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JonTron Net Worth 2024

JonTron Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is JonTron’s net worth? Also, who is JonTron’s wife?


JonTron (real name – Jonathan Jafari) is an American YouTuber, comedian, commentator, video game reviewer, and the co-founder of the show Game Grumps, alongside his friend Arin Hanson.

Jafari is known to have a bit of a temper, typically shown when playing any anger-inducing games. In addition, Jonathan is known for his quirky personality, never really taking anything seriously until the situation calls for it.  

Jonathan is often accompanied by his green-cheeked parakeet, Jacques, who speaks with a robotic voice.


He was born on March 24, 1990, in Los Angeles, the United States. He is of Persian-American ethnicity.

Jafari is educated in musical theatre. Jonathan will frequently display his musical talent in videos that he produces, as well as many episodes of Game Grumps.



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Jonathan started his YouTube channel, called – ”JonTronShow,” in 2010, with a standard review of the video game Daikatana, a first-person shooter video game that was developed by Ion Storm for Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows.

At the time of writing, his YouTube channel has more than 6.66 million subscribers.

On July 18, 2012, Jafari and Hanson started a new shared gameplay channel named Game Grumps. After about a year of working on the YouTube channel, Jafari quit to return to his own YouTube channel (”JonTronShow”) and was replaced by Danny “Sexbang” Avidan as Hanson’s co-host.

In 2013, before his departure from Game Grumps, Arin and Jonathan appeared in a promotional video produced by Polaris for the Warner Bros. movie Pacific Rim.

Jafari has reviewed various unlicensed games, especially those based on Disney films as well as on the Pokémon franchise. Additionally. Jonathan has reviewed numerous video game adaptations of popular franchises, like – Barbie, Hercules, Conan the Barbarian, and Home Alone.

Jonathan has co-founded the website ”NormalBoots” with Austin PeanutButterGamer.

In June 2013, Jafari, alongside Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht, starred in a music video by NinjaSexParty titled “Let’s Get This Terrible Party Started!”

In the year 2016, he released an album with the Gregory Brothers called ”Love is like drugs.” In addition, Jonathan has released a reprised version of ‘s song ”Firework” on his YouTube channel.



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Some of his pets are:

  • A Siberian cat, seen in his Flex Tape video;
  • Talha (Pet Parakeet) (childhood pet);
  • Spaghetti (Pet Bird) (formerly);
  • Cinnamon (Pet Bird);
  • An un-named pink bird;
  • Jacques (Pet bird).


On January 17, 2017, he swerved into national politics during a live stream hosted by Sargon of Akkad. Jafari was very strong and open about his views leading to him getting a lot of hate as many of his followers did not agree with him.

For instance, Jonathan made several comments about people who immigrated to the US, arguing that “nobody wants to become a minority in their own country,” “we don’t need immigrants from incompatible places.” 

His comments were described by news commentators as aligning with alt-right or far-right politics. After that live stream, Jafari lost many of his sponsors.

One of the shows Jafari is featured on, ”DidYouKnowGaming,” has lost a “few hundred” users since Jonathan’s opinions have been made known, creator Shane Gill told during an interview.

During an appearance on the H3 Podcast, which is hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein, Jonathan was asked about the comments he made.

”In that moment, I was going into something that I needed a lot more time to prep for,” Jafari said. He went on to say: “I just went in, guns blazing because, you know, you get a little arrogant sometimes … obviously, I understand why people had the reaction they did.”



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On October 23, 2019, JonTron married Charlotte Claw.

He tweeted: ”I got to marry the love of my life this weekend.”

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In 2015, Jonathan hosted a nine-episode series called “Starcade.” During the series, Jonathan is forcefully persuaded to review all Star Wars video games by Darth Vader, who, in the final episode, is revealed to be Hanson. ”Starcade” was sponsored by Disney in celebration of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

In October 2015, he appeared in the intro sequence to Nostalgia Critic’s series of videos about Halloween-related movies or shows, entitled – ”Nostalgia-Ween.”

Jafari was the 4th player to be eliminated in the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Hardcore Tournament, which was hosted by Polaris.

According to the Completionist’s episode of Luigi’s Mansion, Jafari is also known as “the Pizzapletionist.”

In 2011, he started contributing to Channel Awesome, working on the subdivisions “Blistered Thumbs” and “That Guy With The Glasses.”

He has lent his voice to numerous pieces of video game-based media, such as:

  • Jafari lent his voice to the popular trivia series, ”Did You Know Gaming?” in 9 episodes, including Super Mario World, Zelda, Zelda Part 4, Pokémon & Science, Disney Games, Sonic Boom, Final Fantasy, Zelda Twilight Princess, and Dragon Quest;
  • Jafari voiced the character Sniperwheel from Tome: Terrain of Magical Expertise;
  • Jonathan was set to voice the Toilet character in Yooka-Laylee;
  • he voiced the moon penguins in A Hat in Time, a platform action-adventure video game that was developed by Gears for Breakfast for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

In November 2016, he released an album called Love Is Like Drugs with The Gregory Brothers (an American musical quartet). The album reached number 2 on the Billboard chart of comedy albums of the week of November 26.

Other famous YouTubers are Reckful, Hayden Bowles, and Mat Best.

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JonTron – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is JonTron worth? Jafari earned most of his wealth from sponsors and advertisements on his YouTube channel. Therefore, American YouTuber JonTron has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

JonTron’s YouTube channel has more than 1.3 billion views, meaning about $3.6 million in revenue, before taxes.

He released an album called ”Love Is Like Drugs” with The Gregory Brothers in 2016.

Jonathan has a Twitch account with about 65,000 followers. Jafari has a website on which he sells merch.

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