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What is the age difference between JJ Da Boss and his wife?

What is the age gap between JJ Da Boss and his wife, Tricia?

Short answerJJ Da Boss, real name Jonathan Day, is the star of the popular reality TV show Street Outlaws. His wife Tricia is a few years younger than him, and they have an age difference of 10 years.


Tricia Day has been representing the Street Outlaws: Memphis team on the Discovery Channel for 5 seasons so far, with the team slated to return for a new season.

Alongside her lifelong friend Precious Cooper and Mallory “Molly” Gulley, the strong team of women racers has been carrying their own weight amongst Tennessee’s street racing elite.

Tricia Day—who has long gone by the street name Midget, thanks to her diminutive 5-foot frame—has even managed to hold her own when she comes up against the king of the Memphis street racing scene: her husband, JJ Da Boss.

JJ Da Boss and his petite wife have steadily helped their crew amass some impressive victories in high stakes, high octane street racing.

This dynamic team knows what they’re doing on the track and under the hood—but fans still have questions.

Like: what is JJ Da Boss and his wife’s age difference?

How did they meet?

How many kids do they have?

We’re unpacking all the answers here.

For starters, yes. JJ Da Boss really does have 11 kids—but they’re not all to Tricia. Read on for the full story.

What is the age difference between JJ Da Boss and his wife?


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JJ Da Boss—who’s real name is Jonathan Day—was born on August 10, 1973, in a tiny 700-person town just outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

Over a decade later, in 1983, Tricia was born.

The pair grew up in the same town, but more than 10 years apart, and JJ had already earned a considerable reputation for partying, racing, and making babies. In fact, he already had seven children by the time Tricia started to think about dating him.

At that stage, the pair were busy living their own lives.

Tricia was trying to start a career and explore a little of the US. She also had a wild side, and wanted to learn about street racing.

That’s where JJ came in. He offered to show Tricia the ropes, and the charismatic shortstack fell in love with racing immediately. She never looked back.

How did JJ Da Boss meet his wife?

While JJ knew early on that he “had a thing for Tricia,” he wasn’t totally sure how he felt about teaching her to race.

Her early training behind the wheel cost JJ a lot of money, with him admitting that early on, his hot date “tore up a lot of stuff.”

Looking back, though, the king of the Memphis street racing circuit wouldn’t change it for anything.

“She saved my life,” he said simply in a season 3 snippet from Street Outlaws: Memphis.

How many kids do JJ Da Boss and his wife have?


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From that point on, Tricia and Jonathan were inseparable.

The couple tied the knot within a year, and welcomed four kids together—three daughters and a son.

While the pair may have wasted no time in starting their own family, Tricia—aka Midget—is quick to set the record straight.

“I do not have 11 kids, those guys have their own mamas. I just love to be with them.”

Did JJ Da Boss date Precious Cooper?

In a nutshell: no.

When Precious Cooper decided she wanted to be a street racer, she headed to Memphis, Tennessee, to prove to JJ Da Boss that she had the skills to make it work.

Precious, who was a friend of Tricia’s anyway, asked JJ to be her mentor on the track.

Day had just been released from prison and was in the midst of negotiating a contract with the Discovery channel when Precious showed up.

The little pocket rocket with the fiery temper showed passion and loyalty, and the trio stayed close through the births of their kids and their relationships on the track.

When pressed about what was going on between him and Precious, Jonathan was ready. “We’re friends. Nothing unmoral—she grew up with my wife, and she helps [us].”

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Was JJ Da Boss’ wife Tricia Day in a car accident?

Yes, she was.

Fans are used to some of the chaos and carnage they see on Street Outlaws: Memphis, but they weren’t prepared when Tricia “Midget” Day showed up for an episode in a wheelchair.

Following an outpouring of questions across social media, Tricia got involved to settle things down.

She explained that the wheelchair was “temporary” and looked worse than it was.

Downplaying the situation may have been a good move for reassuring fans, but it was far from the truth.

In fact, Tricia had been involved in a serious car wreck on the race track on January 12, 2022—a wreck that happened when Tricia and JJ collided with each other.

At the time, JJ tweeted about the traumatic event: “I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to who I was before the accident.”

During the filming of Street Outlaws: America’s List, it appeared that JJ’s vehicle had caught fire and crossed the center line.

Here, it hit his wife’s vehicle, pushing her into three minivans of camera crew equipment.

Midget was moved to hospital, and JJ was checked over at the scene.

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