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Bozoma Saint John, or ‘Boz’ as her friends call her, is a business executive who worked as a marketing executive for Apple Music until 2017. Boz is recognized for having acted as the chief brand officer for Uber.


She was born on January 21, 1977, in Middletown, CT, however, she spent her early childhood in Ghana. In her own words:

”Six months after I was born, we moved to Ghana. The first five years of my life were there.”

After Ghana, she and her family moved to Nairobi, Kenya, Washington DC, and Colorado Springs CO.

She explained:

”We moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, when I was 12, which is where I feel is home to me.”

Bozoma ran for the student council in tenth grade under the slogan “Nuthin but a Boz thang.”

Saint John studied English at Wesleyan University. There, she earned a degree in English and African American studies.

After college, Boz worked at the advertising agencies Spike Lee’s Spike DDB and Arnold Worldwide. She also worked as a Vice President of Marketing for a fashion and lifestyle brand that is best known for its plus size women’s clothing, called – Ashley Stewart.


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In 2005, Bozoma became the Senior Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, an American multinational beverage and food company.

At PepsiCo, she served as Head of the Music and Entertainment Marketing Group at Pepsi-Cola North America. There, Boz drove breakthrough consumer engagement plans for brands across the company’s beverages portfolio by engaging tastemaker-consumers.

Acharia-Bath said about Bozoma:

“She was a force of nature and in all seriousness, I was blown away with her in our very first meeting.”

Acharia-Bath continued:

“She inspires me every day with her fearless nature.”

While working for PepsiCo, Boz orchestrated the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show that featured Beyonce. Bozoma declared:

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles

”I worked with Beyoncé five times on five different projects in 10 years with Pepsi.”

Saint John later added:

”At each juncture, there was more and more and more confidence in both of us — stepping into your own as a woman.”

In 2014, Bozoma was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Achievement, an award that recognizes remarkable people in advertising under age 40.

In the same year, following the death of her husband, Bozoma moved from New York to LA and started working with Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine at the audio company ”Beats.”

dr. dre
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Apple Inc Mac Store
Apple Inc Mac Store

Several months later, the company was acquired by Apple. Soon, she became head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music and Apple iTunes. Bozoma held this position until 2017.

In 2016, Boz was named the Executive of the Year by Billboard Magazine, an American entertainment media brand which is owned by a division of Eldridge Industries.

In March 2017, Saint John was named a Henry Crown Fellow by the Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit organization that was founded in 1949.


After leaving Apple, she went on to work as a chief brand officer for Uber. Boz was personally recruited by Arianna Huffington, a Greek-American businesswoman, syndicated columnist, and author who is the founder of The Huffington Post.

Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington said about Saint John’s personality:

“Sometimes it takes you months to get to know someone.”

She continued:

”With her, I felt like she has this incredible capacity for intimacy and for sharing her story and for sharing others’ stories.”

She was hired with the vision of making Uber as popular among people as Apple has become. In addition, Bozoma was tasked with telling the stories of millions of drivers and riders partners across more than 600 cities.

By the time Bozoma accepted the job at Uber, several allegations of pervasive sexual harassment had surfaced in the press.

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This first photo is taken by Lael. She says it’s the way she sees me. And when I looked at it, I cried. I see a strong, enduring, peaceful, and joyful woman… but Lord knows my road to motherhood was not easy. My first daughter who made me a mother, Eve, was born and died in the same day. And although the heartbreak of her death made my pregnancy with Lael almost unbearable with grief and anxiety, it was my own mother who prayed me through it. She prayed for strength, endurance, peace and joy… In these pictures today, I see her prayers shining through. And I know my own prayers for Lael will carry her as well in this journey. So today we celebrated our journey… ❤️ Here’s to all the mothers, in every sense, who have loved and lost… who are strong, who endure, who seek peace, who are finding joy. Be blessed today. #HappyMothersDay #StrongMothersDay #EnduringMothersDay #PeacefulMothersDay #JoyfulMothersDay

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During an interview, Saint John said:

“I won’t lie to you and pretend like I’m not glad that some of this stuff is coming out of the dark.”

