Charlie Starr – Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Children, Quotes

Charlie Starr is a member of Southern Rock quintet Blackberry Smoke.

The band has toured with and befriended idols like ZZ Top (with Billy Gibbons jamming with the band on a Florida stop), The Marshall Tucker Band, George Jones, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


He was born near the Georgia border in the town of Lanett in Chambers County. Most of his family members were playing an instrument and sang.

For instance, his sister was playing the piano, his grandmother was playing the mandolin and piano, and his father was playing the guitar.

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At some point, his father first taught him how to play guitar. Charlie quoted:

“He got me started. He taught me the rudiments. You know, there were tons of people who would have been my age, friends of mine who played guitar.”

He continued:

”But very few of them sang and played at the same time. That was one of the most important things that I learned from him was to play and sing together.”

In 2002, Starr formed his band – ”Blackberry Smoke.” He said:

”I worked on cars for a long time and music was just a hobby. Obviously, the goal was to make music for a living, but the reality was working on cars for a long time [Laughs]. It took a while – a lot of dedication and hard work.”

Since Blackberry Smoke formed, the band has produced six albums, the latest of which was released in 2016 and titled “Like an Arrow.”

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Blackberry Smoke was initially signed to Zac Brown’s record label Southern Ground.

Charlie Starr biography
Brandon Still, Brit Turner, Starr, Paul Jackson, and Richard Turner (from left to right) – © Guliver / Getty Images

As a member of Blackberry Smoke, Charlie works with:

  • Brit Turner (drums);
  • Richard Turner (bass);
  • Brandon Still (keyboards);
  • Paul Jackson (guitar).

They have performed throughout the US as both headliners and as the supporting act for artists, like – Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, ZZ Top & Lynyrd Skynyrd.

During an interview, Starr said:

“It’s always funny to start a tour for a new record, because we wanna play the entire thing. And fans, you don’t know if they’ll be cool with that or not, ’cause they’ve got their favorites and stuff. And it’s like, ‘What do you take out of the set list?’ ”

On November 5, 2014, Blackberry Smoke announced that it had left Southern Ground and signed with Rounder Records.

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In 2014, his band did “Workin’ For MCA” for the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute concert. Charlie explained:

”It was live and a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. We picked it off a short list. We actually picked initially “The Ballad Of Curtis Loew” but John Hiatt had already picked it so we were like, Okay.”

In December 2016, he was named in Music Radar’s top 23 guitarists, a list which includes “rock guitar gods” such as:

Charlie Starr quotes
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images
  • Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top;
  • Slash of Guns N’ Roses;
  • Josh Klinghoffer of Red Hot Chili Peppers;
  • Matt Skiba of Blink-182;
  • Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

As far as Charlie’s concerned:

“We’re just a rock and roll band from Georgia…that just occasionally plays a country song! But really, we’re just doing what we do, and we don’t worry about any of the other stuff.”

On June 19, 2020, Blackberry Smoke released the EP ”Live from Capricorn Sound Studios” via 3 Legged Records. It was followed by ”You Hear Georgia” in May 2021.


Starr stopped consuming alcoholic beverages. He said:

“I go to record stores and music stores looking for guitars. Some people go out drinking but not me I’m not drinking anymore. I’ll let them do that.”

Charlie continued:

Charlie Starr wife
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

”No alcohol for 10 years. And I am trying to quit smoking as well and that’s fucking hard. Definitely harder than not drinking.”

Wife & Children

He has two children and lives in Atlanta, USA, with his wife. He quoted:

”My two sons: one is 21, one is 4. I love those boys, and their momma.”


When asked about the worst concert and the best concert he has ever been to, Starr responded:

”They were this hippie band and they had a song called “Frog Nation Speaks,” and they were complaining before the song about how many frogs were being killed by deforestation and things like that.”

He continued:

Charlie Starr Net Worth
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

”The best was the Rolling Stones back on the Voodoo Lounge tour. I couldn’t remember if it was Voodoo Lounge or Steel Wheels, but it was Voodoo Lounge.”

