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Chef Roblé Ali Net Worth | Wife & Bio

What is Chef Roblé Ali’s net worth? Is Chef Roblé Ali married?


Roblé Ali is a celebrity chef who is a contributor to ABC’s The Chew. Ali also has a high-end catering company, named – ”Roblé & Co.” which has catered to the stars. But, Roblé is best known as the star of the Bravo documentary series titled – ”Chef Roblé & Co.” 


He was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, where his father (a Somalia native) met his mother (an African-American) in college.

Ali began cooking professionally at 15. He once said:

”The first thing that I got really good at was making breakfast sandwiches.”

After graduating from Poughkeepsie High School (the public high school in the city of Poughkeepsie), Ali attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park (an American private college and culinary school that specializes in pastry, baking, and culinary arts education, which is located in Hyde Park).

After college, Roblé continued to move to more important or responsible positions as he worked:

chef roble net worth

Chef Roble Ali attends the “Clique by Roble” fragrance launch event at The DL on December 7, 2013 in New York City – @Getty

  • alongside Chris Santos (a New York City chef and executive chef) on the opening of Stanton Social and as Chef de Cuisine of Restaurant Mojo;
  • at an elite New York catering company;
  • as the youngest sous chef ever at Abigail Kirsch.

He said:

”After culinary school, I was at Abigail Kirsch on and off for five years.”

Roblé went on to say:

”Chris Santos was the interim chef there, and when he left I went with him.”

At some point, Ali started his own catering business, named – Chef Roblé & Co. 

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Chef Roblé & Co.

what is the net worth of Chef Roblé


Chef Roblé & Co. is a reality television series that chronicles the life of Ali. The documentary series also details his attempt to launch a high-end catering company in NYC with Jasmine, his older sister. The series debuted on December 4, 2011, on Bravo.

In 2015, Ali opened his restaurant “Streets” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He did it to make his food more accessible to his community.


At the time of writing, Chef Roblé Ali is single. Also, Chef Roblé Ali is not married.


how old is chef roble

Sessilee Lopez and Chef Roble Ali attend the “Love In The City” New York Screening at Mondrian Soho on April 8, 2014 in New York City – @Getty

”I was a fan of Coke since I was a kid. It was part of my household. My Dad used to refer to Coke as ‘red can.'”

”Yes, you need money to start a business, but making an impact on the community has nothing to do with money.”

“I don’t like doing the same thing over, and over, and over. Every single day is different for me. I don’t have a routine. I hate routine.”

”I work on my feet a lot. I’m always moving around. If I’m not standing up cooking, I’m walking around New York City.”

”Brooklyn is like its own city. There is a great diversity of culture here.”

“Every time you go to a restaurant, it should be a great experience. The food should be on point.”

“If I’m ever cooking out, I like to make sure that there’s plenty of drinks.”

”I love the textures, the flavors, the smells, the visual of it.”

”I don’t have to go [to Manhattan] anymore. I can do basically everything I need to do in Brooklyn.”

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Chef Roblé net worth


He talked about his favorite cuisine:

“I don’t have one. I like so many different things that I can’t just pick one.”

Each year, on Thanksgiving Day, Ali drives a food truck through all 5 boroughs of NY to feed around 5000 hungry people in need.

His company has catered to celebrities like:

  • Rhianna;
  • President Barack Obama;
  • the Olsen Twins;
  • Leonardo DiCaprio;
  • Vanessa Williams;
  • John Legend;
  • Michael Jackson;
  • Jack Nicholson.

Roblé has worked at prestigious restaurants and catering companies, including:

  • Avenue;
  • Beauty & Essex;
  • Stanton Social.

Ali has received some unusual requests from clients, such as:

chef roblé wife

Chef Roble Ali visits NASDAQ MarketSite on July 16, 2013 in New York City – @Getty

  • catering a wedding for Chihuahuas;
  • an authentic medieval-era feast with trolls running around;
  • a live monkey to entertain at dinner.

During an interview, he said:

“I had one young lady who demanded that all the food at her birthday party be three colors: red, black or white. There go the herbs.”

Roblé went on to say:

”There goes a lot of vegetables. It was just ridiculous. I don’t play that anymore. I’m not going to anything that will negatively affect the quality of the food.”

Ali inherited his cooking amazing skills from Jesse Harris – his grandfather – a professional chef who cooked for President John F. Kennedy. 

He said:

“I definitely observed him cooking a lot, and he put the idea in my mind of, ‘Hey, a guy cooking professionally is cool.’”

In a different interview, he said about his grandfather:

”He has swag, you know. Dressed cool, drove a Cadillac. Me watching him cook, it just made cooking a cool thing to me.”

Roblé has appeared alongside hosts and celebrity chefs like:

He has appeared on numerous television programs, including:

roble ali girlfriend

Chef Roble Ali attends the “Infiltrator” Private Screening at Crosby Hotel on July 7, 2016 in New York City – @Getty

  • The Chew;
  • The Wendy Williams Show;
  • Watch What Happens: Live.

During a 2017 campaign that targeted novice foodies and gastronomy aficionados alike, Ali and chef Aarón Sánchez were the perfect pairings of Coca-Cola and the modern meal experience.

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Chef Roblé Ali – Net Worth

So, how much is Chef Roblé Ali worth?

Ali earned most of his wealth from founding his company, Chef Roblé & Co.

He opened a restaurant – Streets – in Brooklyn.

Additionally, he makes some money from starring in his reality documentary television series.

Therefore, Roblé Ali has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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