski – @Getty

Following the end of his career with the NFL, Gronkowski joined the family fitness business “G&G Fitness.”

This presented him with a unique opportunity to marry his athletic know-how with the business nous he developed at Maryland University, and he quickly distinguished himself as an effective member of the team.

Gronkowski spends much of his time coming up with new marketing strategies and ideas for the family’s gym equipment.

He also travels to gyms throughout the US, where he advises on how to best make use of Gronk Fitness equipment.

Dan Gronkowski and wife Brittany M. Blujus

Dan Gronkowski attends ESPN The Magazine’s “NEXT” Event at Tad Gormley Stadium – @Getty


Dan Gronkowski married long-time girlfriend Brittany M. Blujus in an intimate ceremony in his hometown of Amherst, New York. The couple have four children together. “Happy 12th anniversary to my best friend,” Dan wrote on his Instagram in 2023. He added: “4 kids and counting. We make a great team.”

Dan’s smallest child is Wyatt Gordon Gronkowski, who was born in April 2022.


Dan Gronkowski is 1.96 m tall.


Dan Gronkowski weighs 116 kg.

Dan Gronkowski – Net Worth

So, how much is Dan Gronkowski worth? Gronkowski accrued most of his wealth from playing in the NFL as well as serving as the President of Gronk Fitness. Therefore, Dan Gronkowski has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


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