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Sue Aikens is a hunter, adventurer, reality series star, and outdoorswoman who stars in the ”Life Below Zero” documentary.

She also runs a B&B at Kavik River Camp, a former oil pipeline camp that is 80 miles from the closest road and 500 miles from the nearest city (Fairbanks).

Aikens is typically alone nine months of the year, surrounded by hungry wildlife and deadly cold.


She was born on July 1, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sue grew up in Chicago.

In 1975, her mother left her father (at 2 a.m.) and took off to Alaska, taking Aikens along with her. ”In the late ’60s, early ’70s, she was leaving my father, and apparently whatever went on between the two of them, she felt Alaska was about as far as she could go,” Sue later explained.

Kavik River Camp

Aikens currently owns and operates Kavik River Camp situated 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. ”They say I’m 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle, but I think it’s more like 220 miles,” she said.

The Kavik River Camp serves (beginning of June to the end of September) as a stop for adventurers, scientific researchers, birders, and hunters wanting to experience the Arctic. It has WiFi capability for its clients.

Bear Attack

In 2007, Aikens was attacked by a bear and dragged across the ground while working close to the Kavik River.

Sue Aikens bear attack
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”I was at the water and needed both hands for the pump, so put my gun down,” Sue told The Scotsman.” Then came the bear out of the fog, and it was game on,” Aikens added. ”He was a juvenile bear, climbing the social ladder, and one of the ways to do that is subjugate another creature.” 

”At the time that he attacked me, I was getting my last pumping of water from the Kavik River before it froze solid … It was ten days lying there before someone found me.”

Life Below Zero

In 2013, Kavik River joined the cast of Life Below Zero, a documentary TV series that presents subsistence hunters’ usual activities as they survive using the resources they have.

In the docu-series, Aikens is filmed at her Kavik River Camp. ”They show me swearing, smoking stogies, and not brushing my hair for months on end,” Sue said for ADN.

Life Below Zero is produced by BBC Worldwide and airs on National Geographic.

Other main characters in Life Below Zero include:


In February 2017, Susan sued Life Below Zero producers, alleging she was injured while being forced to film dangerous scenes for the documentary series.

The incident happened in season five in an episode titled The Crash (aired June 18, 2015).

Her lawsuit was dismissed by a judge on June 16, 2017, ”for failure to make service” to the defendants.


Susan’s first husband died of a brain tumor.

In June 1987, Sue Aikens married Eddie James Aikens. They lived in Portland, Oregon. Sue and Eddie divorced in 2004. ”Marriage is a fine art, but it’s about compromise, and I’m not ready to compromise,” she once said.

Eddie died in 2009.

”The first one died of brain cancer, and the second one, we were together for 17 years,” Susan confessed. She added: ”He tried it in Alaska, and that was too much for him, how I lived.”


Currently, Aikens is dating Michael Heinrich.

”You have to stop and make time to give a moment to your sweetie. Long distances can be tough, but we both make it work”, Sue wrote on Instagram in July 2020. ”Love you, sweetie.”


Sue has a boy and a girl with Eddie James Aikens.

Aikens’ daughter gave birth in January 2020.

In October 2016, Sue’s son got married.

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Sue Aikens Net Worth
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”I live my life with a pistol within reach.”

”Sometimes, loss comes at us like a slow thief that we have no power to stop.”

”Clarity is a very good thing when checking sparkly things out.”

”Fear is not happiness, so don’t let it control you.”

”It’s about accepting that there’s an ecosystem, and I have a place in it.”

”Be kind, be the solution, not the problem.”

”I do have a belief system, but every living thing deserves to be respected and cherished.”


She is a member of the Scottish Arctic Club.

In 2014, Aikens was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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Sue Aikens – Net Worth Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020 Husband, Bear Attack, Kids, Biography

Aikens earned most of her wealth from appearing in 134 episodes of Life Below Zero. According to reports, Susan’s annual salary is around $200k. She also appeared in Flying Wild Alaska and Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

In addition, Sue owns the Kavik River Camp. ”The Arctic and wilderness have been a passion and part of my soul for a long time,” she told Forbes. Therefore, outdoorswoman Sue Aikens has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

Featured image source – © Guliver / Getty Images.

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  1. Our only hope is that one day Sue will have her OWN show and not have to share storylines with so many other folks living in AK. We only focus on the TV when she comes on. She is an inspiration, for sure. Sending her a Christmas present that we hope to see, one day, on TV. HUGS

    • I agree!! Sue needs her own show!! We also either fast forward through everything and everyone else until Sue comes on. We love Sue!!!!

  2. Sue, I have been watching you for quite a while. I love that you are independent and up to a challenge. Don’t know that I would like the cold, but I would love the quiet and all the animals. I hope you are still on when you get into your cabin. The stove you found for it is like the one My Grandmother had when I was a little girl. She raised me and I loved that stove. Building a fire in it on a cold morning was wonderful.

