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Heléne Yorke Net Worth | Husband

What is Heléne Yorke’s net worth? Who is Heléne Yorke’s husband?


Heléne Yorke (pronounced “huh-LAY-nuh york”) is a Canadian theater and television actress, dancer, and singer, who has also been cast in Broadway productions of ”Wicked” and ”American Psycho.”

She is best known for starring in Comedy Central’s ”The Other Two” as well as for her portrayal of Jane Martin on the series – ”Masters of Sex.”


Yorke was born on February 27, 1985, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was raised in LA. Heléne said about her childhood:

”I was born in Vancouver, Canada. I am from Los Angeles, California.”

Her father sold software that required the actress to move around a lot.

She has a brother named Sutherland Dyke and a sister named Lance Dyke.

Yorke started ballet at age 3. She said:

”When I was 3 years old, my parents put me in ballet and I really thought I was gonna be a ballet dancer for a long time.”

She took her first acting class in middle school.

helene yorke net worth


Heléne graduated from Palisades Charter High School. Later, Yorke studied musical theater at the University of Michigan.

In 2007, she made her Broadway debut as Marty in ”Grease.” Other Broadway productions include ”American Psycho” and ”Bullets Over Broadway.”

During a recent interview, Heléne said:

”I went to school for musical theatre, so breaking into television was a bit of a challenge.”

Yorke went on to say:

”It took time for me, and a lot of patience. I listened to the advice of my long-time manager and casting directors.”

Masters of Sex

helene yorke bio


She was cast in a recurring role as Jane Martin on ”Masters of Sex,” a drama TV series that was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series.

”Masters of Sex” premiered on September 29, 2013, on Showtime. After four seasons, the TV series was canceled on November 30, 2016. ”Masters of Sex” was developed by Michelle Ashford.

In 2019, Yorke told Indie Wire:

“I’ve been thinking about ‘Masters of Sex’ a lot because I created a character for that more than any [role before].” 

Heléne later added:

“I had taken a step back and I had learned how to just have a conversation. Once I figured out how to make things small, I was then able to inject it again with the things about me that are maybe too much.”

In 2016, she was cast in the role of a CIA recruit, Leigh Davis, on the thriller Quantico.

In the same year, she received an Outer Critics Circle nomination for her role as Evelyn Williams in ”American Psycho” on Broadway.

The Other Two

helene yorke husband


Currently, Heléne co-stars as Brooke Dubek on Comedy Central’s ”The Other Two,” a comedy TV series that premiered on January 24, 2019. On February 11, ”The Other Two” was renewed for a second season.

The story in the television series follows two siblings who must grapple with their brother’s overnight fame. Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly created it. 

Other television credits include:

  • Louie;
  • Elementary;
  • Person of Interest;
  • I Just Want My Pants Back;
  • A Gifted Man;
  • High Maintenance;
  • 30 Rock;
  • Robot Chicken.

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In February 2016, Yorke started a relationship with Bobby Flay, an American chef who made his first appearance on the Food Network in 1994.

In July 2015, Flay finalized his divorce from Stephanie March.

heléne yorke bobby flay


They met at a Knicks basketball game in December 2015, where they sat on the same row at Madison Square Garden.

The two broke up in 2019.


On September 3, 2021, Heléne Yorke married Bary Dunn in Brooklyn, New York.

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On June 12, 2022, Heléne and Bary welcomed a son.


”There’s a fly in my apartment, so I’m gonna have to move.”

”There is nothing more cruel or useless than a headache from NOT drinking.”

”I’m sorry, but Italian is funny. Like, who decided on those sounds?”

”Literally, my whole life is about one day being able to afford living INSIDE the CB2 outdoor catalog.”

”I don’t know how to use “stan” in a sentence. I need a full tutorial.”

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During an interview with Play Bill, she was asked about what individuals from theatre made her better. She responded:

”Brooks Ashmanskas [American stage actor]. Rehearsing and putting on a show can be very stressful and exhausting, but Brooks makes every moment a joyride.”

Yorke added:

”His influence taught me to never take myself or what I’m doing too seriously.”

Her favorite musical is Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Her favorite movie is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Heléne Yorke – Net Worth

So, how much is Heléne Yorke worth?

Yorke earned most of her wealth from appearing in 26 movies, TV series, and theatre productions, including — ZIWE, Graves, High Maintenance, Katy Keene, and The Good Fight.

But, her roles in “The Other Two” and “Masters of Sex” were the most profitable projects.

Therefore, Canadian-American actress, Heléne Yorke has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


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