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Amy Brown Net Worth | Husband (Ben) & Biography

Amy Brown Net Worth – $1 million

What is Amy Brown’s net worth? Who is Amy Brown’s husband?


Amy Brown is an American radio show host and is best known as the Co-Host of the Bobby Bones Show, iHeartMedia’s award-winning Country radio show.

In addition, she co-hosts The Women of iHeart Country and The Country Top 30 with Bones.

Some of her personal endeavors include launching her own podcast titled “4 Things With Amy Brown,” which is aired on Nashville’s Podcast Network and iHeart Radio.

Amy is also an entrepreneur who founded her own clothing line Espwa, specializing in clothing and accessories, with proceeds going to organizations and initiatives in Haiti.

She runs the charity #Pimpinjoy which raises money for cancer patients, with all proceeds going to St. Jude hospital in Nashville.

To add to her catalog of accomplishments, Amy is the recipient of a CMA Award, ACM Awards, and the Gracie Awards honoring women in media.

The Origin Story

Amy Brown biography


On June 29, 1976, Amy was born in Austin, Texas, to her two parents and grew up with her sister and two other step-siblings. 

Amy graduated high school and went on to work in the sales industry.

In 2007, she married her long-time boyfriend Ben Brown, and together they have two children, a son and a daughter whom they adopted from Haiti in 2017.

Amy’s mother, and co-founder of the #Pimpinjoy movement, passed away of cancer in 2014, and her father passed away in 2020, only one day after he had moved in with her.


amy brown bobby bones show


Amy’s radio career started in 2006 following a run-in with Bobby Bones at a restaurant in Nashville.

At the time, Bobby had already built a career as a successful American radio and television personality, so Amy was familiar with him.

He had a popular show titled the Bobby Bones show that originated at Kiss-FM in Austin, Texas.

Upon their encounter, he invited Amy to join him as a host on his show, and she accepted.

This started her long-term, successful career in radio hosting, and she quickly gained popularity as the friendly and down-to-earth co-host of his show.

The show was broadcasted on weekday mornings on the Top 40 KHFI (96.7 Kiss FM).

Since the show maintained its popularity and success,  it was picked up from many more stations and networks across the nation.

It is currently aired on WSIX/Nashville and can be heard on 170 country radio stations in America and Canada.

Country Top 30

what is the net worth of Amy Brown


Due to her growing popularity, Amy was offered a spot to co-host Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones, a widely popular weekend country countdown. 

In addition, she was chosen to be the primary host of the weekly “Women of iHeart Country Show,” which highlights and showcases powerful women vocalists in the American country music industry. 


In 2018, Amy began planning her podcast, which would be second to her radio hosting career.

amy from bobby bones show salary


She would go on to lead the iHeart Radio Podcast “4 Things With Amy Brown,” which she co-produced with Premiere Networks.

The podcast went on to gain millions of interested viewers and is now aired weekly.

The purpose of the podcast is to share with her audience things they can do to reach a healthy well-being and practice an attitude centered around gratitude.

She supports the idea that life should be lived with gratitude in honor of her late mom, who lived by that philosophy.

iHeart Radio

Amy Brown Net Worth


In October of that same year, Amy partnered with iHeart Radio to release “The Amy Brown Podcast Network.”

The network comprises three separate shows, including;

  • Hosted by Amy and co-host Lisa Hayim (Certified Dietician.)
  • You Need Therapy. Hosted by Amy and co-host Kathryn DeFratta (Licensed Therapist.)
  • The Truthiest Life. Hosted by Amy.

In 2019, Amy created her own blog, which centers around health & wellness, and fashion.

She also uses it to promote her clothing line Espwa and her #Pimpinjoy initiative.

Pimpinjoy is a movement Amy co-founded with her mom, Judy, focused on encouraging acts of kindness.

It also promotes the sentiment that life should be lived with joy, despite people’s hardships.

The movement was founded in response to Judy’s battle with cancer and how she chose to deal with it.

Amy sells clothing and accessories with the hashtag #Pimpinjoy as the logo, and all proceeds go to the St. Jude Hospital in Nashville.

where is amy from bobby bones show


Espwa is Amy’s clothing line that was founded primarily as a fundraiser to support charities and orphanages in Haiti.

Amy and her husband adopted their son and daughter from Haiti in 2017 after a long five-year process. 

They decided to help more people out by supporting local initiatives and do so by raising funds.

Espwa can be translated to “Hope” in the Haitian Creole language.


Amy Brown is married to her husband, Ben.

Amy and her husband partnered with “My Life Speaks,” an orphanage in Haiti that works toward building modular-style homes to care for special needs orphan children.

They raise funds by selling apparel and accessories that are heavily marketed through Amy’s Radio shows and various podcasts.

They also partner with a local Nashville non-profit organization that offers economic opportunities to vulnerable women transitioning from homelessness and domestic abuse.

Amy wanted every part of her organization to give opportunities and resources to underprivileged members of society both in America and Haiti.

Amy is still juggling her career as a radio host and podcaster but spends a lot of her time running and managing her non-profit initiatives.

Amy Brown – Net Worth

Brown earned most of her wealth thanks to working as a high-ranking iHeart Radio host and multiple podcasts. 

Therefore, Amy Brown has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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