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Dave Kindig Net Worth | Wife

Dave Kindig Net Worth – $3 million

What is Dave Kindig’s net worth? How much does Dave Kindig make per episode? Who is Dave Kindig’s wife?


Dave Kindig is an American car designer and entrepreneur best known for co-founding the custom fabrication automotive shop, ”Kindig-It Design.”

He gained fame from appearing on the TV series ”Bitchin’ Rides.”


He was born on February 6, 1971, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Not much is known about his childhood except that he said in an interview: ”Growing up very poor, it was easy for me to imagine having more than I had because I had nothing!” Also, Dave is ”100% self-taught.” 

For about eight years, Kindig worked at High-Performance Coatings in Salt Lake City. ”I quit my job, cashed in my 401K, and started my business, Kindig It Designs – this was about 20 years ago,” Dave later said.

Kindig-It Design

In 1999, Dave and his wife founded Kindig-It Design in the family’s garage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Two months later, they moved to a bigger building in the Southeast part of Salt Lake City.

Kindig-It Design is one of the most popular automotive shops in the United States. At Kindig-It Design, Dave and his team create works of art from ordinary rusted-out vehicles. Dave and his team work on about 16 to 20 cars at a time.

Dave built his successful business on his own, trusting in his passion for Lego and Hot Wheels. ”I built many big cars with my Legos and used parts such as wheels and axles from other toys to make my creations,” Kindig said. ”I loved drawing, too, so I went from drawing bugs to drawing hot rods.”

In 2007, Kindig won the GM Design Award.

In 2013, Dave was featured in the documentary ”My Classic Car.”

Bitchin’ Rides

In 2014, Dave became the star of Bitchin’ Rides, a reality television series during which viewers can see how Kindig and his team design and assemble world-class cars from the wheels up.

Dave Kindig Net Worth

© Guliver / Getty Images

The series runs on Velocity TV (now known as Motor Trend).

Some of Kindig-It Design’s projects include – a ’69 Chevrolet Camaro, a 1967 C10, a 1968 Camaro, a Kindig concept Corvette, a 1932 Roadster, a 1951 Ford Pickup Truck (the original 1951 Ford packed a standard 226-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine), a 1969 McLaren, a 1962 Volkswagen Samba, and a 1966 Corvette.

”Each one is different as sometimes I can do them quick, and sometimes I go back and forth and change them,” Dave same about his projects. In 2018, Kindig said: ”Every build is different. Our average build takes from 9-12 months from start to finish.”

In 2015, Beyond Bitchin’ Rides was released. In the series, Kevin Schiele and Dave take a look at their most bitchin’ projects.

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In 1992, Dave Kindig married his wife, Charity Kindig. She has been interested in cars since she was a little girl.

Charity serves as the vice president of Kindig-It Design. ”It is the most rewarding experience to build a business with your best friend, and the hardest thing I have ever done,” she said.

The two first met in a dance club.

”I think that partnership with my wife and I has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me,” Dave confessed.


The couple has two children, daughter Baylee and son Drew. Both work with him at Kindig-It Design.

”I spend lots of time with my family,” Dave tweeted in 2018. ”My wife, daughter, and son all work with me at the shop.”

Baylee got married in August 2018. ”I would like to congratulate my daughter Baylee and my new son-in-law Kaden on their recent nuptials,” Dave wrote on Facebook. He added: ”You guys are rockstars, and your mother and I could not be happier for you!”

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Dave Kindig – Net Worth

how much is dave kindig worth

Dave Kindig, Kevin Schiele, and Kevin Meagher – @Getty

So, how much is Dave Kindig worth?

Kindig earned most of his wealth from managing his company Kindig-It Design.

His builds start from about $250k, but a project is usually worth close to a million.

”Trying to build within a budget is probably the biggest challenge for us. My creativity goes well past,” Dave explained in 2016. The company also sells merch on its website.

In addition, Kindig makes money from appearing in the TV series ”Bitchin’ Rides,” ”Bitchin’ Boot Camp,” and ”Beyond Bitchin’ Rides.” Kindig makes around $50K per episode.

Therefore, Dave Kindig has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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