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Leo Moracchioli Net Worth | Wife & Biography

Leo Moracchioli Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Leo Moracchioli’s net worth? Is Leo Moracchioli married?


Leo Moracchioli is a Norwegian heavy metal singer best known for his YouTube channel Frog Leap Studios.

The Origin Story

Moracchioli was born in October 1978 in Norway.

He has not said much about his parents or upbringing.

Moracchioli first started playing the guitar when he was 14 years old.

He became a fan of heavy metal as a teenager and would play in local bands for fun, but according to Moracchioli himself, he never imagined that he’d be able to make a living from it.

I’m a 70s kid, or I was born in the 70s, but I started getting into music in the 90s, so it was like my first band was Rage Against the Machine,” Leo told TC Electronic.

He was initially a preschool teacher before he began his channel.

His father is Italian, and his mother is Norwegian.

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As a young man, Moracchioli became a teaching assistant in a barnehage – the Norwegian equivalent of a kindergarten – and honed his acoustic guitar skills by playing songs for the children.

Moracchioli was, according to the general manager of his last barnehage, a well-liked employee who was popular with children and colleagues alike.

In 2011, Moracchioli’s daughter was born, and he decided that it was time to make a concerted effort to get his musical career off the ground.

He quit his job at the barnehage and began working on his music full-time.

YouTube Career


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Moracchioli built a music studio at his home and started his YouTube channel as a way to promote his music, hoping to get gigs at weddings and parties.

He managed to earn a modest living from this for the next few years.

In 2013, Moracchioli uploaded a heavy-metal cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face to his YouTube channel.

He later recalled that he had covered the song just for fun, and was astonished when it became viral; the song quickly garnered more than one million views and made an overnight star of Moracchioli.

But it was with his cover of Adele’s Hello that Moracchioli became a true household name.

His 2015 cover of the popular British songstress’ hit sits at 70 million views as of August 2023, making it by far and away Moracchioli’s most popular video.

Moracchioli’s videos are characterized by their tongue-in-cheek approach to the source material, with deliberately overwrought performances and humorous asides found throughout.

He films most of the videos at home, though he has said that he sometimes uses a drone to capture footage outside for use in his videos.

Live Music Career

With the success of his YouTube channel, Moracchioli has begun to perform live with his band, Frog Leap.

The band generally sticks to the metal covers that made them famous in the first place, though sometimes they will perform original tracks.


Leo Moracchioli has been married and since divorced with Stine Moracchioli.

”Me and my wife are ready for heaven/hell birthday party tonight,” Moracchioli wrote on Instagram in October 2015. He added: ”Also playing some evil acoustic songs!”

”It’s kind of weird to talk about it on camera, but it was a mutual thing,” Leo said about his divorce in a video titled – Life Updates.


The couple has a child.

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Leo Moracchioli – Net Worth

So, how much is Leo Moracchioli worth? Moracchioli’s main source of income is his Youtube channel. Leo’s YouTube channel has over 1.2 billion views, meaning about $3.6 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, Norwegian metal musician Leo Moracchioli has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

When people call me a YouTuber, it sounds funny to me,” Moracchioli said in February 2020 during the Signal Path podcast.

One of his best covers is of ”Sultans of Swing,” a song by British rock band Dire Straits. The video has more than 33 million views on YouTube.

Moracchioli makes extra income from his Patreon account, a site where fans can support him with a monthly amount.

At the time of writing, Moracchioli’s Patreon earns him USD$3,500 per video he produces.

Leo also sells merchandise on his website, including clothing. He sells these to his fans, and it is likely that he makes a profit from these sales.

Moracchioli is sponsored by Chapman Guitars and TC Electronic. He also sells his music, especially on iTunes.

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