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Money Man Net Worth | Girlfriend

Money Man Net Worth – $7 million

What is Money Man’s net worth? Is Money Man dating anyone now?


Money Man is a rapper who became famous in recent years.

He has been into investments, cryptocurrencies, and real estate for a long time.

Here, we will look into his life, career, romantic relationship, and net worth.

The Origin Story

Money Man is a rapper, songwriter, and businessman from Atlanta.

His born name is Tysen Jay Bolding, and he hails from Decatur, Georgia.

”I moved to Atlanta when I was two, so when I was young,” he told HotNewHipHop.

He started his career in the music industry in 2016. Even though before that, he made a brief entry in 2010.

However, he decided to dive back and focus more on bringing in financial stability before entering the industry in 2016.

Money Man makes music in the hip-hop genre and has garnered over eighty thousand plus play counts on sites like Spinralla.

He is a rapper who has produced numerous music projects, ranging from singles to unmixed demos.

Tysen is a rapper who focuses on creating music related to street life. He also brings in his interests and aspirations to the raps he makes.

Besides that, he is an artist who has been in the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 Charts in 2019 for his work, Paranoia. Similarly, in 2020, he was on the BillBoard.

Focuses on Independence

what is the net worth of Money Man


Unlike several other music artists out there, Tysen is someone who didn’t believe much in labels.

He continues to stay as an independent musician without a manager and attorney. It is a strategy that has assisted him in becoming who Money Man is now.

During his interviews, Money Man stated why he prefers to stay independent. However, he takes in collaborations from time to time and also has a distributor.

Even then, he is an artist who invests more in his music.

The reason behind this is that he wants to create music on his terms.

He doesn’t want to work based on the terms set by a label, which is something most artists prefer.

His strategy makes him a unique talent in the music industry.

Music Based on Life and Interests

money man wife

Money Man arrives to the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards – @Getty

He writes his songs, and he works on several topics ranging from veganism to substance use.

Tysen is also an artist who presents the importance of making money and investments. He tries to bring in the aspects that he believes into his music.

For instance, he is someone who follows a vegan lifestyle and prioritizes health. He presents it through his music as he has written raps in that line.

Tysen is also someone with a deep interest in cryptocurrencies.

He was in it from the time bitcoins started to gain popularity. He has also created a song track, Internet, that focuses on the same concept.

Valuing Time and Morals

This New-York born artist is someone who values time a lot. He doesn’t believe in wasting time doing things that have no worth.

Even though he gives importance to money a lot, he doesn’t do anything that goes beyond his morals. He ensures legitimacy before stepping into any endorsements.

He has also stated that he has not taken endorsements that went against his morals.

Other than that, Tysen believes in the importance of leading an organized lifestyle. He brings in a blend of following the checklist pattern and working with the flow.

Tysen is also someone who focuses on health and fitness. As per the latest interview, he mentioned that he tries to exercise two hours a day.

2016 and the Release of Black Circle

Money Man Net Worth


Even though Tysen started his career in 2010, he had to pause it because of the financial constraints he was undergoing.

He then restarted his career in the music industry in 2016 with the release of Black Circles. It included collaborations with artists like Young Thug, Akon, and Gucci Mane.

The first part of Black Circles has 15 mixtapes, which became a tremendous hit and featured Gucci Mane.

After that, he came with Black Circles Two, which has 17 mixtapes. Here, it included the feature of Young Thug and Jefe.

Finally, the last of the Black Circle series is Black Circle Friday, which has 13 mixtapes.

These raps gave Tysen sudden fame as he entered into the industry.

Previously, he wasn’t an artist who gained a lot of recognition in the music industry.

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Secret Society with BirdMan

In 2017, Money Man signed a contract with Cash Money Recorder.

Then, he created Secret Society with BirdMan, which has 15 tracks. It includes Secret Society, All Over You, Drowning, Taken Off, and several others. Even though the tracks gave him fame, he paid $250,000 to get out of the contract.

It shows that he was least interested in pursuing his career by being a part of a corporate label.

Instead, Tysen focused on creating music himself by following his terms.

Other than Secret Society, Money Man created 24 Hours, which has seven tracks.

He recorded these tracks in 24 hours duration, which is why he named it so.

It starts with Breather and ends with Handlebars. However, 24 Hours doesn’t have anyone featured in it.

Release of Five Mixtapes in 2018

In 2018, Tysen released five mixtapes. They are Grow God, Trauma Man, Winter EP, Six Hours Part One, and Part Two.

These music tapes became extremely popular on platforms like Spinralla.

Money Man is a rapper who doesn’t follow the usual marketing strategies adopted by other artists.

He focused on releasing his songs on YouTube and let them pick their pace from there.

Paranoia in 2019

In 2019, Tysen created a 25 track full-length mixtape known as Paranoia. It gained extreme popularity and entered the Top 40 Billboard 200 chart in 2019.

Besides, he also collaborated with Peewee Longway to create Long Money in the same year.


As of now, Money Man is not dating anyone. However, similar to other artists, he could be maintaining his privacy. Money Man is not married.

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Tysen has two kids and gives importance to his family, which he mentions in his interviews.

Money Man – Net Worth

So, how much is Money Man worth? He is a businessman and investor as well, with a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies. Tysen started investing in cryptocurrencies around six years back and earned around $100,000 in 2019. He continues to make investments and focuses on “money as a component offering comfortability.” Therefore, American rapper Money Man has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

When he started his career, he invested a quarter-million in his first music productions.

Even though he worked with distribution channels, he always ensured that he put in money for promotions.

Tysen, during one of his interviews, mentioned that he believed and followed the one-third rule. Here, he used 20 to 25% of his income and invested the remaining for his future.

Some of Tysen’s mixtapes are Big Money, Long Money, and No Promo.

On YouTube, Tysen has over 1.1 billion views–about $3.3 million in revenue before taxes.

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