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David Axelrod Net Worth $10 Million

What Is David Axelrod’s Net Worth?

David Axelrod is a Democratic American political consultant who has a net worth of $10 million. He’s best known for being the driving force behind President Barrack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

His life has been a series of political campaigns where he did his best to bring each candidate he represented to their desired position.

David was born in Manhattan on February 22, 1955, but grew up nearby in Stuyvesant.

He lived in a liberal Jewish home with very educated and driven parents who influenced him to pursue his passion for helping others.

As you wouldn’t expect from someone who rose all the way to the top, David attended a public school.

This likely developed his passion for working-class families.

David described his early home life as very turbulent as his parents divorced when he was only eight years old.

His father was also dealing with depression that no one was aware of and ended up committing suicide just before David graduated from college.

Before his father’s suicide, David had already begun to have an interest in politics.

His earliest recorded interest was when he was thirteen.

David was very enthusiastic about Robert F. Kennedy’s election.

He went out to raise money for his election by selling buttons promoting his campaign.

This would not be the last campaign he assisted in.

what is the net worth of David Axelrod


He went on to study political science at the University of Chicago, where he met his wife.

His father committed suicide just before he graduated.

Little is known about how this impacted David, but we do know that he remained motivated to succeed.

Chicago Tribune

He started working for the Chicago Tribune immediately following his graduation and got married two years later.

Becoming known as their youngest political writer, David worked for the Chicago Tribune for eight years.

He enjoyed working there, but he left so that he can participate in Senator Paul Simon’s Campaign as his communications director.

His passion for the campaign resulted in him becoming a co-campaign manager within weeks.

Immediately following the campaign, David realized his passion and started the political consulting firm Axelrod and Associates.

This poised him to be in the position to help Harold Washington get re-elected as Chicago’s Mayor.

He simultaneously spearheaded Senator Paul Simon’s failed presidential bid.

David Axelrod Net Worth


Fortunately for David, he isn’t remembered for the failed campaign but for Harold Washington’s re-election.

Following this, David focused a lot of his efforts on helping the working families while working to end corporate tax breaks to fund education and healthcare.

His passion for these efforts gained him more attention from Democrat politicians.

Unfortunately for David, his next attempt at gaining a candidate for the presidency in 2004 resulted in another failure.

David attributed it to the candidate’s inability to “seal the deal.”

During this time, David became an adjunct professor at Northwestern University, where he taught Campaign Strategy, Analyzing Political Campaigns, and Their Strategies.

President Obama

Then the time came.

David connected with his first presidential candidate that would go on to win the election, Barrack Obama.

David really believed in President Obama and pulled out all the stops to ensure his victory.

Nothing was going to stop him.

President Obama’s win is largely attributed to David’s approach on the campaign trail.

With the internet becoming a large part of people’s lives, he focused heavily on short videos online depicting the president as “a man on the streets.”

This created a more personal relationship between the people and their future president.

After the election, he became President Obama’s senior advisor but stepped down in 2011 after he was heavily criticized for downplaying the housing crisis.

This didn’t stop him from being President Obama’s campaign manager for the next election, securing him the re-election.

After the elections were over, David established a bipartisan Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago, where he serves as director. In addition, he became CNN’s Senior Political Advisor. 

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David Axelrod married his wife, Susan Landau, in 1979, two years after they both graduated from college.

David Axelrod and wife Susan Landau


It doesn’t appear that David had any other love interests in his life aside from the possible short-term girlfriend in high school.

He has three kids, one of which has epilepsy that resulted in her being developmentally handicapped.

She was mainstreamed through school, but when she turned eighteen, David and his wife found her a group home where she could live out a normal active life.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is David Axelrod worth? Axelrod earned most of his wealth from his time as a political consultant. He also acquired a part of his small fortune from his other ventures. Therefore, American political consultant David Axelrod has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

David has authored several books, worked for CNN, was an adjunct professor, is director of the Bipartisan Institute of Politics, and has sold two homes, one for $1.65m and the other for $2.5m.

The Future

It is unclear what is next for David.

He doesn’t seem as if he is anywhere near ready to retire.

He actively participates in political discourse and is still close to many active politicians today.

It would not be too far out there of an idea to suggest that we may see him leading someone else to their desired elected office.

His idealism led him to start in the world of politics at thirteen and will drive him to continue well past the average age of retirement.

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