When asked about the last time he got into a bar brawl, Starr responded:

”Well the last bar brawl was probably in 2001 or 2002, and I went to the hospital and got stitches. It was ugly. That was in a tiny little bar in Georgia, and it was a two-night stand.”

His band is notorious for living life on the road, typically playing up to 250 shows a year.

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In fact, Blackberry Smoke lives so off the grid that they recorded their 3rd album, The Whippoorwill, in just five days.

Starr said:

“It’s truly a gypsy way to live.” 

When asked about his favorite thing about touring, he responded:

”Everything really. The traveling is always really interesting. Seeing different places and meeting different people.”

Starr later added:

”We’ve been fortunate enough to have toured Europe several times as well and that’s an incredible experience.”

On August 26, 2012, Blackberry Smoke performed at a charity benefit called the Boot Ride.

Charlie Starr – Net Worth

Starr earned most of his wealth by selling tickets to Blackberry Smoke’s concerts, sponsors, and a part of the albums sold by his band.

Therefore, Charlie Starr has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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  2. Authenticity is the word for Charlie and Blackberry Smoke. They love what they do and it comes through in ever note! God bless them… and America too!!!

  3. I absolutely love this band, listen to them everyday & so admire their sound so frickin much!!!! Thank you & keep rocking my friends, would be a dream to see them in person for sure. I absolutely fucking love them, xoxo

  4. Son realmente muy buenos y seria muy interesante poder verlos en vivo por lo que sería muy bueno que organizaran un tour por América del Sur y puedan ser difundidos

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  6. Went and seen the band in Des Moines,Ia Drove almost 4 hours to hear them and it was so worth it. next trip is in 2020 and that trip is over 14 hours one way. Been touring with the Dead for 28 year’s have now found a band that’s worth all the miles to hear live. Rock on brothers from the Smoke…

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  9. I love all types of music and Blackberry is in my top 5 all time. Listen to them all the time and watch the YouTube shows over and over. Talented, fun and great music!

  10. I came upon Blackberry Smoke by accident one day on YouTube and have been hooked ever since!! Got a couple of CDs, jam with them in my Jeep and rock the house down when I’m home alone. Getting my husband turned onto them too! He’s born and raised in GA and his older brother hung out with Duane Allman way back in the day. He loves the style of BBS. Keep doin whatcha do guys, love ya! Would love to see a show sometime.

  11. I’ve known Charlie since he was 16 in Lanett, Al. He used to come to my house with my step son and play guitar with my ex. He’s only gotten better with age. Love this guy and Their awesome group. KEEP ROCKIN CHARLIE!!

    • I found Blackberry Smoke by accident on U-tube. I fell in love with them immediately. Charlie Starr the lead singer and guitarist is one of the best.I’ve ever heard. Everyone in the band is awesome. I’ve never heard a band that talented.I checked their itinerary and they don’t have any shows west of the MS River anytime soon. I really want to see them in person. Are they coming to Az soon. Please! We love them too!

  12. I seen and met every member of the band they are truly amazing down to earth people I would see them again anywhere so if you get a chance don’t miss Blackberry Smoke love you guys

  13. by chance found BBS on u tube, very orginal band, love there songs, charlie is a great guitar player to, whomever writes the songs in this band is great, authentic songs all the way, mr. starr is most of the talent in this band, and it shows, hope they come to canada 1 day.

  14. We met Blackberry Smoke on the 2012 Skynyrd Cruise. Skynyrd said they were great and they were right. Now we have been on 6 cruises and numerous concerts to see these guys. They are the most down to earth band , they enjoy playing and it shows. If you haven’t seen them….please go see them, you will not be disappointed. Keep the music coming BBS , your music is food for the soul.

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  17. Soy cantante y guitarra, tenemos una banda de country rock en Mallorca, buscando alguna canción para versionar encontré a Blackberry Smoke y me enamoré! su calidad musical, sus letras, la naturalidad de Charlie, me llegan al corazón, tocamos un par de sus canciones en nuestro repertorio, aquí no los conoce mucha gente pero siempre me preguntan y les hablo de Backberry Smoke, Gracias por tu música Charlie!

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