  3. hi sue,
    been watching you for a few years and so admire your fortitude and never-ending energy for exploring and doing what brings your heart joy.
    life is way too short to not do what you love.
    i wish you had your own show too. i can’t wait to see you in your new cabin. we are both getting on with years so i hope you can enjoy this new home for the years ahead.

  4. Hi Sue, I’ve been watching the show for about 2 years. I love the outdoors, but I have never been in conditions as yours. I like the thought of eating what you kill. I’m a hunter, but not as good as you are. I bet you have some great meals. I have a question, do you sight your own guns in? You never miss. The scenery has to be fabulous, and I like your friend, the little fox. Would be nice to have some of your deer recipes. Any recipe books that you have written. If not, it would be a good idea. Be safe and be happy. From North Carolina

  5. sue aikens….you..are one brave…and..resourcefull

  6. Hi sue, I met you a couple of years ago at the Chena hot springs. I was the one from LA looking for the northern lights. You asked me to stay in contact with you and I didn’t and I’m sorry. At that time, I had not watched your show, but now, I don’t miss it. Just want you to know, you are awesome!!if you would like to keep in touch, I would love to hear from you and correspond with you. You take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Can she email me about getting some Moose Burger meat. We had some from a friend and it was delicious and now we want to get some for a friend as a gift.
    Does she have access to this product or does she know where we can get some.
    Watch the show every week.

  8. Hi Sue. Boy we really love you’re shows and love to
    see Alaska. I was born in Wisconsin and now live in
    Connecticut. Got to give you a lot of credit on everything you do. Be well and we will keep watching!
    Bruce and Janet Brown…

  9. I love your resourcefulness, and that you have respect for and show to the animals it becomes necessary for you to kill in order to sustain yourself. You seem to have much the same philosophy as the Native Americans, i.e., don’t take more than you need. The topography is gorgeous, and I find it calming in a chaotic world. Thank you; I admire your strong constitution and perseverance. You’re lucky not to have to interact with too many individuals, especially those who would make your life more complicated than it needs to be.

  10. Sue, I’ve been binge watching the show and I have to say, you need to write a book filled with your truisms. Love your work ethic. Regards!

  11. I admire Sue very much, her independence, force of character, survival work ethics, determination and Arctic wilderness knowledge.
    Sue has a very pragmatic view of the world around her that is her strength.

  12. Sue… I’d love to chat with you… I’m 60, live in Groves, Texas…

    4325 Cleveland
    Groves, Texas…

  13. hello Sue. just happened upon you today. I find youvery interesting . I read your bio.will be looking forward to watching episodes of your show,peace be with you,

  14. Sue, you are an inspiration to me, I love your sayings. In season 13 I noticed you lost quite a bit of weight which I’m not surprised due to how hard you work. I’m thinking you are very toned, I just want to be sure that you aren’t losing weight due to illness. Anyway, the other day I was not sure I could accomplish a task and then I thought of you and told myself one of your sayings and I did what I needed to do. Thanks Sue. Take care of yourself



  16. Sue, my husband and I live in southeast Texas. I’ve made a few trips to Alaska with him, and I love it. We come every year for the Iditarod. I was widowed for 10 years, with no man in my life (my choice) and I had horses, dogs, cats, a large house and 15 acres to take care of. I was also teaching school full time. A year after my husband of 24 years died, I had breast cancer. There were days when I didn’t know if I could get everything done or if I had the stamina. You are an inspiration to me and others. You are tough, resourceful, smart and yet you have a soft side too. I admire, even though I don’t totally understand, everything that you do. You have such courage. Hope to keep watching you on Life Below Zero. I’m always amazed at what all you know how to do.

  17. Sue, as others posted most often I pass up the other cast members and watch you! I just 61 and can’t imagine how hard you work – I’m a wuss compared to you. Keep living your dream and adventuring. And I too love the little fox.

  18. been hooked on the show love watching don’t think I could do that. Just found out in reruns you where attacked. glad you are better.

  19. LOVE IT! can’t believe how many say they scroll forward only too watch the scenes with Sue – I as well…. now isee ther is a new generation of Life Below Zero on Disney Plus as well as the Original. — think i’ll give it a looksey

  20. I miss you Sue. My wife and I loved Below Zero and you were our favorite. I prayed for you often. You made me wish I was in my 20’s and living in Alaska. Wish you would get another show.

  21. Ok here goes
    Sue I was stationed at Eielson AFB Alaska from 1977-1978. After seeing all of these Alaska Shows I should have stayed but I was young 18-19 did not know any better. I would love to do it again actually with you but unfortunately Mother Nature states he’ll no. I hav had 3 back surgeries plus 6 knee surgeries with 2 knee replacements on same knee. Any way you now just as beautiful when you were younger sorry never met you. I Love the show

  22. Sue, you are a force of nature. My husband and I adore watching your life in the Artic and Alaska. I cannot believe you are 60 and still lively and gorgeous as all hell!
    keep doing the show, stay safe and healthy. We will keep tuning in.
    Blessings to you from Woodland WA


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