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Gordie Gronkowski Jr Net Worth | Height

Gordie Gronkowski Jr Net Worth – $2 million

What is Gordie Gronkowski Jr’s net worth? How tall is Gordie Gronkowski Jr?


Gordon “Gordie” Gronkowski, Jr. is an American baseball player, athlete, and entrepreneur.

He is best known as the eldest child of the Gronkowski family and as the manager of the ‘Gronk Fitness’ company.

The Origin Story

Gronkowski was born in Buffalo, New York, on June 26th, 1983.

He is the eldest child of Gordon Gronkowski, Sr. and Diane Gronkowski Waters.

Gronkowski is the eldest of five sons.

His brothers are Dan, Chris, Rob, and Glenn.

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Dan Gronkowski, Gordon “Papa Gronk” Gronkowski, Glenn Gronkowski, Chris Gronkowski and Gordie Jr Gronkowski – @Getty

The only thing in our family room were couches … if there was anything else, we’d probably use it as a weapon, and we pretty much did use it as a weapon,” Gordon told the host of Pickler and Ben about growing up with his brothers.

All of the Gronkowski children have gone on to become professional athletes at some point in their lives.

Gronkowski was not particularly interested in sports at a young age. However, his younger brother Dan’s interest in sports meant that the competitive Gronkowski began to get involved out of a sense of friendly rivalry, and he soon became an avid athlete himself.

Gronkowski and his brothers were strongly encouraged by their father to pursue athletic excellence.

Gordon Sr. had played football for Syracuse himself, and he saw his own physicality reflected in that of his five boys.

Gordon Sr. was diligent in instilling a sense of personal responsibility and drive to fitness in each of his sons.

This saw all of them perform magnificently both on the field and off, and he fostered a healthy sense of competition between the boys.

It really came down to the fact that all day, every day, we were competing,” Gordie explained in an Instagram post in June 2023. He added: “And we still are.”

College Years And Early Career

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Gordie Gronkowski Jr, Dan Gronkowski, and Chris Gronkowski – @Getty

After graduating from Williamsville North High School, Gronkowski attended Jacksonville University, Florida.

He attended on an athletic scholarship, and during his time at the university, he played freshman baseball as a first and third baseman.

During his time at Jacksonville, Gronkowski distinguished himself with an excellent record.

He managed 6 home runs, 53 hits in total, and 20 runs batted in. This record would only continue to improve throughout his baseball career.

In 2006, after graduating from Jacksonville University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Gronkowski entered the world of professional baseball.

In 2006, the LA Angels of Anaheim drafted him, and he played for the team for two years.

Following this, he enjoyed a brief stint in the Frontier League for Southern Illinois, and was also in the Canadian-American League for a time.

Gronkowski retired from professional baseball in September 2012.

He had played for six years and four months.

Later Career

Gronkowski took his athletic know-how and applied it to the fitness equipment industry.

He became general manager at G&G Fitness Equipment, and then became co-owner of G&G Fitness and Gronk Fitness Products, a company based in the Greater Boston Area.

In 2020, Gronkowski further added to his resume by becoming co-founder of the fitness food and drink company Vue.  

To date, Gronkowski is still working at the company, and uses it to supplement his position at G&G Fitness, where he installs gyms all across the Greater Boston Area.

The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation

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Chris Gronkowski, Gordie Gronkowski Jr. and Rob Gronkowski pose at 2023 Gronk Beach – @Getty

The brothers also created the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation.

“It is dedicated to inspiring kids to help reach their maximum potential through sports and through education,” Gordie said in 2019.

Gronkowski Jr went on to say: “We started this foundation years ago, and we are so pumped and always be involved in the community to help out kids whether it’s getting great grades, whether it’s helping them get to the next level of sports, whether it’s helping them be a better teammate.”


No information has been publicly disclosed about Gordie Gronkowski Jr’s personal life, so it is not known if he is married or has any children.


Gordie Gronkowski Jr is about 6 ft 7 in (200 cm) tall. “Officially, I’ll take credit for being the tallest Gronk bro,” Gordie said during the podcast You Know I’m Right.

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Gordie Gronkowski Jr. and Rob Gronkowski – @Getty

Gordie Gronkowski Jr – Net Worth

So, how much is Gordie Gronkowski Jr worth? Gronkowski Jr earned most of his wealth from his career as a baseball player, co-owning Gronk Fitness Products, and co-founding VUE Drink–a functional healthy lifestyle brand. Therefore, Gordie Gronkowski Jr has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Gordie is occasionally sponsored via Instagram. One of Gronkowski Jr’s main sponsors is Cuts.


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