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Bailey Bass Net Worth | Biography

What is Bailey Bass’ net worth?


Bailey Bass hasn’t been in the film industry for long—in fact, she only turned 20 in 2023.

But already, the rising star has staked a claim on her own piece of Hollywood, scoring roles in Avatar as Tsireya.

Rubbing shoulders with major names like Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana, the enthusiastic young actress is involved in some of the film industry’s most high-profile projects.

Take, for example, her 2022 coup—the role of baby vamp Claudia in the remake of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

The young starlet beat out other far more established names to play the bratty teen vampire that terrorizes generations of New Orleans residents.

In a show that drew in legions of fans of the original Interview with the Vampire movie—which starred both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt at the height of their careers—and a whole new generation of avid viewers, Bailey Bass is positioned as the next big thing in Hollywood.

So here’s what we’ve learned about her.

The Origin Story

Bailey Bass Net Worth


Bailey Bass was born on June 18, 2003, in Los Angeles, California.

The California native is the daughter of Alesya Ignatieva, a Rodan & Fields consultant.

Her parents split up following the birth of her brother Elijah in 2004.

Alesya remarried several years later, and had a son named Mikey with Corey Sullivan.

After Alesya and Corey’s divorce—and subsequent family court issues—Ignatieva raised her three kids on her own.

When Bailey was two, people were already commenting on how adorable she was.

Inspired, her mother signed the curly-haired, green-eyed toddler up to do some modeling.

As an adult, Bailey often sings her mom’s praises, crediting her with her strong work ethic, confidence to go out and chase what she wants in life, and love for her family.

The young actress says that typically, if she isn’t working, she’s at home on the couch hanging out with her family.

“The best downtime [I get] is spending time with my family!”

Bass also shows wisdom beyond her young years when she talks about her family, pointing out that nobody will ever know her as well as they do—and that they are always there to ground her and remind her of who she is.

Finding her Feet

Bailey Bass Biography


Bailey Bass might be pretty mature in her thinking for a teenager, but she’s had her fair share of struggles so far.

On the topic of puberty, Bass reflected in a 2022 interview that she remembered “puberty very vividly. It’s a very weird time [and there were moments] where I’d just start crying. All these hormones, it’s a lot.”

She used those struggles to connect with her character in Interview with the Vampire.

From modeling as a baby—something Bass jokingly calls the start of her career in entertainment—to finding her way to the big screen, Bailey stays remarkably down to earth.

She appeared in her first commercial at five years old, and her first independent short film at ten years old.


bailey bass age

Bailey Bass attends the Bach Mai fashion show during New York Fashion Week – @Getty

Just three years later, Bailey would get her big break, being cast in James Cameron’s sequel to the Epic fantasy film, Avatar.

She describes acting as her “consistent dream” and—although she had to miss prom to prepare for her role as Avatar’s Tsireya—she was determined to do the role justice.

This level of fame and public scrutiny would be difficult for anyone—at any age—but Bailey Bass has a trick for keeping things in perspective.

Bailey Bass Avatar


When she feels overwhelmed by everything her agent has flowing her way, she focuses on the short term.

“I’m like, ‘OK, but what am I doing tomorrow?’ If I think [too far ahead] I just get so overwhelmed.”

The trick has paid off handsomely—Bailey says she manages to stay fully present and has even found her niche in the drama genre.

With unlikely film influences like Diane Keaton and Gemma Chan, the star has gravitated towards “those really dark spaces and those dark emotions.”

During the film’s press release tours, Bass talks about her great appreciation for being a part of such an iconic film. “It’s an honor. It really is. It was a big, long audition process, and to know that Jim put all his faith into us to play these characters. These really complex beautiful characters, it’s truly an honor.”

Interview with the Vampire…and Beyond

bailey bass date of birth

Bailey Bass is seen arriving to the Carolina Herrera fashion show – @Getty

Generation X will remember the sweeping, dark fantasy of the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

For the television interpretation, the setting was moved forward a couple of centuries—to 1900s New Orleans.

Alongside Game of Thrones superstar Jacob Anderson—who plays Louis—and Newsreader star Sam Reid—playing Lestat—Bailey adds disturbing depth in her role as a teen vampire who will never age past 14.

Interview with the Vampire premiered in October of 2022.

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where is bailey bass from

Bailey Bass attends the 95th Annual Academy Awards – @Getty

Bailey Bass – Net Worth

So, how much is Bailey Bass worth?

Bass earned most of her wealth from performing in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and Avatar.

Her life has taken a serious change in a relatively short amount of time which is unusual for any new actress.

She was asked about her experience with fame and how it changed her life.

Considering her sweet demeanor and genuine disposition, her response came as no surprise. “I think we’re always going to stay humble and down to earth. I mean, we have to. We just love what we do, and the fact that we get to act every day is just really a blessing.”

Speaking about her family and how they’ve handled her inflated level of success, she humbly replies, “They’re really excited. They’re really excited, and I bought my family with me to d23, so the fact that they’re able to experience all of it with me is really fun.”

Therefore, Bailey Bass has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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