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Emily Mariko Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Who is Emily Mariko’s husband?


Being a big name in the world of social media must be exhausting.

For those with a few hundred thousand followers, the attention can become almost impossible to avoid.

For those with a few million? It must be suffocating.

Still, the life of a full-time social media star has many positives to counteract the massive amount of attention. One person who can give you a good glimpse into that is Emily Mariko.

Having worked in industries like the beauty industry with L’Oreal and then in social media with Facebook, Mariko became a ‘full-time’ social media personality several years ago.

In that time, she racked up millions of followers on YouTube and over twelve million on TikTok.

That level of attention brings a lot of fame and interest in her personal life, including whether or not there is an Emily Mariko husband. So, is the social media star married?

Yes, Mariko is married, and she has been married since the middle of 2023. Let’s look at who her husband is and the story behind their marriage.

Emily Mariko husband

Emily Mariko attends the Christian Dior Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 – @Getty

Is Emily Mariko Married? Yes, She Is!

Emily Mariko’s love story with Matt Rickard is a tale of romance and commitment. Emily Mariko and Matt Rickard, deeply in love, tied the knot on July 29th, 2023, after Matt’s heartfelt proposal in October 2021. Their wedding, a grand affair befitting their fame and success, was a testament to their love and the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

Mariko’s wedding was not just a personal event but a celebration for millions of social media followers.

Her use of her social media platform to share her wedding journey garnered immense attention and love from her fans.

The video capturing her big day has been viewed by millions, with over 7 million views pouring in within hours of its upload, a testament to the strong bond she shares with her followers.

Emily Mariko’s Husband, Matt Rickard


Who Is Emily Mariko’s Husband, Matt Rickard?

Matt Rickard, Emily Mariko’s husband, is a man of unique profession and character. Unlike his partner, he is not a social media influencer. Instead, he is a newsletter writer, a profession that sets him apart in the digital world. His work for startup firms and software companies and his daily newsletter website showcases his diverse skills and interests.

How Did Matt Rickard Meet Mariko?

There is no information about how the couple became an item. Often, influencers are keen to kiss and talk about every aspect of their lives – however, we have no idea how the happy couple met. We do know that they have been together for several years before they actually got engaged.

While many couples in their kind of world tend to be very ‘kiss and tell,’ we know precious little about how Mariko and Rickard came to be an item together.

With that in mind, it might be worth keeping an eye on how they have become with one another should the information ever be released.

If we ever get these details, we will be more than happy to post them up – but it looks like both members of this union are keen to keep the public out of their personal lives to an extensive level.

Given that they have been together for years and are now married, though, we can be pretty certain that this is about as plutonic and happy a marriage as you will find in the world of social media!

What Has Matt Rickard Done In The Past?

Having attended prestigious universities such as Stanford University and Columbia University, he has a lot of good ideas floating around in his head.

With degrees in mathematics and business, this is a very intelligent individual.

Rickard became ‘famous’ when he proposed to Mariko in 2021. However, this was not a flash wedding proposal; the couple had been together for about six years before the big ask.

However, Mariko has often done a great job ensuring that her personal life goes unnoticed outside of the stuff she wants to share. So, with that in mind, many long-term followers might not have even known she was engaged!

Before getting involved in his current business, Rickard worked for Google.

He worked previously as a software engineer for The Blackstone Group from around 2014 until 2016.

After that, he joined Google and stayed there until 2019, when he left.

Now, he has moved into his business industry and is creating interesting and fun newsletters that are well worth reading.

Was Emily’s Wedding Fancy?

You might expect someone with such a huge following to have an overly abundant wedding. However, watching the footage, we would say that is arguably an unfair expectation.

The video that was posted was not excessive.

They were married at the Wayfarers Chapel, which is in Racho Palos Verdes in California.

It has appeared in some big-name TV shows in the past, such as 2000s hit The OC – however, the wedding was, while luxurious, not over-the-top or excessive.

The videos and content posted by Mariko show a very beautiful ceremony and a lovely day had by all. However, it lacks that ‘look at me everyone!’ attention-seeking that we often see from celebrity weddings.

Instead, it was a beautiful-looking wedding that retained class and connection to the people involved instead of being glitzy for the sake of it.


Emily Mariko’s husband is a daily newsletter writer called Matt Rickard. They met years ago and have been married since 2023. In that time, Rickard has slowly but surely appeared in more of her social media content – not least the wedding videos that went viral with millions of views.

Rickard, though, is not an influencer himself and thus tends to keep himself to himself.

So, there is not much information about who he is outside of what you can find on his LinkedIn page.

While we are certain that Mariko and Rickard will eventually divulge a bit more about their lives as the years go on, at the moment, we only know that Rickard has a pretty interesting life history with a varied career and, now, a marriage to one of the most notable people within the influencing world!


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