Bozoma later added:

”I wanted to join Uber because of those reasons. If we can’t prove that a culture can change, then we are doomed to say it is impossible.”

However, in the summer following the investigations, Uber disciplined numerous employees.

In June of 2018, she left her position at Uber to become the Chief Marketing Officer at Endeavor, leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world.

During a conference, she was asked about why she left Uber. Boz said:

“When I got to Uber I was honest in my desire to go and change essentially what I thought was a challenging environment.”

Saint John later added:

“What I discovered was a lot of people who had a desire to do better, honestly, but couldn’t get out of their own way.”

Boz will focus on connecting big companies and brands with high profile clientele at Endeavor. This job is similar to her position at Apple. She declared:

“I can walk into any room today and be ‘the only’ or ‘the few’ or whatever, and not be intimidated by that.”

Bozoma also said:

“It’s about the practice and being able to really overcome those other voices.”


Boz was married to Peter Saint John. In 2014, Peter died after a lost battle with cancer.


The couple has a daughter together, named Lael. When asked about which living person she most admires, Bozoma responded:

”My daughter, Lael. She’s fearless and fun.”

Boz continued:

”In her 8 years, she’s had traumatic events, but still gives hugs.”


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It’s been 365 days since I committed to changing my health and wellness. But to be honest, I didn’t really think I’d make it past Day 1. There’d been too many days prior to that in which I’d put myself last… convincing myself that running through airports and up corporate ladders was all the cardio I needed; eating too many “comfort” foods that in truth didn’t make me feel good; sleeping too little and worrying too much; drinking enough to take the edge off without going over the edge but getting pretty damn close… those days were literally sucking the life out of me. On August 1, 2018 I reached out to @jerry_housey of @stronghousefitness and asked for help because I didn’t want to wake up on another day not feeling my best. He said he’d commit if I commit, and he kept his word all year— whether it was at 5:30a at my house, or a weekend session at the gym with Lael in tow (because single mommy life), or virtually in any one of the 9 countries I’ve been in this past year (btw, converting lbs to kgs and miles to kms ain’t easy!) Today, I went to gym and recounted the whole year with Jerry, I realized that the results speak for themselves. I’m committed and therefore I’m healthier (I’m off of high blood pressure medication for the first time in 11 years since my pregnancies induced pre-eclampsia, and I’ve lost 24 lbs); I’m happier (I have so much more energy because I’m sleeping 7-8 hours per night and working out my stress in the gym); and I’m just simply better (do you see this glow??) So I’ve told myself this: I want to be the best version of myself for all the rest of my days… there’s no turning back. So here we go to year 2… onward!! #CommittedToGreatness #AreYouBuilt4This #ImBuilt4This #ImBuildingBrickByBrick #MostlyBecauseIWantToBeABrickHouse #FitMom #BeTheExample #TodayIsTheDay

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”I’ve never taken the easy route. I don’t even know what that is!”

”I’m a great napper. I nap in a lot of places.”

“The amazing thing about fear is that when you succumb to it, you find out there’s actually a bottom to it.”


She once took an Uber driver to a dinner with Iggy Pop, an American songwriter, musician, singer, actor, record producer, and actor who was the vocalist of the influential band ”The Stooges.”

Iggy Pop
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Bozoma even chronicled the moment on her Instagram account.


Bozoma is 6 feet (182 cm) tall.

Bozoma Saint John – Net Worth & Salary

Boz earned most of her wealth from working for PepsiCo, Apple, Uber, and Endeavor. Her salary at these companies was not released to the public, but a senior product manager at Apple has an average annual salary at around $150,000 (without bonuses), whereas a manager salary at PepsiCo is around $140,000 per year. Therefore, Bozoma Saint John has an estimated net worth of $1.65 million.


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