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Who Is xChocoBars’ Boyfriend?

Who is xChocoBars dating?


Humans have a strange fascination with watching other people do things.

From reality TV shows to professional soccer players and even people doing art from scratch.

One of the most strange ones?

Sitting down to watch someone play a video game while they talk with you.

But in the era of the internet, where modeling is called being an influencer, and a YouTuber is a content creator, it’s not such a strange concept.

Janet Rose, better known for her Twitch username XChocoBars, is one of those people we tend to watch.

The Origin Story

Who is xChocoBars dating


Janet Rose is an internet personality, Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, and Instagram influencer.

Her family was originally from China, but Janet has lived in the Great White North (Canada) all her life. Specifically in the city of Toronto, Ontario.

She is mainly known for her active gamer status on Twitch, where she streams herself playing games and superimposes it with live commentary.

She’ll, on occasion, do joint streams with other Twitch personalities as well.

Career Trajectory


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Rose started her gaming career, as most Twitch influencers do, by playing video games at home during her younger years.

When the concept of online streaming gaming sessions appeared on the internet a few years ago, those people moved online.

Not only was it a great way to showcase their skills publicly, but some people were making quite a bit of money from it.

XChocoBars opened her Twitch account in 2015 and has been streaming ever since.


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Her most notable streams are when she can be watched playing World of Warcraft, Realm Royale, IRL, and Hearthstone. League of Legends, however, does seem to be her current favorite.

This can be evidenced given that in 2018 she was also part of League of Legends’ Diamond League.

She’s made quite a successful career for herself, and in 2019 she was nominated for Twitch Streamer of The Year in the 11th Shorty Awards.

Today, Janet Rose boasts thousands of followers on Instagram and millions of views on Twitch. ”I have to eat on camera,” Rose told SyFy in July 2018. She added: ”I’ll lose subscribers if I didn’t eat meals on camera.”

Personal Life


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Janet was born in November 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

Before hitting it big in the online gaming world, she was on her way to becoming an early childhood educator.

But, when her Twitch account started taking off, it made sense for her to dedicate herself full-time to her streaming. 

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Who is xChocoBars’ boyfriend?

In terms of her personal relationships, xChocoBars met her ex-boyfriend Jeremy Wang in 2018.

Disguised Toast - boyfriend of xChocoBars


They dated until 2020, when they went through a fairly public breakup.

Jeremy is also a well-known YouTube personality and Twitch streamer.

Better known in the online world as Disguised Toast, the online gaming sessions together were a big hit, and fans loved them.

When they decided to break up, they posted a joint announcement on their social pages.

Their relationship had taken place mostly in the public eye, so they felt it was necessary for the public to know about their breakup as well.

While they did feel a duty towards their fans to let them know of the situation, they did request privacy after the announcement.

While their joint streams have been greatly missed since then, it seems their breakup did not alter their friendship entirely.

To this day, they’re still good friends and care deeply for each other – as per their own words.

Relationship with David Robertson (CopLOL)

Shortly after breaking up with Jeremy, Janet started dating fellow streamer and online gamer, David Robertson.

Better known by his online alias CopLOL, David is a League of Legends player and has coached for the FlyQuest Academy.

His time at FlyQuest allowed him to flex his leadership skills when he became the head coach of the academy. 

New Boyfriend

In 2023, it was reported that xChocobars is dating Steven Suptic, an American YouTuber and vlogger known for his channel “Sugar Pine 7.

steven suptic net worth


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Net Worth

Canadian Internet personality XChocoBars net worth is an estimated $500,000.

This is thanks to her several streams of income gained from her Twitch streamer popularity.

Her Instagram consent creation also allows for brand partnerships. And, her YouTube channel is likely to also bring in a sizable income per month.

Other income sources include brand merch available via Amazon and several partnerships with well-known brands from around the world.

One of those brands is Japan Crate. The brand is located in Tokyo, and they offer a monthly subscription service where they send out candy, drinks, and snacks from Japan.

She also participated in a nationwide campaign with Wendy’s, the burger chain, and several other Twitch streamers.

The campaign allowed fans to buy from a limited edition menu called “Never Stop Gaming” and then have their order delivered via Uber Eats. Each Twitch personality had a meal with their name that reflected their favorite Wendy’s foods.  

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