Katy Hearn – Net Worth, Biography, Husband, Age

Katy Hearn is an American social media personality and professional fitness trainer who has more than 1.82 million subscribers on Instagram.

Hearn is also a blogger who runs KatyHearnFit, a website that offers fitness and workout plans online. 


She was born on September 6, 1991, in Maryland, USA.

After she graduated from high school, Katy enrolled in the community college near her hometown in Maryland. However, with college came parties and drinking, as well as “awful, convenient food,” as Katy puts it.

Hearn slowly, but surely, began to gain weight.

When she was 21, Katy had a big birthday night out. She wore a tight dress that she loved very much.

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After getting back home from the party, Katy went through the pictures of the night and didn’t like what she saw. At that moment, Hearn decided to change her lifestyle for the better.

She started to be more careful about her nutrition as well as working out. Katy said:

”When I looked back on those pictures, I was like, ‘Eww.’ The only word that came to mind was: Gross. How on earth did I let myself get like this?”

In a different interview, she declared:

“My family didn’t care much about my workouts. They didn’t think it was exciting or cool.”

Hearn went on to say:

”None of my friends did too — they didn’t change. They kept on drinking, partying and eating bad food.” 

But, when she started her training regime, Katy was quite inexperienced and looked for advice online.

In her words:

”Honestly, there isn’t anything I wish I had known from the beginning. Knowing some things may have made things a little easier, but the journey has been amazing.”

Katy later added:

”Such a learning and mentally growing experience, so I’m kind of glad I started out a newbie! Tons of researching and YouTubing helped aid me along the way.”


She started her YouTube channel on July 24, 2013. Her channel currently has more than 97,000 subscribers.

Her most popular video is titled – ”LEG WORKOUT AT KATY HEARN GYM.” The video has more than 2.7 million views, and it was published on March 22, 2017.

Her second most popular video is called – ”GLUTE IMPLANTS, LIP FILLERS, BOTOX, RHINOPLASTY?!.” The video was published on July 8, 2016, and it has more than 207,000 views.

In October 2020, Hearn announced the debut of her first-ever women activewear line, stori. ”My biggest takeaway from launching this brand is to work through the sweat and the tears because, in the end, it’ll all be worth it,” she said.

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In 2015, Katy Hearn got engaged to Haydn Schneider.

The couple married at the end of 2016. 

Schneider is also an Instagram celebrity that has accumulated over 398k followers. On his Instagram account, he posts workout routines, physique shots, dog photos, and more. 

Haydn is also a fitness model and personal trainer.

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In August 2018, they welcomed their son, Axel.


”If you’re a male, aren’t my husband, aren’t related to me and aren’t 30+ years older than I am.. do not call me sweetie, honey, baby, etc.”

”I remember making my first photo comparison, my eyes filled with tears when I realized, I did it. I made sacrifices, worked hard, and it all has paid off.”

”If I can give you any piece of advice, it’s to work really freakin hard.”

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Katy was featured with other models and trainers, like a nutritionist, motivational speaker, life coach, and model Bella Falconi. Bella has over 3.8 million followers on Instagram. She started posting on Instagram in 2011.

Hearn has also featured on the YouTube channel – ”My Fitness Girls.” This YouTube channel contains videos about – gym workouts for women, gym workout training, gym machine workouts, weightlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, and fitness.

In addition, the channel features various motivational videos performed by fitness athletes and models.

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Katy Hearn – Net Worth

Hearn earns most of her money from posting paid posts on her Instagram account. Since its creation, Instagram has been one of the fastest (and most profitable) growing social media platforms. According to the data, people with 500,000 followers can receive $2,000 to $3,000 per post.

Katy has more than 1.8 million followers. For instance, Elma Beganovich (with 700,000 followers) said she charges brands up to $20,000 for a sponsored link.

Also, Katy has 2 fitness clubs – in Crosby and Wallasey. These locations are excellent for people who want to improve their fitness and lose weight.

According to her website, these are the fees to her gym:

  • 1-month membership – a one-time payment of $65;
  • 3-month membership – $55/month for 3 months and one time $50 enrollment fee;
  • 6-month membership – $45/month for 6 months and one time $50 enrollment fee;
  • 12-month membership – $35/month for 12 months and one time $50 enrollment fee.

Note – if you pay the entire membership upfront, you don’t have to pay the $50 enrollment fee.

Moreover, Hearn also sells supplements, gear, and meals on her website – katyhearnfit.com. She also has a Youtube channel. Therefore, Katy Hearn has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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