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Scott Icenogle Net Worth | Husband (Sean Hayes)

Scott Icenogle Net Worth – $20 million

What is Scott Icenogle’s net worth? Also, learn about Sean Hayes’ marriage with Scott Icenogle.


Scott Icenogle may be a recognizable face in showbiz thanks to his marriage to charismatic actor Sean Hayes, but he’s much more than that.

In the film and television industry, he’s much better known as a successful music producer and composer for shows like Will and Grace.

For pop music fans everywhere, he’s also known for his collaborations with music superstars like Katy Perry and Beyonce.

Here’s what we know about Scott Icenogle—the creative music aficionado who helped launch one of the most famous talk shows in the world.

The Origin Story

Scott Icenogle was born on September 22nd, 1969, and was raised an Army brat—moving cities and schools 17 times before he graduated from high school.

He discovered his love of musical scores after watching the 1977 hit Star Wars. John Williams, the talent behind the Star Wars award-winning score, was one of Icenogle’s earliest influences.

For years afterwards, Icenogle claimed that he could remember the movie’s dialogue just by having the soundtrack playing.

His dad, retired Col. Larry Icenogle, was awarded the Joe Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

The JGLAA is awarded to a person who has made sustained contributions in support of the Army and Army veterans.

Col. Icenogle has been a member of Bugles Across America since 2014. The organization ensures that a live bugle rendition of Taps can be played at the funeral of every US Army veteran.

Scott Icenogle followed in his father’s footsteps with his musical talents.

Despite moving almost every year since he was born, he was able to find his footing in music—joining the Hawkeye Marching Band, playing the baritone, and studying music, television, and film.

After graduating from West Potomac high school in Alexandria, Virginia, Icenogle majored in communications studies at the University of Iowa.

He graduated in 1991 with a BA in Communication Studies and Music and having served in the UI Marching Band and UI Film Society.

Early Career

what is the net worth of Scott Icenogle

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For Scott Icenogle, passion kept him driven in his early years post-graduation.

He headed straight out of UI and into a decade-long career with television conglomerate ABC. This took him from NYC to LA, where he helped launch The Ellen DeGeneres Show in its fledgling days.

Icenogle served as producer and composer in the early days of the show.

While Icenogle gives a lot of credit for his professional development to his alma mater, it’s his creative mind and passion for music that have seen him climb to the pinnacle of success in his field.

Since his time on Ellen and with ABC, Scott has worked with CNN, NBCU, and MGM as a composer or director of marketing.

During his time at CNN, he also composed their title theme.

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The A-List Composer

Scott Icenogle with husband Sean Hayes

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Not content with building a career around the biggest names in media, Icenogle threw his hat in the ring to work with some of the world’s most successful chart-toppers.

He produced Katy Perry’s breakout single—I Kissed a Girl—and the Black Eyed Peas’ smash hit, My Humps.

Christina Aguilera’s hit single, Ain’t No Other Man, was a project co-written by Icenogle.

In 2006, he worked as a composer for Superman Returns, and in 2014 he did it again—this time for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Love and Marriage

Sean Hayes and his husband Scott Icenogle

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Sean Hayes, who plays the beloved Jack on Will and Grace, once said in an interview that his proposal to Scott Icenogle was straightforward…and not at all romantic.

“I said to (Scott), You know if we get married? There’s like a death tax thing.”

Icenogle said, “Oh, great.” And the pair were married in 2014.

The pair might joke about their reasons for marriage, but their union is about more than dodging tax responsibilities.

Icenogle created a new score for Will and Grace, and Hayes credits his husband for making him a better person.

While Icenogle describes himself as “fiercely goal-driven and hard-working,” Hayes has a different view. “Scotty (is) the greatest person I’ve ever known,” says his adoring husband.

Scott Icenogle – Net Worth

Icenogle earned most of his wealth from serving as a composer for Will & Grace, The History of Comedy, and Sean Saves the World. He served as a music consultant for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hot in Cleveland, and Sean Saves the World.

He also served as a film composer for the film, “Lazy Susan.”

Therefore, American music producer Scott Icenogle has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Note – Icenogle’s wealth is combined with the net worth of his husband, Sean Hayes.

Want to learn more? Watch Scott Icenogle and Sean Hayes lip-sync to Flo Rida’s hit song right here.

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