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Kristina Beard Net Worth | Sister (Jennifer)

Kristina Beard Net Worth – $1 million

What is Kristina Beard’s net worth? Also, what is Jennifer Beard’s net worth?


Anyone who follows true crime stories has likely heard of Celeste Beard Johnson—the Black Widow convicted of self-made millionaire Steven Beard’s 1999 murder.

Her story has been covered by all the biggest YouTube true crime channels—morbid documentary channels like Hailey Elizabeth, True Crime Central, Click Murder, and Southern Fried True Crime have devoted hours to picking her case apart.

Channel 4 Documentaries even featured her in their cable TV series, Women Who Kill.

As these videos have continued to rack up hundreds of thousands of views online, more and more curious viewers want to know: what happened to Kristina Beard?

Being the daughter of a convicted killer can’t be easy, and digging into the young woman’s past can often reveal more questions than answers—but here’s what we know about Kristina Beard for sure.

The Origin Story

Kristina Beard (now Fritz) was born in 1980 in California to Celeste Johnson and her first husband, a welder by the name of Craig Bratcher.

Kristina Beard Net Worth

Kristina Fritz – @Getty

She has an identical twin sister named Jennifer.

Kristina and Jennifer’s mother was only 17 years old when the twins were born.

According to Celeste, her marriage was an abusive one, and she left Bratcher when the girls were still toddlers.

Life was unstable for Kristina and Jennifer.

They were moved around a lot as their mother chased money—and men—around the country.

The constant relocations from one state to another were stressful, but Celeste’s subsequent marriages put immense strain on her bond with her children.

At one point after Celeste’s trial, Jennifer stated that she couldn’t even remember “the last time [she] hugged me.”

Celeste’s second marriage was to Henry Wolf, which ended in divorce a short time later. The third marriage was to Jimmy Martinez, and—again—it ended in divorce.

jennifer beard net worth

Jennifer Beard – @Getty

Kristina and Jennifer Beard’s adoption

After Celeste and Jimmy’s marriage ended, Kristina and her sister were packed up again.

This time the mother-daughter trio headed to Texas, where Celeste got a job at a country club in Austin.

It was here that she met the very wealthy, and very retired, Fox Broadcasting executive Steven Beard.

Beard had recently lost his wife to cancer, and was more than 30 years older than Celeste.

She was 32 at the time.

Kristina has described her relationship with her new stepfather as a good one.

He legally adopted both her and her sister shortly before their 18th birthdays, and Kristina described him as “funny and kind.”

“I really got attached to him,” Kristina would state in an ABC News interview some years later.

Steven Beard may have had a lot of money—he was a self-made millionaire with a strong network of associates—but that wasn’t what appealed to two young girls with very little in the way of stability in their lives.

“He treated us like family. He made us safe.”

When Things Go Wrong

Kristina and Jennifer may have been building a strong bond with their adopted dad—they would explain in statements that they were neglected by their mother up until this point and “rarely received love or affection” from Celeste.

“She had her moments when she seemed nice,” Kristina told ABC News. “But you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Celeste, on the other hand, was not quite so enamored of her new husband.

She complained about him to acquaintances, and even her daughters thought she had only married him for his money.

Then, in the early morning of October 2, 1999, someone broke into the Beards’ home and shot Steven in the stomach.

While he initially survived the gunshot wound, he would die a few months later due to infection and complications.

Within six months, Kristina and Jennifer’s mother had married another man, Spencer Colon.


Tracey Tarlton was charged with the murder of Steven Beard.

In a twist that the police did not expect, Tarlton came forward following Celeste’s fourth marriage to say that it was Celeste who told her to shoot Beard.

When she was offered a plea deal to testify against Celeste, she revealed that Celeste had planned the murder.

It was also revealed that Celeste had checked herself into a hospital mental health unit following an altercation at the family home.

Kristina described the incident, where Celeste got a gun and “started just waving it around. Everybody was fair game in the room, and it was myself, Steve, and her.”

As Celeste’s plan unraveled, the prosecution’s case came together.

True to Tarlton’s story, she and Celeste met at the mental health unit.

Celeste’s relationship with her children was incredibly toxic at this point, and Kristina began taping her conversations with her mother.

In the recorded conversations, Celeste is verbally abusive to Kristina, and screams “I hired somebody to kill Tracey.”

It was believed at this point that Tracey Tarlton and Celeste Beard were lovers.

Both Kristina Beard and her twin sister testified against their mother in court, stating that Celeste would often talk about how her husband “disgusted” her, and that she married him for his money.

Partly due to Kristina and Jennifer’s testimonies, Celeste Beard was convicted of murder, injury to an elderly individual, and conspiracy to commit murder.

She was sentenced to life in prison.

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Kristina Beard – Net Worth

So, how much is Kristina Beard worth?

Kristina Beard received an estimated $2 million inheritance from Steven Beard.

She, her sister, and Steven’s children with his first wife were all well provided for in his will.

Kristina went on to get married, and lives in California with her husband and children.

Sadly, her sister Jennifer was shot at a Halloween party in Texas in 2017, and required ten surgeries for her injuries.

She is unable to work, and relies on support from her sister and government welfare agencies.

She told ABC News that she does not forgive her mother, and that she testified against her for “justice for Steve.”

Therefore, Kristina Beard has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Her sister, Jennifer Beard, has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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