Scott Gillen – Net Worth, Wife (Terri), Unvarnished, Biography

Scott Gillen is a well-known American entrepreneur, architect, real estate developer, and now reality TV star based in Los Angeles.

He is most famous for appearing on the television series Million Dollar Listings. Scott is the founder of the design, development, and brokerage company Unvarnished.

Scott is known to have developed a range of Malibu’s most expensive houses. 

He has designed houses for many high-profile, high-income celebrities, including both Matthew Perry (Friends) and David Duchovny (The X-Files, Californication).

He has appeared in numerous high-profile magazines, including Mansion Global and Forbes.

Scott is currently in his 50s.

Scott has been responsible for the design, building, and sale of over 25 homes in Malibu.

A single 24-acre piece of land that Scott has developed in Malibu has shown the potential to provide him with 200-400% of his initial investment, based on the price he paid for the land and what the newly constructed houses that sit on it are worth.

The Origin Story

Little is known about Scott Gillen’s date of birth, his upbringing, or his parents.

What is known is that Scott displayed a love for cars from a very young age.

He built a dune buggy from the ground up at the age of 15.

He sourced the parts to build it from a local junkyard. Scott was self-taught in this aspect and had no mechanical qualifications or training.


Scott took his love for cars and mechanics and channeled that into his career.

While he was still a teenager, he started off his working career as a stunt driver on the set of various television shows, including The Dukes of Hazzard.

Scott continued to stunt drive for most of his teens until he injured himself and was forced to retire from this area of expertise.

Gillen has had a very diverse career.

After Scott Gillen retired from his profession as a stunt driver, he became a director for automotive commercials while also working as a supplier for a truck rental company.

At some point after meeting his wife, Scott became a designer.

He and his wife owned a 1928 bungalow in Venice, California, which they renovated and then sold within one hour of its initial listing.

This inspired Scott to pivot to a career as a real estate developer and to start his own company, Unvarnished.

Unvarnished constructed a collection of architecturally spectacular homes in Malibu.

Everything that Unvarnished stands for is high quality and top dollar.

They have built over 25 houses in the Malibu area.

Unvarnished is also responsible for the design and development of five properties on a 24-acre piece of land that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

According to Gillen, $40 million is the entry price on the lower end of the houses.

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Million Dollar Listings

Scott Gillen’s name truly came into the limelight when he began to appear as a developer on Million Dollar Listings in July 2020.

On the television series, real estate agent and reality TV star Tracy tutor scored the listing for Scott’s $500 million portfolios, The Malibu Series.


Scott Gillen is happily married to his wife, Terri.


The happy couple has one child, a daughter named Sophia.

Terri and Scott have been in a relationship since before he launched his company.

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Scott Gillen – Net Worth

Gillen earned most of his wealth from building luxury homes. Most of his houses have water cannons and private firefighters to fend off wildfires.

In 2018, $50 million was invested by Scott into the 24 acres of undeveloped Malibu land.

Since this has been developed now, with each residence starting at a minimum of $40 million, it’s had a high return on investment.

According to LA Times in 2019, the valuation for Scott’s current 13 house portfolio was over $500 million.

In February 2020, Scott listed a 10,000-square-foot house in Malibu for $100 million. “Designing a house is like three-dimensional camera work,” Gillen explained.

Therefore, entrepreneur Scott Gillen has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Scott’s net worth will continue to increase exponentially as he frequently reinvests profit from sales back into future Unvarnished development projects rather than wasting it.

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