Jared Outlaw – Net Worth, Wife (Stephanie Rae), Biography

Jared Outlaw is well known for his YouTube channel ”Outlaw,” where he posts unique and unorthodox videos that range from hunting in Kentucky to fighting with a picture of John Wayne on his wall.


He was born in Sarasota on a Saturday, May 25, 1991.

Jared has a younger sister.

Outlaw lived in Alaska, where he worked on the Bering Sea as a fisherman until the pains and aches of the job caught up with him.

In 2007, Jared started entertaining on YouTube.

His first digital singles were:

  • Jon Pardi parody “Sag in Her Boobs”:
  • Hank Jr. parody “Yuppie Folks Can’t Survive”;
  • “She Looks Better After Every Beer”;
  • “Backwoods Badass”;
  • “Dip Time.”

Currently, his YouTube channel has more than 1.62 million subscribers and over 279 million views.


Jared’s Instagram account has over 712,000 followers.

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In 2020, Jared Outlaw married Stephanie Rae.

”Can’t believe it’s been a year already mama,” Jared wrote on his Instagram on September 21, 2021.


Their daughter, Lyla Rae, was born in January 2022.


Jared has featured Ryan Upchurch (an American country rap artist from Cheatham County, Tennessee), aka Upchurch the Redneck, on his YouTube channel.

The slogan of his show is “Keep It Frikin’ Hillbilly.”

In 2017, Jared shared with his fans the record-sized fish that he caught. Interestingly, he managed to do that right before hurricane Irma (the strongest storm on record to exist in the open Atlantic region) hit.

Outlaw was born in the same year and on the same day as DJ Guy Lawrence of Disclosure.

In January 2020, he had surgery for a deviated septum. A deviated septum may cause nasal discharge or problems with breathing.

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”For anyone taking my latest video serious and are actually butthurt by it, you need to quit taking life so serious and go back to preschool.”

”You can’t conquer your day without taking a shit first.”

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Jared Outlaw – Net Worth

Jared earns most of his wealth from selling dipping tobacco, sponsors, and advertisements on his YouTube channel. For example, 1 million views on YouTube bring on average $3,000.

At the time of writing, his YouTube channel ”Outlaw” has over 270 million views, which means about $700k in revenue.

Keeping this in mind, Jared Outlaw has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

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