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Reynad (Andrey Yanyuk) Net Worth | Girlfriend

Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk – $4 million

What is Reynad’s net worth? Is Reynad dating?


Reynad (real name – Andrey Yanyuk) is a professional gamer, streamer, and businessman, and CEO of Tempo.

Yanyuk is frequently touted jokingly as “the creator of all Hearthstone decks” due to the nature of his amazing deck-building prowess and salty demeanor.

In 2017, Andrey was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30.


He was born on January 27, 1991, in Ukraine. Andrey spent the first 6 years of his life in Ukraine before moving to the US with his brother and mother.

The family settled in Minnesota. His dad was never in the picture.

Yanyuk began playing games from an early age, frequenting his neighbors’ and friends’ video game consoles.

At age 13, Andrey dove headfirst into programming.

Magic: The Gathering


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At age 15, he was introduced to Magic: The Gathering during a trip back to Ukraine.

Magic: The Gathering was the first trading card game, with over 20 billion Magic cards produced between 2008 and 2016 and more than 20 million players as of 2015. Released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Magic is both a digital collectible and collectible card game produced by Richard Garfield.

Certain cards in the game have monetarily valuable due to their rarity in utility and production in gameplay, with prices ranging from several cents to thousands of dollars.

Andrey spent the last 2 years of his high school career cutting class and spending all day at the card shop, which, ultimately, defaulted his chance at a diploma. Reynad said:

“Things were pretty bad at home around that time.”

Andrey later added:

”I was missing two years of credits. But I did an online class and got those credits in like two weeks. I kind of wish I did that from the start.”



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When he was 18, Andrey left home and continued with gaming before later starting to stream Magic: The Gathering on Twitch, a live-streaming video platform owned by Amazon.

By the end of 2012, he became one of the game’s top streamers. During an interview, Yanyuk declared:

”I have a really massive ego. It’s something I’m aware of, but you can kind of channel it the right way once you’re self-aware.”

Andrey continued:

“It’s one of the reasons I wanted to stream on Twitch. I didn’t think it was the career that would make me the most money or anything, but the platform clicked with me. I saw Twitch as the next evolution of YouTube, and a way to get validation from strangers.”

Unfortunately, Andrey was suspended on Twitch and then temporarily banned for 18 months for cheating during a game. He said:

”Before the ban, I was already talking about retiring and stopping. You’re not meant to play any of those games for that long.”

Andrey also said:

“When the suspension came along, it didn’t really affect me that much. I just saw it as a good time to take a step back. I would’ve moved to Hearthstone regardless.”



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In 2010, Reynad created his YouTube channel, where he started posting gaming videos.

At the time of writing, Andrey’s channel has more than 111,000.

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Tempo Storm

In May 2014, he formed Tempo Storm, an American eSports organization that started out as a professional team focused on “Hearthstone.”

As owner and CEO, Andrey reduced the amount of time he dedicated towards streaming and professional competition in order to properly grow and develop Tempo Storm.

Over the next few years, Tempo Storm would expand to other video games, including:

  • Shadowverse;
  • Magic: The Gathering;
  • Overwatch;
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds;
  • FIFA;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • World of Warcraft;
  • Fortnite;
  • League of Legends;
  • Heroes of the Storm.

Some of the “Hearthstone” players Andrey’s been able to sign on the team include the following:

  • Haiyun “Eloise” Tang;
  • David “Justsaiyan” Shan;
  • Johnnie “Ratsmah” Lee;
  • Petar “Gaara” Stevanovic;
  • Dan “Frodan” Chou;
  • Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk (himself);
  • Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, an American professional video game player who formerly played Starcraft II for the Team Legion and Vega Squadron groups. Currently, Shih is one of the top Hearthstone competitors in the United States. As of 2017, ”Trump” plays for Tempo Storm.

On June 28, 2016, Andrey’s eSports organization ceased sponsorship of their North American Heroes of the Storm team.

On November 9, 2015, Tempo Storm dropped Zuna and Arthelon. Also, Tempo Storm received 7-8th at the 2015 Heroes of the Storm World Championship in November. In addition, Tempo Storm’s Heroes of the Storm team swept Cloud9 Maelstrom in the WCA NA final on June 2, 2015.

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There is no information about Reynad’s girlfriend. 

In 2018, Reynad dated Paz Hinostroza.


Despite having a reputation as one of the unluckiest tournament players, Andrey is still well-accomplished, winning multiple online tournaments such as Battle of the Best as well as placing top 4 in Dreamhack (the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival).

He became a meme within the growing community after his invention of numerous deck archetypes, including an infamous deck called “zoolock.”

When asked about what is his process for testing decks, Yanyuk responded:

”I get an idea in my head and play a million games on ladder with it. If I feel like it has potential I keep tweaking it.”

Reynad later added:

”Nine times out of ten it’s not good enough, but occasionally a deck will go undefeated for an absurd number of games, at which point I play it up to top 5 Legend and consider it a success.”

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Reynad – Net Worth

So, how much is Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk’s worth?

Yanyuk earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch, advertisements on his YouTube channel, sponsors, and prizes for playing professional tournaments.

For example, Andrey has been crowned the winner of events such as – Legendary Series Season 2 or Lord of the Arena 1.

Yanyuk is also the owner of the eSports organization Tempo Storm. In 2020, Tempo Storm invested $3.3 million in The Bazaar, a multiplayer strategy game developed by Tempo Storm.

In addition, Yanyuk owns a website –, on which he sells merch.

Therefore, Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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