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Jennelle Eliana Net Worth | Parents

Jennelle Eliana Net Worth – $300,000

What is Jennelle Eliana’s net worth?


Jennelle Eliana is an American YouTuber who has earned more than 2.45 million subscribers (she went from 0 to 1.5 million subscribers in 30 days).

Eliana skyrocketed to fame after she started to document her life on YouTube and Instagram, living and traveling in a 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with a ball python snake named – ”Alfredo.” 

She describes herself:

”I’m 20 years old and I’ve been living in this self-converted 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer Limited for some time now.”


Jennelle Eliana was born to an Ethiopian father and a Filipino mother, both immigrants who wanted to see their daughter succeed in the US.

At age 18, Jennelle moved out of her house in the middle of the night. She said:

“I actually moved out when I was 18, in the midst of the night.”

Eliana later added:


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”I had a very dysfunctional household.”

Jennelle attended college for a while; however, she decided to leave, as balancing school with work wasn’t feasible.

Currently, Eliana has a full-time job doing data entry for a company in California.

In August 2019, she decided to quit her day job to focus 100% on YouTube. 

Jennelle has lived in a 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer van for close to two years (from September 19, 2017).

According to her most recent YouTube video, Eliana spent a few months outfitting the van in her workplace’s parking lot so she could avoid paying high rent.

She said:

”I definitely think that if you’re toying with the idea [of living in a van], give it a shot.”

Eliana went on to say:

“For me, I find making those compromises worth it, because I just have so much more freedom.”

The van features a spacious home for her white ball python, expansive clothes storage, a working sink, and solar power.

The van itself was bought from Craigslist by an elderly couple who initially used the van to take their grandkids to Disneyland.

She wrote in a caption on her Instagram:


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A post shared by Jennelle Eliana (@jennelle.eliana)

“AMAZING price. The lovely elderly couple who sold it to me only used her to take their grandkids to Disneyland a couple times out of the year. It came fully stocked. Every button worked.”

Jennelle also wrote:

”They had the original Polaroid TV hooked up to a PlayStation. The motorized bed was still motorized. AC/heater was in tip-top shape and till this day I haven’t had any major mechanical issues. Her name was Dino before I had her painted blue.” 

Note – the 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer is a cheap van with some great features. The engine is right in front under the dash – this makes certain things easy to do in the way of maintenance and repairs for the van. In addition, the parts to fix things for this van are very cheap, making it cheap to work on.

Eliana said that she took one month off to travel and film YouTube videos.



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She created her YouTube channel on Apr 8, 2018. But, she posted her first video on June 26, 2019. Her first video was almost 30 minutes long.

Eliana wrote in the description of her channel:

”I made this channel to document my life living and traveling in a 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with my pet snake Alfredo. I hope to inspire you guys to get out there and do what makes you happy:)”

The YouTube viral sensation reached 400,000 subscribers in 4 days after her first video was published.

One commenter on YouTube wrote:

”400K subscribers 4 days seems a bit fantastic. But then again, I was only 2 minutes into her first video and hit the subscribe button. No arm twisting required.”

Subscriber Milestones


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  • she reached 1 million subscribers in one week and over 1.3 million subscribers in just three weeks:
  • Jennelle gained more than 1.5 million subscribers on 29 July 2019;
  • on 21 August 2019, Jennelle reached 1.76 million subscribers:
  • on 19 December 2019, she reached 2.25 million subscribers

She said:

“I feel like now that my platform is big, it does put a little bit of pressure on me to make content that is purposeful.”

At the time of writing, her channel has over 2.4 million subscribers.

She said:

“I have no words to express the gratitude that I feel at this moment, but to be honest, watching the rapid growth of my channel was a little overwhelming.”

Jennelle went on to say:

“I needed to take a step back from social media for my mental and physical health, because I was not prepared for this.”

Her most popular video is titled – ” HOW I SHOWER LIVING IN A VAN.” The video was published on July 11, 2019, and it has more than 13 million views.

During the video, Eliana explained that she sometimes looks for a socially acceptable open place where she can bathe; however, she prefers to bathe in a gym bathroom.

The channel’s second most popular video is named – ”VAN TOUR | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER lives VANLIFE with PET SNAKE!” The video has more than 7.5 million views, and it was published on June 26, 2019.

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She has more than 731,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has been chronicling her lifestyle for over two years.

Jennelle wrote in her Instagram account description:

”Hello I’m Jennelle, and I live in a van with my pet snake Alfredo!”

Important note – she had a substantial following on Instagram prior to her immense YouTube growth – around 189,000 followers.

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Some fans believe an anomaly in the algorithm, which suggests videos to users glitched and overserved Jennelle’s content to the masses. Some users are suggesting they never subscribed to her YouTube channel manually, but somehow they are subscribed.

During an interview, she said:

“There have been a lot of conspiracies that I have a whole team behind me, but I literally just film and edit on my phone.”

To create her videos, Eliana uses a microphone, a tripod, an iPhone, and the $29.99 LumaFusion app to edit her videos.

While she was visiting family recently, a stranger pulled into her parents’ driveway and asked for Jennelle. She said:

“Before that happened, my dad was just lecturing me because he doesn’t think I should drive my van anymore because people will recognize me.”

She said about her albino python:


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A post shared by Jennelle Eliana (@jennelle.eliana)

“From my understanding, Alfredo just eats, sleeps, and survives. When I hold him, he’s just tolerating me.”

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Jennelle Eliana – Net Worth

So, how much is Jennelle Eliana worth?

Eliana earned most of her money from having a full-time job doing data entry for a company in California and advertisements on her YouTube channel.

Currently, her channel has over 91 million views. She was accepted into the monetization program about three weeks after her first video was published. Therefore, her first 6 million views were not monetized. Hence, she earned about $300k from ads on YouTube.

In 2022, Jennelle bought a house.

She was sponsored by iHerb and Dell.

Therefore, Jennelle Eliana has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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