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Bretman Rock Net Worth | Boyfriend

Bretman Rock Net Worth – $2 million

What is Bretman Rock’s net worth? Is Bretman Rock dating anyone?


Bretman Rock is a social media influencer and makeup guru whose YouTube channel has over 8.86 million subscribers.


He was born on July 31, 1998, in Sanchez-Mira, Cagayan Valley, Philippines, as Bretman Rock Sacayanan.

Rock was raised in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

”Hawaii helps me keep the Bretman Rock magic that people see,” Bretman said. ”For as long as I can and for as much as I can, I’m going to stay in Hawaii.”

His father (Edmund Laforga) gave him a name based on retired professional wrestlers Bret Hart and The Rock. Laforga passed away in November 2019. ”I love you so much, and I will always be grateful for allowing me to express myself and defended me whenever haters said anything,” Bretman said on social media. 


Rock launched his YouTube channel in September 2012.

He usually uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs.

Bretman uploaded his first video (Prank Calls) on January 26, 2015.

”As a 17-year-old, I should be worrying about my essays and schoolwork, but instead I’m worrying about oh gosh I got to post this picture because they’re going to pay me,” Rock told KITV in December 2015.

”I started all this with no intention of anything but making videos,” Bretman said for WWD. He added: ”I didn’t start making videos because I wanted to become a radio host or whatever. I’m taking it day by day, and I’m letting my dreams come to me.”

In 2018, Rock was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia – Media, Marketing, & Advertising list.

Bretman Rock age

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In March 2019, he bought a house for his mother. ”I am who I am, and I do everything I do because of you,” Rock said in a message to his mother.

In June 2019, Bretman was featured on the Pride Month cover of Gay Times.

In July 2019, he played the role of “The Playboy” in the 4th season of the web series Escape the Night.

In September 2019, Bretman attended his first New York Fashion Week.

”At fashion week, you would think people would play with makeup a lot, but people were just going basic as fuck,” Rock told Elle after the event. He went on to say: ”So you know, it was time for me to really show out, let these bitches know that I can serve looks starting from the face down.”

Also in 2019, Bretman was named Beauty Influencer at the E! People’s Choice Awards.

In February 2020, Rock collaborated with James Charles.

MTV’s Following

Bretman Rock boyfriend

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On February 9, 2021, the first episode of his show (MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock) premiered on YouTube. In the first episode, Bretman introduced his friends and family to his audience.

”It’s so surreal. I go to set every day, and I’m in awe,” Bretman said in an interview about the series. ”I just know I’m made for the camera. This is my calling.”

In 2022, Rock appeared in one episode of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.”


In April 2019, Bretman Rock started to date his boyfriend (he didn’t reveal his identity).

”He loves knowing all about that [the makeup process], but he doesn’t know anything about makeup, but he just loves like watching me put on makeup,” Rock said in November 2019. ”I feel so powerful when he’s watching me do makeup.”

”He’s really cute, I know it’s hard for me to admit that first,” Bretman told ET in March 2020. ”He’s definitely really cute. He doesn’t have any social media – that’s a big reason why I keep our relationship a secret. I just don’t know how to ask because I never had a boyfriend. I just want him all to myself.”

Some of his followers tried to find the identity of his boyfriend. ”ONE MORE TIME…  My boyfriend has NO social media,” Rock tweeted on April 8, 2020. ”Stop believing these detective losers.. y’all are not gonna find him online I promise.”

In October 2020, it was reported that Bretman and his boyfriend broke up.

”I could literally make 100 videos about how I’m single now and people still gonna ask ‘where’s daddy,’” he said on Twitter.

At the time of writing, Bretman Rock is probably single.

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Bretman Rock Net Worth

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”For me, I can’t really get fillers on my lips because it already looks like I have filled lips.”

”I was watching reality shows when I was like six or seven years old.”

”I just don’t like how the beauty industry became so much about money and so much drama-driven.”

”I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, but I’m just saying I don’t give a f### about your opinion.”

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Bretman Rock – Net Worth

So, how much is Bretman Rock worth? Rock earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channel, selling merch, and sponsors. Therefore, Bretman Rock has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On YouTube, Bretman has over 585 million views — about $1.7 million in revenue before taxes.

Occasionally, Rock publishes sponsored posts to his 18.5 million followers on Instagram.

Some of the sponsors include Nike, FENTY SKIN, Klarna, Crocs Shoes, and M·A·C Cosmetics.

He has also worked with brands like Ole Henriksen and Morphe. 

In 2018, Rock bought a house in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Some of the amenities of the house include a gym, a two-car garage, and an office.


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