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Jamie O’Brien Net Worth | Girlfriend (Tina Cohen)

Jamie O’Brien Net Worth – $10 million

What is Jamie O’Brien’s net worth? Also, who is Jamie O’Brien’s girlfriend?


Jamie O’Brien is an American professional surfer from North Shore, Hawaii, who appeared in films like Step Into Liquid and Blue Crush.

O’Brien won competitions like the 2009 Rip Curl international.

In 2004, Jamie became one of the youngest surfers ever to win the Pipeline Masters.


He was born on June 9, 1983.

His father was a lifeguard. O’Brien said that one of the things that got him interested in surfing was talking to the surfers on his father’s beach.

During his youth, Jamie competed in kneeboarding, shortboard, bodyboarding, and longboarding events.

jamie o brien wife


Banzai Pipeline

Jamie grew up near the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii.

The Banzai Pipeline is a surf reef break that is located on O’ahu’s North Shore.

It is renowned for huge waves that break in shallow water just above a cavernous and sharp reef, forming large curls of water that surfers can tube ride.

During an interview, O’Brien said about his childhood:

“When I was younger, it was scary and intimidating living right by Pipeline.”

Jamie went on to say:

jamie o'brien net worth


“But it was still something I’d go to school and brag to my friends about.”

In 2001, O’Brien reached fourth place in the Pipeline Masters. Considering that Jamie was recovering from a groin injury, it was an excellent result.

Note – The Pipeline Masters is an event that attracts the top 45 surfers from The World Surf League.

In 2003, Jamie won first place at Hansen’s Pipeline Pro. ”The feeling of winning is pretty priceless,” O’Brien once said.

In the follow-up year, he won the Rip Curl Pipeline Masters and Fosters Expression Trestles.

In 2005, O’Brien won the Boost Breakthrough Performance Award at Surfer Magazine’s Surfer Awards.

He didn’t participate in the 2020 Billabong Pipe Masters after getting in a quarrel with Ricardo Dos Santos.


O’Brien started his YouTube channel on December 1, 2012.

At the time of writing, Jamie has over 211 million views and more than 887K subscribers.


jamie o'brien wife


Jamie has over 1.1 million followers on his Instagram account.

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Jamie used to date Annika Bauer. She signed with NoTies and Niche Model Management and is a Southern California native.

Currently, Jamie O’Brien dates Tina Cohen.

Tina was born and raised in Oahu, on March 21, 1996.

The age difference between Jamie O’Brien and Tina Cohen is 12 years 9 months 12 days.


tina cohen jamie o'brien age difference


In 2019, O’Brien hit his head on the reef at Pipe, resulting in a bad concussion and nine staples. He wrote:

“I almost died at Pipeline! I am lucky to be alive today… I took a bad wipeout, hit my head on the reef, and blacked out.”

Jamie continued:

”I am thankful for @buellsurf for making me a wetsuit with its own built-in impact vest that saved my life and brought me to the surface. So thankful that when I gained consciousness.”

O’Brien also wrote:

”From there I went to the emergency room and got nine staples to the skull and feel like shit.”

Sea Turtle Scandal

jamie o'brien girlfriend


In 2011, O’Brien sparked controversy after uploading a picture of himself while riding on the back of a sea turtle on his Facebook account. He also wrote the following message:

”Fibropapilloma tumors are starting to show up on other sea turtle species in increasing numbers!”

Jamie also wrote:

”If the same pattern of infection occurs as was seen with green turtles, it will not be long before fibropapilloma outstrips even homo sapiens as the single greatest threat to marine turtles.”

Note – according to the law, disturbing, riding, petting, or feeding the animal in any way can result in fines of up to $13,200.

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Pat Opay, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Endangered Species Branch chief, declared:

”You have to maintain your distance and we have guidelines, stated guidelines, that suggest don’t feed the animals, don’t pet the animals don’t ride the animals.” 

Opay later added:

”In this particular instance, this individual was actually riding the animal.”

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jamie o brien girlfriend


”I’m not going to compare myself to anybody, but look at Rasta, Tom Curren, Pancho Sullivan.”

”When I go on a surf trip now, I only go when I know it’s going to be perfect and barreling.”

”I actually don’t mind getting pounded. In fact, when I’m gone, I miss it.”

”My whole career has been in board-shorts so I’m thinking about the cold water now.”

”I need to take care of myself, eat well, train, and be healthy.”

”I think once you leave your comfort zone it does become harder to create content, but it’s crazy.”

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how old is jamie obrian


When asked about the best place to live, Jamie responded:

”Australia, maybe. I don’t think I could live anywhere but in Hawaii.”

O’Brien went on to say:

”It’s got the perfect town and country mix. You’ve got the craziness, all the tourists, all the people.”

In 2016, Jamie helped in the rescue of a bodyboarder who had wiped out and was drowning.

O’Brien appeared in:

  • Blue Crush – it is a 2002 sports film. The film stars Mika Boorem, Sanoe Lake, Michelle Rodriguez, and Kate Bosworth:
  • Step into Liquid – it is a 2003 documentary about surfing directed by Dana Brown. ”Step into Liquid” includes surfing footage from the beaches of Vietnam as well as the Pipeline.

He produced two surfing films, Freakside and Freakshow.

Another renowned professional surfer is Garrett McNamara.

jamie o brien net worth


Jamie O’Brien – Net Worth

So, how much is Jamie O’Brien worth? O’Brien earns most of his wealth from his main sponsor RedBull with whom Jamie produces the web series ”Who is JOB.” Therefore, American professional surfer Jamie O’Brien has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

He started the “Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience.”

In the ”Who is JOB” show, O’Brien captures the craziness of his day-to-day life.

He earns good money from sponsored posts on his Instagram account (probably a minimum of $10,000 per post).

Also, O’Brien receives money from ads on his YouTube channel (about $630k) as well as royalties from the films he produced.

Jamis has collaborated with John John Florence and Ítalo Ferreira.

Jamie also sells socks, t-shirts, and accessories on his website –

In 2020, O’Brien listed his property at 59-369 Ke Nui Road for $5.5 million.

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Monday 5th of July 2021

Jamie, great YouTube videos. Thank you. Gives me a chance to escape life for a moment. Always feel free to join us in “low cal”, Carlsbad, Encinitas area. Thanks again for the entertainment.

Cliff Makaena

Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Jamie I've been watching you and Tina you two have so much aloha love watching your rad blogs thanks for representing the islands Mahalos Tina & Jamie you Two Rock


Friday 19th of February 2021



Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

What a crappy comments: ¨Get married¨. He is a surfer and he is happy the way his life is going. Don´t try to ruin his life with all that stuffs...

Craig Husted

Friday 15th of January 2021

JOB you got Great Stuff enjoy the VLOGS keep it up!